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First Republican Ghodejatra

324. First Republican Ghodejatra
Photo By: Kishor K. Sharma
Posted Date: 21st January


Ghodejatra, known as the festival of horses is one of the prominent and exciting festival celebrated in Kathmandu Valley. The Nepalese Army also celebrate this day as Army Day. As supreme commander of the army, the Nepalese Kings used to observe the fest. This was the first Ghodejatra which perhaps former king was watching from the television.

The Horse is taken as a symbol of power through most cultures. Power, Grace, Beauty, Strength, Freedom etc are few symbolic attribution of the Horse. In Hinduism, a white horse is believed to be the last incarnation of Vishnu. As we all know, Kings were also believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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  1. I agree. In fact I don’t believe in perfect shot. Every picture has that probablity of being shot in better way.

  2. Thanx for comments. Well I only know how to control a camera, I wish to ride but don’t think I can control the Horse… 😀
    Thanx Shutterbud for the comment. Ya after I saw this picture in other monitors I noticed it looks a bit down though it looks exact in my monitor. Another thing is I’ve tried to focus on white horse so I slightly increased the contrast of the picture. Anyways thanx for the appreciation.
    keep clicking and keep sharing… 🙂

  3. Panning technique executed near to perfect though picture is bit under exposed. Single hourse would have been better choice here I guess. Good effort Kishor.

    For other EU Viewers:
    Pan pictures are simply created by panning the camera but it\’s not that simple to get the perfect shot. To become really good at paning technique one must practice it thoroughly and get used to it. Your first pan photographs may not look the way you image them to look. However, after practicing for some time, your pan photos will look much better.

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