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Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri

Theme: Fun under the Sun
Date: May 10 2009
Hiking Route: Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri
Participants: Niraj Shah, Prabin Shakya, Siris Bajracharya, Kapil Pandey, Manoj Rokka, Suyesh Nepal, Pradipna Gautam, Pravinda Ranjit, Jeevan Singh Basnet
Co-ordinator: Siris Bajracharya
Photos: Prabin Shakya & Manoj Rokka
Caption: Prabin Shakya and Siris Bajracharya
Report: Pradipna, Suyesh, Pravinda and Manoj
Creative Support: DijupT/PallaviS/DhilungK
Geolocation: Coordinates: Budhanilkantha 27°46’53″N 85°21’36″E, Nagi Gumba 27°46’59″N 85°22’52″E


Once again I was about to hike after a long gap, When I thought about hiking what struck my mind was the first hike for I went after I joined D2. Where I had to hike for 11 hours to reach Kulekhani, when the estimate was about 4 hours. But this hike was wonderful had lots of fun. I really got revived to work again the next day.


“Although it’s good to know new people, I realized that hiking is more fun with people you are personally close to..”

I am neither a regular hiker nor a non-hiker. For me it’s like a break from regular schedule and with a happy mood I can say this was a good break. I had once been to similar hiking around 1 year ago but that was not enough. I love the overall beauty of that traill; even in such climate there was not much feel of heat. Dense wood, seamless songs of birds and stunning view from up above made me re-think Nepal is really naturally beautiful. Besides that, company of such wonderful friends made the overall hike a good experience. Although it’s good to know new people, I realized that hiking is more fun with people you are personally close to which is because we can talk about personal stuffs rather than work, we can make joke of anyone we want, we can plan for another event, anything. Overall, this hiking has increased my interest in hiking and I am looking for hiking in the future. For me, rather than route its people you are going with that matters. Looking forward to the next fun filled hike.


“..the worst thing that happened was that both the cameras we were carrying were out of battery.”

As I have problem in my ankle, I was worried hearing the tough hike “FUN UNDER THE SUN” but, I didn’t let my mind think about my ankle and continued with the hike. My worries were eased as I heard the giggles on the trail behind me. The mood was good with a vibrant group and the weather was even co-operating. As we moved on, some friends chose a tough trail but rest didn’t and followed easy route and kept on walking. Everyone was helping out and sticking together, we all had great time. On the top, we had a great view. After our all-too-brief break, we started hiking downhill. The trip ended as many such good trips have in the past. Real reason for such a great trip: great people who come along to share the experience. But the worst thing that happened was that both the cameras we were carrying were out of battery. I personally feel we need to maintain our official camera as this always plays bad role in each hike.


It was a great journey for me along with some great friends. The view from the top was breathtaking. Being enthusiastic hikers I personally don’t care about the location, it has to be natural place and this hike was the perfect example of it.

Sunday morning 7:40 Am D2 Van started to roll its wheel towards the destination. On the way we had regular breakfast, and we reached our starting point around 8:45 Am. All seems eager to explore the jungle and steep climbing. On the way some shared jokes, some were busy chatting and some looked tired. Finally we reached our target for the day. I really got perfect refreshment and enjoyed the day.

 What that in Kapils's hand
01 What that in Kapils’s hand
 I am his beeeeesssst fan
02 I am his beeeeesssst fan
 Meeee toooo
03 Meeee toooo
 Inauguration  stone
04 Inauguration stone
 Find the way
05 Find the way
There it is
06 There it is
Kapil in happy mood
07 Kapil in happy mood
08 Posing
This is where we need to go
09 This is where we need to go
Are you civilized
10 Are you civilized
The map
11 The map
Entry for login
12 Entry for login
Danger - Mine zone
13 Danger – Mine zone
lost in nature
14 lost in nature
So that's when you did it...awesome
15 So that’s when you did it…awesome
Long way to catch
16 Long way to catch
Danger Danger .don't go there
17 Danger Danger .don’t go there
Taking rest for a photo
18 Taking rest for a photo
19 Resting
Going through the bush..
20 Going through the bush..
Akum Akum .buda baaa
21 Akum Akum .buda baaa
did you see 21that bottle
22 did you see 21that bottle
Look...this is my new shoes .says Niraj
23 Look…this is my new shoes .says Niraj
Marching forward
24 Marching forward
Short cut
25 Short cut
This way brother..he he he
26 This way brother..he he he
hey dead end
27 hey dead end
The hanumaans with their things
28 The hanumaans with their things
Hazzy ktm
29 Hazzy ktm
Niraj on the edge
30 Niraj on the edge
Beginning of the monastry
31 Beginning of the monastry
Rato mozza
32 Rato mozza
The hill
33 The hill
Siris Exhausted
34 Siris Exhausted
Monastry models
35 Monastry models
Nagbeli path
36 Nagbeli path
Belly boy
37 Belly boy
Diesel surrounded by D2Hawkeye
38 Diesel surrounded by D2Hawkeye
Ready for some stunt
39 Ready for some stunt
Here he goes
40 Here he goes
Beginning of the monastry1
41 Beginning of the monastry1
Oh..they missed my stunt
42 Oh..they missed my stunt
Oh no .long way to go
43 Oh no .long way to go
Red sox leads to another shortcut
44 Red sox leads to another shortcut
45 Prayers
The monastry
46 The monastry
Balla paryo makuri jaalai ma
47 Balla paryo makuri jaalai ma
The thirst...the water..the greenary
48 The thirst…the water..the greenary
49 inside
Shut up..I kill u
50 Shut up..I kill u
Beating the bush
51 Beating the bush
The dwar paals
52 The dwar paals

17 thoughts on “Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri

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  2. I have express all of my feeling in the report so please keep on … Any ways this is a kada hiking ….

  3. HikingFan…stop bitching just because you were not included…It’s a tough hike and it looks like one….I’ve walked that trail and I know it sure is tough…but the sight of all those beautiful nuns make it all worthwhile…. 😉

  4. Hey Hiking or walking??? any problem on that ? Plans change…….so did this plan. Hiking is all about about having fun and brotherhood…..taking the day off from weeks hectic work load …so any problem with that ????

  5. budhanilkantha(Muhan pokhari) to JUSSSSTTTTTTTT nagi gumba is WALKING not HIKING. I thought the hike invitation was from Nagi gumba to Shivapuri and way back………………..

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