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Festival of Classical Dance

Festival of Classical Dance
271. Festival of Classical Dance
Photo By: Rina Maharjan
Posted Date: 15th September

Indra Jatra (Yanya Punhi) is also popular as the festival of Classical Dances. The main attraction of this festival is the procession of chariots and masked dance representing various deities and demons. The procession consists of Majipa Lakhey, Pulukishi, Sawan Bhaku, Ganesh chariot, Kumar chariot and Kumari chariot. The festival of Indra Jatra continues for eight days with much rejoicing, singing, dancing and feasting.

Took this picture yesterday near Jaisedewal.

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Festival of Classical Dance

  1. Good work Rina!! You have creatively set dancers in diagonal line which makes this Picture look vivid even it is a normal perspective.

    Photographer can use ‘lines’ (visible or invisible ) in the photographs to direct a viewer’s eye to their focus attention and such lines can reinforce the mood of a scene. Generally vertical lines may express feeling of dignity and grandeur. Horizontal lines often convey a sense of balance and quite restfulness. Likewise diagonal lines can suggest energy and possible movement. The lines of a triangle may emphasize action or stillness.

  2. Grate shot!
    but i think something is missing in the title.

    this is the “Deitya Pyankhyan” which is resemble the Ghost.

    I don’t know why This community (Newar) worship so many “Deitya” (demon).

  3. I remember watching Demon Dance (Deitya Pyankhyan) in Jaisidewal during Indrajatra when I was little. I used to stay and watch the dance the whole day. I am so glad to know that this dance is still performed. Thank you so much for the picture. Cheers.

  4. looks grate
    festival of Ghost…… 😈

    I think something is missing in the title want to add something

    this is not the festival of dance this is the festival life

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