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First National Rafting Championship

First National Rafting Championship

Rafters paddling for National championship.

Though Nepal is well known for Wild Himalayan River rafting, it remained unanimated to make a niche in world’s map of rafting championship. Recently Himalayan River Guide Association Nepal (HARGAN) was able to organize Nepal’s 1st National Rafting Championship 4-5 April 2008 in Bhotekoshi, Baseri. Now we do have NATIONAL TEAM who will represent Nepal in World’s Championship which is going to be held in Bosnia-Herzegovina 2009.

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  1. Congrats on the first national raft race. I am a member of the USA raft team and it is so good to see the sport continue to grow. Keep practicing! The race in Bosnia will be a great event. See you there.

  2. Hello! Tessa

    What a pleasant surprise to see you here in EU blog. Of course, I would love to share tons of pictures that I have clicked during the Championship. If you are in touch with Manish Rai from HARGAN, do contact him to for varieties of amazing shots, since many other Photojournalists were also there to cover the event. I will contact you soon to talk in detail.

    And ‘Good news’ to you! This group of Photojournalists are planning to organize a ‘photo presentation’ of National Rafting Championship to share all those wonderful pictures with many people, who have missed to be there in Bhotekoshi. Show will take place in ‘Photo-Circle Club’ in Sundhara Bakery Café’, Kathmandu.

    Championship was wonderful and I had a great time. Hope to catch you again in another such river gala which encourages me to be more adventurous and a proud Nepali. See you soon. Good day!!

  3. Hello

    My name is Tessa and i am the Managing Director of Rapidrunner Ltd (the team you have photographed above). I was also one of the judges at the competition. We are currently in the process of setting up our website and catalogue and were wondering if you managed to get any other action photos of the rapidrunner raft. Please can you get in touch with me at info@rapid-runner.com.

    Thanks Tessa Lama

  4. Very true DreamSky! Bhotekoshi has some amazing rapids that can make truly adventurous shots and of course I have clicked few. May be I will share some of them with you people here in EU in the near future. And I am a member of its organizing committee and I did rafting in upper section of Bhotekoshi which is ranked among world’s top ten best white water rafting.

    Many thank you for your comment.

  5. Good to hear about and see the national rafting team.

    Nice shot of the team in action – far better than other group photos generally taken beside the raft at shore.

    I think Bhotekoshi has lot other exciting rapids which could have produced more adventurous shots.

    btw, Shutterbug did you went to Bhotekoshi just for the shot or u were in some other rafting team. 😉

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