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Flutes of Festival

Flutes of Festival
260.Flutes of Festival
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 27th August

During ‘Indra Jatra’ festival people come to vibrancy of life with varieties of traditional dances, and music that consist of a variety of drums and cymbals, and flute. Like most festivals of Nepal, both Hindus and Buddhist unite to celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm.

The festival is named after Lord Indra who is known as the god of rain and also as the king of heaven. This festival takes place in Kathmandu towards the end of the rainy season, in September, and lasts for eight days.

In the picture: Girls from Newari community beautifully dressed “Haku Patashi” (Black Sari), performing traditional flute music during ‘Indra Jatra’ festival in Kathmandu last year

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-LIN Editor

5 thoughts on “Flutes of Festival

  1. Thank You DreamSky for your regular comments. I agree ‘Black’ and ‘Red’ has dominated this picture which is symbolic colors of ‘Haku Patashi’. Well no one can play flutes like that unless s/he tries. So, don’t underestimate yourself.

  2. Blend of music, culture and tradition nicely captured. Young musicians so nicely playing flutes 🙂 I could never learn to play like that 🙁

    In the color space, I found the domination of black (flute, cap, Haku patashi), white and Red quite unique.

  3. Beautiful picture to reflect on rich culture of Nepal. Thanks to EU for creating this platform for photographer to share their pictures. Great! Deed.

  4. Dear Suyesh,
    Thank you for your comment and expecting my quality pictures for LIN. I am a ‘Learner’ and I still am learning more about PHOTOGRAPHY as a fine-art. I try not to disappoint you again.

    By the way, what makes you feel the background of this picture is a bit distracting?

  5. The picture is nice but I expect more quality pictures from shutterbug. Background is a bit distracting 😕

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