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Free Tibet Rally

Tibetan refugees in Baudha, Kathmandu staging a demonstration on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet. The refugees protested against the China’s rule over Tibet and are hoping to use China’s hosting of the Olympics to publicize their cause. Several refugees were detained by the police after a scuffle ensued between the refugees and the police.
All pictures taken by Dipesh Shrestha (http://dipsh.wordpress.com)
Free Tibet Ralley
 Free Tibet Ralley
Free Tibet Ralley
 Free Tibet Ralley
 Free Tibet Ralley
 Free Tibet Ralley

0 thoughts on “Free Tibet Rally

  1. Do you like if Europeans come to America Genocides the RedIndians and then SetsUp their State.Do you like if PN Shah Slauthers the Limbus and then takes Limbuwan for the Gorkha State?Do you like if TerrainLeaders in the backup of India gets seperated To india?
    Now Do you Like Tibet being separated From China ?

  2. let us support Free Tibet movement. Chinese have no right to occupy Tibet. Do we like when India occupies us? No. These Idiot chinese must be kicked out of Tibet. They are rude and they think can kill Tebetan and en-force bloody rules…. this is Free Tibet and F..K China movement!

  3. What will happen when people from India start to demonstrate against their government in Nepal??
    I hate Nepal being treated as a political playground. Having said that Nepal is in itself in that dillematic situation.

  4. let us hope the best for them! but, its not an easy way out – we are talking about fihgting the superpower here.

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