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For the thousand Buddhas


436. For the thousand Buddhas
Photo By: Asim Shrestha
Posted Date: 31th March 2010
Location: Okubahal

Description :
Taken at MahaBuddha Temple in Okubahal which is also known as temple of thousand Buddhas. These are actually four layers of burning lamp burning out for the thousand Buddhas.

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  1. Dear writer, Where is written MahaBuddha temple is in Patan only? could you elaborate? I am native of patan so I knew but we want our readers to be clear. If you could also add the exact Thousand 1000 Buddha Temple picture, the HiranyaBarna Mahabihar, RaktaBarna Mahabihar from Patan as well, it would benefit a lot of tourists internal as well external.

  2. please give full location so touriasts visiting nepal and in 2010 2011 can locate easily and go if you describe properly

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