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Experiencing Swayambhunath

Experiencing Swayambhunath

571. Experiencing Swayambhunath
Photo By: Sunil Manandhar
Posted Date: 18th February, 2014

Photo Description:
The picture above was taken in Swayambhunath, an ancient religious complex consisting of a stupa, a variety of shrines and temples, atop a hill in the west of Kathmandu city.

Here a tourist is getting a taste of the Buddhist customs prevalent in the holy place. The very base of any civilization are the beliefs that govern them, and allowing yourself to participate in the unknown is a good way of experiencing their beliefs. It’s a window into a society’s faith and aspirations, and a great way of knowing what they are about.

Camera Specifications:
Camera model: Nikon D5100
F-stop: f/5.6
Exposure time: 1/800sec
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 50mm

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