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Fall in love

Fall in love
Fall in love

Total surrender
Of me, my heart and my soul
Is what I offer.


Boundless flight of wings.
I stand chained with my own roots
Dreaming of freedom.

Smiling moon
Smiling moon - Venus Jupiter and Moon on December 1st,2008

(Venus, Jupiter and the Moon as seen on Dec 1st,2008)

Merrily smiling
A face of heavenly lights
Though darkness surrounds.

[Haikus by AirSeraph – Photographs by DreamSky]


81 thoughts on “Fall in love

  1. Very impressive as is your flickr stream. WOW! Love it when left brain computer science people are equally as talented by their right brain creative side. Keep up the great work.

    From a left-brained, right-brained artist too.

  2. Your perspective is always different and amusing in most of the pictures you click. Creative snapshots and nice ‘haikus’ make this photo-blog very charming. Keep this perspective always. 🙂

  3. Thank you all for your warm comments.

    I feel honored to have comments from Shutterbug – especially Shutterbug’s rare comments with a touch of a smiley 🙂 Ya I like smileys 😀

    Dear Awsiv, man I adore your spontaneity!

    Technically, I feel these photographs are just a bunch of mediocre shots. Simple P&S camera has its own limits. What makes these photographs special to me is the moments and feelings they try to share with us.

  4. Falling in love:
    is like opening your heart to magnify your feelings
    is like diving down from the sky
    is like smiling at the sky in a dark night


    Great pictures DreamSky (as always)… Not to mention, the Haikus are wonderful! esp. on the first and second one

  5. Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. And DreamSky you make people see that beauty. Keep cherishing this distinctive feature you have. 🙂

  6. searching the meaning of “fall in love”
    “Red flower” symbol of love
    “magnifying glass”.. to express that u are in love….

    gr8 work DReAmSkY ..

  7. Although I’ve already seen ur two pics in flickr, presentation is really creative and woderful. Keep it up buddy.

  8. Nice, nice, nice … what do the Japanese/Korean (?) characters stand for in the pics? Vapor Trails, 😉 ?

  9. bets shot DreamSky!! You are superb and fantastic.Fall in Love Ditch and Never Get Out

  10. very nice presentation. I like the smily face carved out of the moon and and the twin stars. And the bird approaching the flower with the speed of light! The bird looks extremely eager to reach the flower. If all of us rush torwards our destination wiht that level of hunger and thirst, we all will get there.

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