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Following the footsteps

381. Following the footsteps
Photo By: DreamSky
Post Date: 24th June 2009

This boy was following his fisherman brother for hours in the Trisuli river near Kurintar. He wanted to learn fishing. His brother was threatening him not to come any closer but he kept on following. I asked if he was afraid of the strong current of the river. He simply replied he don’t and walked away without answering my further questions. “What a daring boy!” I thought with a smile.

8 thoughts on “Following the footsteps

  1. Thank you all for your warm comments. Here I must acknowledge that this composition was inspired by the series of great photographs by Sushil Chhetri and Terence D’ Costa in the ‘Unstoppable’ ad campaign of The Himalayan Times.

    Dear Shutterbug, yes ‘threatening’ seems to be a wrong choice of word. May be his elder brother’s strong crude words made me pick it up :). Though ‘scolding’ and ‘sarcasm’ are considered way of expressing ‘care’ and ‘love’ to your dear ones in rural area.

    Dear samir_insurer and Lenscape, thank you for your creative imagination.

    Dear Mabi, here are some of the EXIF info.

    55mm, F/5.6, 1/256 sec , ISO 400

    Complete info is imbedded in the picture itself.

  2. I think this shot defies the norm of subjects looking at the camera.

    Like everybody I liked the cool tone.

    EXIF data would be beneficial for other enthusiasts.

  3. A marvelous shot!! WOW

    Beautiful is not what I intended to say, cant find words to express…

    I am imagining in the same frame, if the fisherman is flipped horizontal and the net is hurled and opens up above the water, what kind of picture we will see…

  4. WoW !!
    OMG, Mind Blowing !!! What a fabulous Shot with a blend of Tonal Balance. As per Mr. DreamSky’s version, the little brother was going towards his brother, the DIAGONAL COMPOSITION/viewpoint has given us the feeling the little brother was really moving nearer to his brother.

    Superb Composition!!! I am totally Spell bounded on looking this Shot. Great Job.

  5. Nice Picture. I agree with Shutterbug that Panaromic view is really wise choice here. I like the tone of this picture as well. Keep it up.

  6. Lovely picture! Making it panoramic view is a wise choice that compels viewer’s eyes to pan from left to right authenticating the story ‘of following’ in the description. I must say this is a balance composition.

    In the description: I assume this fisherman brother was not actually threatening his little brother but trying to protect and keep him in safety zone of Trishuli rivers. Word ‘threatening’ here gives a negative impression to viewers. May be synonym words like ‘asking’, ‘ordering’ or ‘telling’ would be appropriate, which I think will also reflect the care that every elder brother dwells for their younger brothers and sisters.

    Share more! DreamSky.

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