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FlashBack – Data Analytics Picnic

After an untiring effort throughout the last quarter of 2008, it was the time for us to refresh ourselves for the next challenging quarter. Picnic was the event chosen for the team building. Wow!! Such a fun, as if we were back to the days of our school days’ picnic. Saturday 25th of January 2009 in Jagdol, we lived few more memories to recall time n again.

It was a hard decided spot for making it new and near as family members of the married ones were also invited. It was an alcohol free event further embellished by team building games and awards under various categories.

The Beginning

We reached the spot around 9 am in the morning, after about 40 minutes drive from office. As we were waiting for the breakfast to be ready and waiting for other colleagues to arrive, few members went missing. No one knew that this disappearance would be to spark cricket initiatives in D2. Luckily they were found playing cricket in a small ground in that part of city. It was very hard for the organizers to detach them from their game and bring back, however, they succeeded. As they reached back the spot, the second trip of the van had also arrived and the breakfast was also ready by then.

Onion Cutters

After satisfying breakfast, we kicked off the team building event by onion cutting competition among the ladies representatives from each team of data analytics which included SangitaM, ReenaS, UmaL SmritiP and SangitaS. A time for them to prove how good they are on this aspect of their life apart from the usual work. Onions were to be cut into four equal pieces with its upper and bottom part roots cut out. With efficiency and smoothness, each participant proved to be a professional onion cutter. SangitaM was the ultimate victor. She must have meditated about cutting onions as well. Nice part time option, isn’t it?

The Sack Race

The pointer then moved to male team leads, managers as well as DOE; SharadP, AnishV, ShekharP, SudeepA, RajuM and PrakashM were chosen. The rules of Sack Race were fairly simple, reaching a line at a certain distance and returning back with their bottom half of the body within the sack. Guess what more, the ground was slightly inclined. Just imagine the real scene. It was almost impossible to stop anyone from laughing. SudeepA amazed everyone by jumping longer steps and proved himself as the frontline hopper.

The Spoon Race

It was a simple game that reminded us of our school days. Participants were the people other than the participants of earlier two games. AmendraS and AlinaS were almost close to finish line. However AmendraS couldn’t take advantage of his long legs after AlinaS started running towards the finish line and was declared the winner.

The Card Palace

Co-ordination is essential within a team. Rule was simple to build a 4 storey house of cards.. Time allotted was 10 minutes and if none of the cluster were able to complete within the specified time, the team with the highest tower was to be chosen as winner. Every one tried their best with many unsuccessful attempts. But, the best–coordinated construction engineering was shown by AnishG Team.

Tug of the War version 2.0

Most of us has played normal tug of the war. Imagine the same in an inclined ground. It was pre-decided that the team in the lower ground would win the pull. Version 2.0 was discovered by defining winning team as the one which can stay on the upper ground for the longest period of time. League started between three teams formed and team headed by RajuM was able to put the victory in its bucket.

Nominations and Awards

After the lunch at around 2.00 pm, it was the time for award ceremony. Nominees and winners were selected as per the result of polling held a day earlier. Moreover, one on spot questionnaires session was prepared for the couples regarding how well they know each other. Also gifts were distributed to the winners of the various games played.

Mr. Entertainer: AshutoshM

Mr. Helpful Narad: MukeshS

Ravan Laugh: SangitaM

The Kanya Rasi Guy: AsimK

Chatter Box Data SmirtiP

Mr.Potato who can mix with anything: NabinK

Most likely to get married: RajuM

Smartest Guy: PrabinS

Smartest Girl:  ShreeyaS

Best Coffee Maker: ChandraG

The team lead who knows the most about the team members: AnishV

Best Couple: Smirti and Saurav Raj Onta

Most Promishing new comers: BirajS and MukeshS

Data Analytics outstanding award: AnishV

At last…

The day was fun filled and reminded us that all work and no play makes a dull team. It was all good play and filled us with the spirit for the next quarter’s challenges. Cheers!!

Cricket Fever 1 cricket fever 2
1_1 onion cutter 2
sack race1 sack race2
sack race 3 sack race 4
sack race 5 sack race 6
sack race winner spoon race 1
spoon race 2 spoon race3
spoon race 4 spoon race 5
card home1 card home 2
card home 3 card home 4
tug of the war 1 tug of the war 2
tug of the war 3 tug of the war 4
tug of the war 5 tug of the war 6
 Winner: Onion Cutter: SangitaM  Winner: The sack race, SudeepA
the-spoon-race-winner tug-of-the-war-winner
 Winner: Spoon Race, AlinaS  Winner: Tug of the war version 2.0, RajuM and Team
chatter-box-data most-likely-to-be-married
Chatter box data, SmirtiP Most likely to be married, RajuM
mr-entertainer mrpotato-who-can-mix-with-anything-nabink
Mr. Entertainer, AshutoshK Mr.Potato who can mix with anything: NabinK
mrhelpful-narad-mukeshs ravan-laugh_sangitam
Mr. Helpful Narad: MukeshS Ravan Laugh: SangitaM
smartest-guy-prabins the-cl-that-knows-its-team-member-the-most_anishg
Smartest Guy: PrabinS The team lead who knows the most about the team members: AnishV
the-kanya-rasi-guy-asimk the-best-couple
The Kanya Rasi Guy: AsimK Best Couple: Smirti  and Saurav Raj Onta
most-promishing-new-comers-birajs-and-mukeshs data-analytics-outstanding-award-anishv
 Most promishing new comers: BirajS and MukeshS  Data Analytics outstanding award: AnishV

104 thoughts on “FlashBack – Data Analytics Picnic

  1. Sudeep dai was really a frontline hopper in Sack Race. It was really entertaining as well. It makes me laugh each time when i recall that particular instance.. he he

  2. कन्या रासी :Deserving person did not get the award.

  3. Aba chai biya garnai parcha bro.. “Most likely to be married” paye pachi chup lagera basna painna..

  4. I was invited too and wished to be there but due to some other work i could not be with you wonder people and your fun filled day. Thank you for the invitation and pleased to learn that you all enjoyed it being one unit.


  5. जे भने पनि कन्या राशिः चै खतरा है…सही मान्छेलाई देको हो

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