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Evergreen Nepal

I had written about the ‘dirty politics’ of Nepal around one year ago. I was not quite satisfied with it so, it was in one of my on-line folders just waiting to get another look. Today, i was just going through my achieve and stumbled upon this discarded writeup. I was really astonished that the things that i had noted at that point of time, was no way different from present context. To note a few

  • whether to keep king or not.
  • whether Election is possible or not.
  • Madhav Nepal nagging with Girija to step down.
  • Maoists going insane
  • Petroleum scarcity
  • People suffering
  • People being killed…etc etc…

Alas!!! Nepali newspaper never get old.. Evergreen Nepal….

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  1. Your article shows where we were a year back and we can expect to be a year later. I bet these were in your list too:
    Water scarcity
    Routined black out at home for at least 2 days a week.
    Those are definetely in my list for sure. 🙁

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