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He looked at my eyes passionately, they spoke a thousand words. Unmoving, still, solemn, yet full of life, filled with desire, they were asking for something, the something, I knew, I wouldn’t be able to give him; the something I had already given the name of some other being to. Now I didn’t dare to look at him, at those perfect eyes. I wouldn’t be able to let him stare at me that way. I felt uncomfortable. I carefully placed my fingers on his lips. He wouldn’t speak no word. I didn’t want him to or else, it would break the silence which spoke more than the words, that which I was enjoying the most and I didn’t want to let go of. He kissed my fingers, licked them, so passionately that I could hardly sense myself. He kissed me fervently, not like a wild beast, but like a civilized creature suited in an Armani set, expensively tailored, the one who wouldn’t just let go of his dignity for the sake of a desire, but would do anything inside the bedroom till driven crazy by seduction and would revive his exhibited persona when consciousness settled back. I made a mistake. I forgot to unveil the truth. What I was doing was not right. But I, now, feel that I never wanted to cease the whole chemistry. I loved whatever was going on and wanted it to move on forever, until the ultimate would come and look for me, take hold of my arms and sweep me off the whole thing. Was I really commiting a crime? Yes, I was. But how long would I wait for him to come and grab my arms and let me throw myself at him? How long would I keep watching at the ticking clock and marking the dates? How would I let my beauty vanish before anyone made an approval of it? I was sorry and still am. I regret it but I assure him that I never had such an intention, that whatever happened was out of the sheer blindfolded desire. I am sorry…

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