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For Joy of Little Sister

Here is a series of pictures I’ve captured during my recent trip to Birgunj (2nd week of August 2010). I was so moved by this effort one brother did for his little sister in a near by village called Naguwa of Birgunj. These pictures don’t need mere words to explain this LOVE and CARE a brother has for his little sister.

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I felt so happy being able to help this boy to buy a real pack of juice for his little sister after I took these pictures.

16 thoughts on “For Joy of Little Sister

  1. Emotionally just overwhelming and great to promote awareness of what is going on in parts of this world!!!
    Just beyond words!

  2. Moving and touchy reality from Birgunj. I wish I can contribute my help to people like these. Thanks for sharing this reality that makes me feel that we have to a lot.

  3. your creativities speak thousand words , they always justify the story behind them, the subject , way of your presentation , the composition, when ever i see yr work it feels like yes this what tht needs to be exposed , that needs to be looked after….in these few shots you explained love care scarcity determination so well ..thanks for sharing this one, i am one of the regular viewer of your work but this comment may be new to you 🙂

  4. DreamSky and Samod,
    I feel obligated to unfold hardship that people in rural Nepal bears. I know such realities pinch us, yet I long to share and inform people in luxury with a hope and positive change we can make.

    I took these photos choosing RAW + Fine JPG file formats option and previously I’ve uploaded JPG format in Facebook and later I treated my RAW (NEF) in Capture NX 2.2.4 and convert them into sRGB to make this post. This is the reason why color and quality is apparent.

    Thank you all for your appreciation

  5. Shutterbug you deserve a big salute for making people see .. story of hardship many Nepali face in life. Keep up your good work.

  6. “These pictures don’t need mere words to explain this LOVE and CARE a brother has for his little sister” agreed (Y)

    Very touchy story you have portrayed through u’re lens.

    Love and Care of a brother to his little sister, I guess everyone who visit this photo blog is definitely going to stop for a moment to look deep into all the series of pictures here.

    A wonderful presentation as always.

    I wonder how the picture colors’ a bit different with that in facebook album and here :P:P hehe

  7. the pics are not just speaking they are shouting…mind blowing & vivacious shots…
    most say they are REAL shots…

  8. I respect how you strictly avoid flamboyance to preserve the gravity in your photographs. I find your each and every photograph always ‘alive’. It may not be always obvious to everyone but they always have a ‘life’ in themselves. Sometimes its prominently displayed outside, sometimes hidden somewhere inside.

    I have been deeply appreciating the choice of your ‘subjects’ you speak through and want people to be aware of.

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