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Fortune Cookie – A joke by Nepali Sahu Jees

 Bunch of Nepali Sahu Jees got together and established a company called “Fortune Cookie Pvt. Ltd” about a year and so before (http://www.fortunecookieventures.com/index.php) . They thought that they would change the dynamics of Nepali IT sector with mere fund size of about $1 million (as promised – this may just be media campaign). A year or so has passed and nothing noticeable has happened. Bunch of guys who groomed up from traditional Sahu Jee model had no clue of what it takes of growing business from zero. All of them had exposure to their family sources and none of them have established something revolutionary. These Sahu Jees are now pondering “what is not working?” Chanakya had told his friends that the so called “cookie” was a joke. Chanakya was right. Nothing has yet happened as Sahu Jees started something merely to attract smart Nepali engineers who are flocking to American Software company called “D2” right after the graduation. It is heard on the street D2 is still the first choice for fresh engineers from top engineering school in Nepal. Chanakya love to give a business 101 lesson to these Sahu Jees who treat their employees like “hired workers.” Employees should be treated as partners and in modern capitalism, every employee gradually becomes owner of the company. Sahu Jee Sanjib Raj Bhandari has not even given minute piece of his company to his star employees. How could Chanakya expect that they would invest $100K in a project where they have very little control?

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  1. OK Oldie. But you remind of those who are known to us as “Jun Thalma Khane Tehi Thalma Hagne.” When you needed job you came to D2HS, now you are somewhere else maybe in some big western city having beer on the table and dear on the side forgetting all the struggling people in Nepal. What have yo done for Nepal? “Khola taryo Lauro Birsyo” bhyanya timiharu jastai bebkuf haruko lagi milchha. D2HS is growing and running without you. You did not like the company, you quit and I am sure you got better opportunity, maybe $150K per year salary. I am sure you are driving mercedes and own a million dollar house in better part of the world. But what havee you have done for enginners like me. Stop your crap now. If Chanakya is someone who does not want to be recognized, why are you folllowing him by scrubbing your name. You are a follower loser, not a leader.

  2. Prateek – Seems like you are new in the company and yet to see the world. Enjoy while you can before you encounter the truth.

    I would suggest you to ask ‘Chanakya’ to come and introduce himself first. Also ask him why he is criticizing other from behind the curtain taking things personally. When you find who really is he, suggest him to appreciate other – at least those Sahu Jees who put some effort to build IT infrastructure in Nepal.

  3. Hello “One of the old D2ians” – it is easy to critisize others from behind the curtain. If you have any courage, why don’t you introduce yourself with your own name first. Someone who does not even have the self-esteem to reveal his/her own name can’t do anything in life except passing complaining. Can you go and start a 50 people organization in Nepal? Thank you for your critisizm – how great you are. D2HS is not an American organization, it is registered in Nepal. You are such a loser and you have dirty mind and angry soul. I am sure you are one of the lousy D2ians who could not get promotion in D2 and quit or got fired. Go fish and tell us with your idenitifcation what you have done after leaving D2. Please learn to appreicate others.

  4. One of the old D2ians, Whatever you say whatever you do whatever you take or break, it does not matter when there are 100s of software companies in Nepal. You see the wholesome view in which the Shaujis failed. They could not use the budget they were supposed to spend on IT company captured from LA. Giving jobs which they could not. They coudl not grow. Fortune Cookie is a total Failure

  5. Few things to add;

    1. D2HS is not an American Software Company – as they used to say in all hands meeting.
    2. D2 is not the first choice, NOT ANYMORE.

    Chanakya – Instead of giving business 101 lesson to others, try suggesting D2 to have a good HR team.

    Guess – Please don’t guided by the thought that this comment is from a person who didn’t get job in D2. Every word here came out from the experience.

  6. 🙂 Rachit, Good analysis : Look at Sajan’s reply on first comment. Their intention was too bad from beginning.Thats why Shauuji could not do anythin with 100 million Nepalese rupees. look

  7. Fortune cookies was a total failure because sahujee’s intention were very corrupt. In simple words it was stealing idea from generous engineer and making a great money from their idea and work and sharing very little with them in return.
    How can those Sahujees even dare to think that showing little amount of green grass to engineers will not expose their hidden corrupted intent behind them?

  8. Subha, thank for this revealation of Secrecy.Sanjeeb/Sanjiv/Sanjib/Sanjeev Rajbhandari did best thing by introducing Internet in Nepal. We agree That. But, He became traditional SahuJee as written by Chankya in traditional FASHION AND AS sUBHA PUTS IT: OLD OH-SO MODEL.
    He earned Billions and invested so little for Employees and Company. So, he must Fail soon and let mercantile http://mos.com.np fall with him because of his personal geed over money and not paying employees fairly.

  9. It is heard that Saju-jee Mr Sanjib is making rounds in major funding center cities of US pitching his web 2.0 companies (multiple, mind you) starting ideas, and looking for funding. I guess nobody told him about the ongoing crunch and what it takes to raise fund in US. “I can outsource for cheap” is oh-so old model, he should know.

  10. Thanks Biggest jerk. People like Sanjib still have mentality from pre-1900 eras studded in their brains. They have no courtesy to read this piece or to reply here, when he had no time to thank for best employees. Even thank would not be required. Just “HI” would be enough. Earning for personal sake is corruption. Invest for people working for an organization because people make one gain Income. if People do not work, no Income. Not all people are same. So, Hiring good people is too difficult and challenging. One miss and Organization is doomed. Sanjib never realized and will never open his eyes. Let us wait for his doomsday when we will surround him clap and say,”We warned you!!”.
    Chanakya, the superman in this kind of writing is trying to open people’s eyes. The Blogger has deep belief that Nepal Software Industry must rise and reach the top which no one ever imagined. the Philosophy expressed here are noteworthy and truthful.

  11. Sanjib Raj Bhandari is the biggest jerk of all. I worked six years in Mercantile and delivered so mamny important projects for the jerk. He made a lot of money of the project and not even a single time send tank you note for the team and he did not even know my name. That kind of jerk can never build a team and grow a successful organization. A leader needs to be humble and needs to possess an ability to mix up with every employee in the organization. He is merely a “Sahu Jee” and hats off to Chanakya for opening this thread. Please send this link to Sanjib if one of his kiss a.. is reading this.

  12. hey hey good..Chankya is really good. Best. better than all others. Fortune Cookie did not do anything for last year implies it cannot do anything in future: like Nepal’s Government run projects with high ambitions, but poor planning implementation and control.

  13. Is “Sahu Jee” is a bad adkective these days in that little Kath city? Why is Chanakya addressing thses guys as “Sahu Jee?” I am wondering. Please help me.

  14. This is one of the biggest joke that D2 is the right place for fresh graduate and alwyas first choice for them. This type of article just make EU unpopular. I want to suggest admin not to post such a cheap article.

  15. To me, Fortune cookie is the right initiative from the wrong people and probably for the wrong objectives. The alliance among competing firms to share success is a idealistic dream in the venture capital model, and the internal division of interest may be too high a friction to overcome

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