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Everest 100: Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

Everest 100 Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: FINAL LIST of 100 Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012 is published at: http://everestlist.org/everest-100-top-it-companies-in-nepal-2012/.

We invite you to VOTE for up to 3 companies in our Everest 100: Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012 list.

– Make sure that you carefully select up to 3 companies before clicking “Vote”.

– Voting ends at 12:00 am on June 1, 2012.

– This year, the companies are listed in alphabetical order till 100. From 101, the companies that we missed in the initial list and which were recommended to us are listed. (From next year, only 100 companies will be listed on the basis of number of votes this year.)

When you vote, we request you to consider the following criteria:

1. Entrepreneurship
2. Benefits
3. Management
4. Growth and learning opportunity
5. Work environment

The voting is open to the public and we hope this to be an opportunity for the best IT companies in Nepal to be recognized.

NOTE: Voting is logged by Cookie and IP. (If you have not voted but you just see the results, it is possible that someone who is sharing your IP, say in your office, has already voted. In that case, try voting from home.)

UPDATE1: We admit that our selection procedure for the first 100 companies in the list has been basically ‘word-of-mouth’ and ‘simple search’.

UPDATE2: We have decided not to restrict this year’s list to just 100. We will keep on adding any companies we may have missed. However, please provide us the following when recommending companies:

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Address (Preferably, the exact physical location of your company should be mentioned on your website.)
  3. Company Website

UPDATE3: We have revised the voting end date to June 1, 2012.

We intend to continue the Everest 100: Top IT Companies in Nepal series every year. Please let us know if you want us to add any company we may have missed. (Next year, addition of any companies to the list will result in removal of companies with the lowest number of votes this year.)

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288 thoughts on “Everest 100: Top IT Companies in Nepal 2012

  1. Awesome write-up. I am a regular visitor of your blog and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the nice site. I will be a frequent visitor for a long time.

  2. Hiya, I am really glad I’ve found this information. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossip and web stuff and this is really annoying. A good blog with interesting content, this is what I need. Thanks for making this website, and I’ll be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  3. Hey! Admin:
    Please visit http://websanjal.com/
    “Websanjal Pvt. Ltd. is a Yii Framework Based Web Application Development Company in Nepal which is “The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework”. Yii only loads the features that you need, has powerful caching support and explicitly designed to work efficiently with AJAX. Yii is a secured which includes input validation, output filtering, SQL injection and Cross-site scripting prevention which also develop clean and reusable code and also follows the MVC pattern, ensuring a clear separation of logic and presentation.”

  4. As you mentioned above, if following are the criteria for voting, then, name of the Yomari should be removed from the list of voting:

    When you vote, we request you to consider the following criteria:
    1. Entrepreneurship
    2. Benefits
    3. Management
    4. Growth and learning opportunity
    5. Work environment

  5. What is the procedure to list my company, as we are also providing web related services to hundreds of clients.

  6. Hi Meeta:

    Have you heard of Sparrow SMS or Picovico.com . These are our [ Janaki Technology ] Products.

  7. Janaki technology ??? never heard of it. Can we have some details about it.

    Smart Designs…mmm… best thing they do is they work with smark people…nice tagline !!

    Brain Digit still on the top …not bad not bad !!! But jun tarika le voting bhaira cha Brain Digit khaskina ber chhaina 😛

  8. nepali can do anything, but just for other, not for own, sadhai arka ko lagi matra, nepal lai chinaune 1 website matra pani banako bhaye ali mazza hunthyo, khali paisa matra kamauna khojne.

  9. woooooh !!! voting still going on … hmm….. thank goodness pahile ko jasto arguments chaina rahecha. Anyways, congrats Braindigit for standing on the top till now. Just viewed the link your CMS product seems interesting. Will try it for sure. Congrats to Sprouts too ….and respectively to all those companies who are being voted by their admirers. May the best company win. Cheers !

  10. Semicolon Developers Network is the most un-professional company. I have bad experieince with the service. Company should ask to produce the letter of appreciation from their clientS. Voting MAY not give you the real picutres.

  11. Semicolon Developers Network is the most un-professional company. I have bad experieince with the service. Company should ask to produce the letter of appreciation from their clientS. Voting MAY not give you the real picutres.

  12. Great Job! But it seems Nepal is valley only. Only 3 companies are listed out of valley. And, this listing(website) should be known to much number of voters of whole country.
    Plz. include: infof1cc.com

  13. Online voting must be trusted these days for getting awards Congrats Braindigit Kalikasthan, Kathmandu (20%, 626 Votes)
    106 Sprout Technology Bhaisepati, Lalitpur (13%, 397 Votes)
    113 Pracas Infosys Pokharia, Biratnagar (9%, 287 Votes)
    99 YoungInnovations Pulchowk, Lalitpur (9%, 267 Votes)
    21 Deerwalk Services Sifal, Kathmandu (8%, 239 Votes)

  14. online voting is never shows the actual data…. i mean i can ask everyone i know to vote for the company i work at or own……. none the less good effort buddy but not convinced by the stats here

  15. Congrats 115 Braindigit Kalikasthan, Kathmandu (21%, 621 Votes)
    106 Sprout Technology Bhaisepati, Lalitpur (13%, 397 Votes)
    113 Pracas Infosys Pokharia, Biratnagar (10%, 287 Votes)
    99 YoungInnovations Pulchowk, Lalitpur (9%, 263 Votes)
    21 Deerwalk Services Sifal, Kathmandu (8%, 237 Votes)

  16. Happie New Year 2069,

    Hope this year bring a new leap in the IT arena of Nepal.

    One glimpse will be in following links:

    Check this Headlines where SageFrame is features and listed recently and feel the Vive:

    This is what we can be proud of BrainDigit who gonna revolutionize the IT sector of Nepal.

    Rather than doing outsourcing for other countries cheap works we are making a difference and yes that is making a headlines everywhere. Soon it gonna be bigger and better, then one day in World’s Top 10 IT company you gonna see the NAME some thing unthinkable and unpredictable so far…

    All the best who votes there views here 🙂
    cheers all arund the corner

  17. The serial number at the beginning of the company is NOT a ranking? The first 100 were listed alphabetically. The rest were added to the list as they were recommended. The FINAL list will be released in July. The Voting here will weigh 25% in the Ranking criteria.

  18. we are not happy with our listing position.

    we believe that we hold position below 50 and we are listed at 105 this is not fair listing

  19. u r so true Braindigit rocks, 19000 hits now : Braindigit Kalikasthan, Kathmandu (21%, 609 Votes)
    106 Sprout Technology Bhaisepati, Lalitpur (14%, 395 Votes)
    113 Pracas Infosys Pokharia, Biratnagar (10%, 287 Votes)
    everest 100 top it ict software development companies in nepal 2012

  20. Sathi haru vote garne bela ma nun ko sojho garera matra vote nagarum hai. Kun company le kasto software banayo matra navayera, kun company le kati ko social work gareko xa, nepali student lai kati sahayog purayeko xa pani herum hai. Company haru le nepali student haru lai adjust garna sakena vane tyo company nepal ko matra haina world ko top ayo vane pani koi nepali khusi hudainan. Aile ayera nepali student haru intern garna napayeko awastha xa. Yetika dherai company haru xan nepal ma tara nepali student lai internship dina sakeka xainan aile company haru.
    J sukai hosh company ka member haru ko comment padera maja ayo. Aja braindigit ko manxe le ta natak dekhako prasta hunxa.:d :d :d
    Ma bookmark garxu yo page ko. Kaile kai sad mud vayo vane mud fresh hunxa cnt paderm. Go on braindigit u rocks:p :p :p.

  21. Thank you!
    all who voted for @BrainDigit and equally to all who doubt in its Potential.
    For your kind info check out this WOW news which can be a trnd setter or game changer for Nepalease ICT world.

    To be top is one achievement 🙂

  22. I did not see HIMALAYAN WEB INFO ; so I could vote them.

    any way nice to see the top hundred IT companies of Nepal.

    Best of luck guys…

  23. Maple Leap Group???
    open the site.., its saying truly a Canadian company.
    haha.. this is for truly a Nepali Company!

  24. Heimarsun Global Solutions, could you share URL and address friend if possible else we will spend time searching surely wooww 18000 hits on this page.
    Congrats Braindigit Kalikasthan, Kathmandu (22%, 605 Votes)
    106 Sprout Technology Bhaisepati, Lalitpur (14%, 394 Votes)
    113 Pracas Infosys Pokharia, Biratnagar (10%, 285 Votes)
    21 Deerwalk Services Sifal, Kathmandu (8%, 231 Votes)
    99 YoungInnovations Pulchowk, Lalitpur (7%, 198 Votes)

  25. The following companies have been added:

    127 Net Suite International Software Solution
    128 Swift Technology
    129 Aquous Infotech

  26. Student — thanks for your note. We will have our team auditing the five criteria. We will request to companies to provide the needed detail info and we will verify through indirect sources too. Once the voting is complete, the EU evaluation team will produce the final ranking. Voting will just be a small factor. Stay tuned, final top 100 will be published in July 2012.

    EU Team

  27. Oh..and I am taking this list seriously because every other commenter here seems to be taking it seriously enough…reality is how we construct it..

  28. This sounds more like a popularity contest…how on earth will anybody outside the company be able to evaluate any of the above 5 criteria ? so that means, those who vote will most likely be the people who work for the companies listed. So it seems, either the company with the highest number of employees ( assuming they all love their company or voting becomes mandatory) or the company that figures a way to vote the most times ( I don’t understand technology, so don’t know if this is possible but I think it may be) – will be listed as the top ones. I noticed some people outside of Nepal following this thing…assuming they might be potential clients for the Nepalese IT industry – what are the implications of this kind of list for business ? What messages are you sending out ? I hope you have a team that will at least audit the companies to validate the results of this popularity contest…

  29. congratulations 17000 hits everest 100 top it IT ICT ict companies in nepal 2012 congrats toppers till now: 115 Braindigit Kalikasthan, Kathmandu (23%, 570 Votes)
    106 Sprout Technology Bhaisepati, Lalitpur (15%, 364 Votes)
    113 Pracas Infosys Pokharia, Biratnagar (11%, 283 Votes)
    21 Deerwalk Services Sifal, Kathmandu (9%, 228 Votes)
    85 Verisk Information Technologies Hattisar, Kathmandu (8%, 190 Votes)

  30. thnaks Jawir Akkar for liking loving software development IT ICT companies in nepal

  31. great company, we request admin to add it , its pure software development IT ICT company of nepal in nepal

  32. We are glad provide comments. We have no thing more to comment about it. But great things about Imagine Web Solution. The Chair Person Raj Thapa Magar and his Tem are great. Who has vital role to promote our Business through Net. Thank you very much for Raj and Imagine Web Solution, any one wondering about reliable and latest Technology user IT and web company, we highly recommend http://www.imaginewebsolution.com/

    Karna Rana

  33. Hi there, can u please add Broadlink Network & Communication Pvt. Ltd.(Broadlink), Inderni Heights ‚Sanepa(RingRoad)
    Lalitpur‚ Nepal GPO : 8975‚ EPC: 413 Tel: +977 1 5553020 ;+977 1 5553021 ; +977 1 5553022 Fax: +977 1 5553023

    I am just a user and think they deserve the nod. thx!

  34. This is good idea for intrdu.. nepali it company. some are listed they but don’t worked,some are not listed but they worked lot, for example. sara computer service Pvt. Ltd is not listed here but it give software to the customer from last 10 yrs. and its has its own ….name in the market…
    Where the coder code for other big it company…………..guess…….

  35. ebhandar dot com is only selling site like amazon not creating own software IT or ICT in anyway so admin, please dont list that

  36. ……I am not understand, What is the main criteria of making software company in worldwide?? and what is main criteria of nepal??? Who know more about this, Please forward this information??…..and Why software people don’t take action, How much pay software engineer who interested to work with???……..

  37. ahaha huwayei haru jhaare cannot amke one nepali website

  38. The following companies have been added to the list:

    – 125, Infodevelopers, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

    – 126, Imagine Web Solution, Thamel, Kathmandu

  39. bedananda dahal fan thanks for loving caring IT ICT software development company companies of nepal

  40. I would like to higly reccomended to Smart Web Design. Mr. Pukar Sharma is the one of the Brilliant person who design everything very sharp. so if anyone want to use him, i have confident you will not spend your time and money.

  41. I really just loved the way how you posted and made available us this article to make us aware of this new technology. I really give you a big hand and big clap. Really it’s a new technology that you used to implement this concept. I really thank you from bottom of my heart.

  42. Sumnima Shrestha fan thanks sumnima for your inputs on software IT ICT development companies

  43. @Anti-akash: good one bro !!!
    yo akash bhanne manche le akash ma herera comment garecha k ho? housing nepal ko agent jasto cha ni ? site pani lastai jhilke rahecha bharkhar bharkhar sikdai gareko le site banako cha jasto cha marne gari marquee haalera scrolling garecha jasto cha hehehe…sorry but tyo site yaha post gareko raddhi bhar pachena…!!!

  44. ur housingnepal dot com does not look like any IT ICT or software development company of nepal at all but using software from others

  45. brittany fan woow mai ramri vaichu fan Akash fan thnaks thank you Administrator for adding the new nepal IT ICT software development companies in of at nepal

  46. Thanks for your attempt to explain this to the people. It a great help! Thanks for this one and your site as a whole. I just loved it.

  47. good job till today more votes needed till july

  48. thank you Administrator for adding the new it ict software development nepal

  49. meeta sherchan fan niranjana fan, love u both for your best writings for software development IT ICT companies of nepal

  50. I like the idea of Niranjana of companies presenting their products end of 2012 but not to show milk and water difference, but more to inform and show the talent of Nepalese IT/software companies. We can organize small and mid size event where CEO and managers of different companies and Banks, IT professionals, investors, government can be the audience. Companies have to apply to participate and fulfill certain criteria and if selected can present their software. Each company will be give 5 mins only to present.

    I think this will give companies and IT professional more exposure and platform for advertising and interaction.

  51. I seriously think this voting should be brought to an end. Sab jana professional manche haru fucha fuchi jasto anti anti banera cmt garira chan. Chitta nabujheko kura real user bhayera honestly bhannu paryo. All companies who are listed in here or going to be listed they all deserve respect for their hard work. Jabo euta desktop application dekhi kati na thulo CMS ya framework nai kina nabanawos all hard works are to be respected. kasai ko naam tala mathi ayo bhandai ma facebook jasto comment comment khelne hoina. Everyone be grow up and real user bhayera decent sharing garau. Kina kasari yo sab kura sodhna hami sab lai rights cha but aru ko company lai naramro nai bhanera chahi nabhanda ramro hola. Rest……tapai haru sab janne bujhne lai aba k bhasan dinu. Sake samma yo voting close garnu mero best suggestion. Baru ko top ma ho bhanera herna cha bhane euta competition raakhnu end of 2012 ma ani tyo event ma afno best quality products present garna bhannu ani milk ko milk water ko water huncha. Meeta ko kura haru ni sahi cha. Ma pani meeta ko fan la 😛

  52. thank you Administrator for adding the new nepal IT ICT software development companies

  53. grand discussions friends but u wont find another software development IT ICT company companies concrete single one point solution anywhere in universe or this world thanks

  54. anti meeta fan you have expressed many ok and many anti feelings great

  55. gradually others are being added dont worry NEPAL
    POBox: 4266 , Hallchowk
    Adhikari Complex, 3rd Floor,
    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Tel: +977-01-4279727
    Email: support@inficare.net
    will be added dont worry

  56. He he!! Inficare jasto aru pani company dherai chhutya chhan! Saayad DW ko wall ko ghera vitra saathiharu navaera hola. Or @paradox lai thah navaera hola, or college haru ko wall ma poster haru navaera hola, tehi vaera admin lai thah na vaeko Huna sakchha! Ani college ko student ko kura garda afnai college ko principal ko naam ta thah hunna kati lai, 1-2 Wota company ko naam thah vaera, Purai Nepal ko IT history thah vae jasto kura garchhan. Unlimited jasto company chhaina! If you see Foss nepal le jati Nepal lai chinaune kaam aru le garya jasto lagdaina! D2 ra DW, no doubt top companies in Nepal, k aru company chhai faltu hun ta? Afaile afailai thulo haina saathi, aru le thulo mani deko ma garva gara! Voting criteria pani hera, no mention of size, no khokro dhakosla. Sprout jati ko ramro kaam aru le gareko jasto lagdaina, creating jobs for 1 million people, this is what entrepreneurship is all about. Breeding obnoxious hypocrites and doing ETL jobs, this is no real entrepreneurship. Create opportunities for real people, IT professionals haru vaneko DW ra D2 ko combined 500 employees matra hainan, 15000-20000 hajar IT professionals haru chhan. They are creating jobs for more people to come. Braindigit le badhi vote lyayo Tara kasari lyayo tyo pani socham. They may or may not voting for Braindigit but they are voting against obnoxious people from DW or D2. Braindigit le ramro kaam gardai cha no doubt here too. Baanki sochne ho vane EU le faltu ko confusion create gardai cha, ani yes you are playing with your company (DW) name and fame. You created a post self claiming D2 and DW to be top IT companies and then this. People will stop following your blog very soon and yes voting too. I see most of them haven’t started yet. And many will stop voting soon.

  57. Why don’t i see Inficare Technology http://www.inficare.net

    Jhan yasto remittance ko software danger banaune company list mai chhaina… Yo voting feri restart garna paryo Mr. Admin…..bhayena bhayena

  58. hahah Niranjana fan woow yes nepal software IT ICT software development company companies list voting difficult

  59. aafno company lai vote diu boyfren risaune. boyfren ko company lai vote diu office ko sathi haru risaune. la ma ta kaslai ni vote gardaina sab ko comment herdai baschu. jasko ramro kaam cha tyo ta tyasai ni market ma charcha sunera thaha huncha. prashant tamang lai indian idol jitako jasto garera galat voting nagarau sathi ho. deserving lai nai diu. gud luck sapai jana haru lai.

  60. @Learn to Accept the truth – Very well said !!!

    @Admin- if possible delete all the votes and start a new one and make sure you keep the email id mandatory so that fake users cannot vote randomly. To be honest naam ra kaam suneko anusar Deerwalk mathi hunu parne jasto laagcha.

    OH GOD hakku from bishnumati re??? LOOT yaha pani famous bhako hehehe…Anyways m loving this page more than Facebook these days 😛

  61. sabai pasa haru lai mero request cha …………..ki voting poll rakdai narakhau……….rakhe pachi cool tarikale vote garna dim…………………..

  62. How can this spruot………be ahead of us ……….people are voting blindly………..they know nothing about software company

  63. How can this spruot………be ahead of us ……….people are voting blindly………..they know nothing about software campany

  64. I haven’t heard much about braindigit. Only that few of our seniors worked there for a while and left to work at d2. It’s really strange that this company has got so many votes despite the fact that nothing is heard about it. Most of us last year engineering students and freshers don’t even have a slightest clue about this company. Guess they really hide many of their details. But then again, how come they have obtained so many votes because I believe even most of the working professionals haven’t heard the company’s name. On the contrary, deerwalk and d2 are renowned because of the publicity campaigns they do all year around, no matter even if they do any work or not. I believe a company should be transparent on what it does. But most of them are so secretive that they have become completely cut-off with the rest of the world, no matter how good they are. And on the other hand, few others appear more than “too good” through only mere publicity campaigns than they actually are. I don’t believe that the final poll results will be conclusive. It may rather create more confusions.

  65. thank you Asee Shrestha, please bear us by monday

  66. The following companies have been added:
    – Jasper IT
    – KRB Software
    – Semicolon Developers Network

  67. chuchhe fan yes braindigit hide many of their details operations

  68. Firstly, If u dont understand then that does not mean things cannot happen. you cannot understand that is why it is not you on top, they are. We should appreciate other success and learn from them not criticize them. \”Fake ids\”, if it is fake ids then the admin must be able to control it and give proof that yes it is fake ids. If not then we must accept the truth. Since this site is from our so called Nepal’s one no. 1 company (as per them) then we must assume that they must have secure and well equipped system coz we cannot expect mistakes from them no? Now if they neglected from their part then they are not living up to their reputation.

    sometimes u live in a fake world of your own so called \”reputation\” created by yourself and when suddenly some new comers takes u over, u get angry. Come on man, grow up.

    I see lots of companies growing and expect them to create name of their own. We are no less than anyone. Each has their own identity so we are great on our own ways. it is not who is in top or bottom it is who has what that is great. I know there are always bad guys to mislead but rest should not be like that. So learn to collaborate and work, not comment on why they are good and why not us.

    Grow up guys and lets make our Nepal best place to work. Today, India, china, Malaysia are called for any IT works, Nepal is nowhere near so think about it. Think big.

  69. @Chuchee For your kind information
    Braindigit IT Solutions(Kalikasthan – 32)
    Braindigit Philippines(Makati City, Philippines 1226)
    Braindigit It Software Pte Ltd(261 Waterloo Street,Singapore 180261)
    >>These all are of same network.

    Refer: http://www.braindigit.com/contact

  70. is this Braindigit part of the Philippines company or different? It seems fishy that they look to be hiding things or what? Same name, similar projects etc but no mention of anything on their site, why?

  71. Asee Shrestha Synergy tech sent message in google plus please respond here

  72. so google could not find it, its Synergy Tech

  73. Asee shrestha Synery technology how to find link please

  74. synergy nepal thanks found you thru google but it takes time if u dont put the three details location url link thanks says:

    synergy nepal thanks found you thru google but it takes time if u dont put the three details location url link thanks

  75. First of all I see so many company listed here which I had never heard before. This is a good effort bringing all software company in Nepal to a same place.

    However I have seen the following company is missing please add it to the list.

    Neolinx Pvt. Ltd.
    Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
    Contact: 977-1-2040780 , 5546945, info@neolinx.com.np

    Thanks and regards,
    Web Developer @ Neolinx

  76. Thanks Meeta Sherchan, Aunti, Pradip Kumar Sah Santosh Semicolon developers nepal Cops Ishu thanks says:

    Thanks Meeta Sherchan, Aunti, Pradip Kumar Sah Santosh Semicolon developers nepal Cops Ishu thanks brainDigitian woow nepal software development efforts great

  77. @Bihaari :Dude we have sufficient time to place 1 vote for our company & also enough time for our official work …..BrainDigit Rocks \M/

  78. Use : ultrasurf(dot)us
    Open the voting link then vote, and vote again, beat the toppers.

    This whole voting thing can be manipulated. With this security flaw, the results won’t even matter. The email registration should have been mandatory for voting.

  79. The initiative shown by everestuncensored is praiseworthy and it is great to know about IT companies out here in Nepal.First or last in the ranking,it doesn’t matter,what matters is the opportunities created by all these companies to IT professionals amid such difficulties in our country. So, be professional while commenting in this reverent post and support all companies who have provided an environment for IT professionals to do what they love and sustain their life.
    Lastly ,kudos to everestuncensored and all IT professionals and IT companies of Nepal

  80. m not associated with any of those companies. just surfed to vote for my fren’s company. if this is how the potentiality of a company is being calculated then alright keep voting Mr Aunty …oops Anti ! 😛

  81. Ishu fan good keep it up its positive way in modern age meeta sherchan is moody

  82. anti meeta sherchan dont resist wars and fairness; show that u r positive enough; rebellion is not wanted as people can ask for ur fairness

  83. @Bihaaridigit @ all anti braindigitians Firstly, I‘d advice all you folks to make an initiative to view Braindigit’s official website .i.e. http://www.braindigit.com which will give an insight into the massive projects we are working on and the large Braindigit family consisting of 100+ employees. What do you look forward in a company as an employee? Friendly and learning environment, management that looks after personal needs and of course a good pay! It might seem too pleasing for eyes to read; but the company offers it all and we welcome you to be a part of the Braindigit family. Who knows you might also learn to love your company and take initiatives to vote for your company!!

  84. facebook ma bhako anti dhoti page jasto war parecha mathi ta. yo sahi tarika bhayena close this nautanki voting system.

  85. biharidigit ur r right haah yes braindigit must have used unfair voting schemes but needs investigation finally says:

    haah yes braindigit must have used unfair voting schemes but needs investigation finally

  86. Braindigit ko manche le unfair kisim le voting gardai chan. Euta ta pahile yaha braindigit ko naam nai thiyena, pachi haalne bittikai top ma pugyo!!!
    K ho sathi, dinvari vote garna last fursad vaa jasto cha. sayad company ma dinvari kaam nai hunna hola sathiharu ko so sub le vote gardai baschan jasto chan.

  87. Glad to See SwastikIT on the list. As far as I know they are the first company working on Facebook Platform, Android and IOS Platform from Nepal. Since 2007-2008. There are many companies doing wonderful work in IT but alas Google always needs the perfect keyword to show something on their list, so it might not be a good idea just to depend on Google Rankings. Just a thought!!

  88. thank you Administrator for adding the new companies

  89. anti gautam thapa if your braindigit does not come on searching in top 1000 in software development companies of nepal how to find says:

    anti gautam thapa if your braindigit does not come on searching in top 1000 in software development companies of nepal how to find? so, we are helping unknown companies to rise grow in international arena

  90. Yes, of course I agree with SKS. How can we say this is the proper way to evaluate the software companies………….Even the Administrator doesn’t know about Braindigit, Its quite shame.Company like Braindigit shouldn’t have been missed. Although they didn’t make any blunder to list it later.

  91. Btw, how can you ensure that the voters will make fair choices for the top 3 companies?
    It is rare that the voters know about all the nominated companies. So it is most likely that they would vote for companies they know or have work experience.
    Just a concern.


  92. @Allen Tuladhar Dai unlimited has no website when doing google search or bing search

  93. maple leaf may be fraud, no canadian address too only toll free number nepals location not known

  94. maple leaf groups childish website concept is nice but reality worst no location seen in website

  95. cherry world does not have its location in its website, incomlete raw website , a poor website

  96. wowow software companies development nepal Allen dai whats url of unlimited technologies

  97. Braindigit 100 employees has voted oustandingly …. may be a one-many employee relationship hehehe..

    I guess it has to be taken in sense of market coverage ratio… Which company has the highest and best service cover in market … not with the head count of employees

  98. 1. Fresh bachelor – 30K to 40K

    2. Junior Programmer – 1 or 2 years of experience – 40-70K

    3. Senior Programmer – Someone who is very experienced & skilled – 70K and above

  99. Can someone tell me what is the typical salary for programmers in Nepal?

    1. Fresh bachelor

    2. Junior Programmer – 1 or 2 years of experience

    3. Senior Programmer – Someone who is very experienced & skilled

    Thanks for any info guys, very curious


  100. While Deerwalk and Verisik, and other offshore companies here might be enjoying the lime light, I feel proud of BrainDigit for representing Nepal, and for being an independent and self actuated IT company. From, Listbingo – one of the best classified application in the web and a top extension in Joomla, to SageFrame – striving to be one of the best .NET CMS and AspxCommerce – an ecommerce application. And far till Smart Phone application development, BrainDigit can boast to be the only multi-dimensional company in Nepal that offer an inclusive working platform.


  101. Thank you very much Adminstrator:
    For adding Braindigit in the list.Its great honor for the company and deserves the same.No doubt Braindigit is one of the best software companies in Nepal and has proved the same.Inspiration,motivation, friendly working environment in the company are its identity.

  102. Allen Sir fan yes Sir we need to put unlimited technologies and sister company too. brainSigit is already there Chandra

  103. Thanks for adding braindigit to the list. I am not baising any company listed here but it feels great to be a part of braindigit. I love its working environment and the friendly behavior here.

  104. Wow !! Lots of new companies coming up in Nepal . Great . Hope to see Nepal as a software hub in the world

  105. thanks software development nepal company companies UK USA AUStralia America India China Singapore Philipinees Malayasia Pakistan bhutan burma malidves afhganistan iraq north korea south korea japan mongolia norway germany

  106. We have added the following companies to the list:

    • Namaste Technology
    • Janaki Technology
    • Curves n’ Colors
    • Dryice Solutions
    • Eval Technologies
    • Sprout Technology
    • Neolinx
    • Rigo Technologies
    • WORXpro
    • IT Nepal
    • Mercantile Communications
    • Axil Creations
    • Pracas Infosys
    • Colors to Web
    • Braindigit

    Rest, please provide us the following:

    – Company Name
    – Company Address (Preferably, the exact physical location of your company should be mentioned on your website.)
    – Company Website

  107. Thanks Admin for adding those companies which were not listed

  108. Confused. ktm bhitra ko matra IT company banki k institute chalayera baseko cha out of valley. lots of company who serve local IT business with good reputation are missing. before doing these type of research or polling everestuncensored sould have opened call for name registration. its a bias.

  109. Every time there is a big tender on software procurement, government and semi-government agencies in Nepal have big criteria like the company must be a foreign based to bid. So, we end up looking for job outside of Nepal. Nepal Rastra Bank, NEC, NTC and many ohers spend millions of dollars on software purchase, but they do not buy from Nepal based companies. Companies like D2 and Deerwalk build software for US industry from Nepal, but are not qualified to do anything for goveremnet of Nepal. Wake up guys. Do nor blame us for building software for foreigners. We are left with no choice.

  110. If all nepalese it company work for foreigners who gonna build products for nepali market ?

    Admin have you heard of a company called semicolon developers ? Add it in the list. We don’t work for foreigners but we are proud to be a nepali software company.

  111. We will soon be adding to the list all the company recommendations we have received so far. Stay tuned.

  112. Raju Basnet Says:
    February 21st, 2012 at 11:14 am

    I didn’t see namastec [namastec.com] in the list, any reason


  113. Since you missed a lot of companies, the right thing to do is to add all the companies this year and based on the votes select the top 100 next year. If not what is the point of this top 100 when it dose not represent top 100.

  114. Nepali IT companies serve various countries. Why is that wrong in a global context? And, do they not contribute to the Nepalese economy?

    And, software is a major part of IT. Hence, more of software companies in this list.

  115. Yes, we missed BranDigit and a couple of other companies as well. We will include them in the 2013 list. The ones with the lowest votes will be removed then.

  116. it feels so pity that BrainDigit IT Solution is not included in this list. This company has more that 100 employees and our products have been renowned in the Joomla world. i can give my 100% guarantee that this listing is not done properly.

  117. Google search results never show 100 software development companies in nepal name,location website

  118. It’s a impressive initiative to rank the companies but i’ve somehow found the listing very random. Braindigit IT Solutions has over 100 employees, and the company produces top-notch softwares. Any reason why it’s not listed?

  119. Interestingly NTC is missing from the list and so is Ncell.
    Seems the guys preparing this list consider only software and web development to be a part of IT.
    Telecommunications is also a massive influence in information technology 😉

  120. Google maa thulo company ko naam aauna bhane ke ko thulo company

  121. yes voting is open to public and please use this as an opportunity to selsect the best IT company in Nepal based on following criteria:

    1. Entrepreneurship
    2. Employee benefits
    3. Growth and learning opportunity
    4. Working envioronment
    5. Mannagement

    You can Nepal’s IT industry by participating in this voting.


  122. well, the voting is open for anyone, isn’t it? also, one can vote for 3 companies and not for just one’s own company.

  123. Thank you all for your suggestions.

    Number 35 has now been updated for FOCUSONE.

    Those who have recommended unlisted companies, please provide the following so that we can include them in our list for next year.

    – Company Name
    – Company Address
    – Company Website
    – (OPTIONAL) Any other relevant Company Information


  124. google ma nepal ko IT company search garda first page ma list hune company haru ko name ta include chhaina ke ko simple search hunu ni……ki kaso????????????????

  125. As you said that the listing is just by word of mouth and simple search, it can’t be the final list, there must be some rooms for amendments.

    I think Janaki Technology and Immune Apps should be there in list.

  126. I think it would be fair if Verisk Information Technologies would also state formerly D2hawkeye Services.

  127. Good job Administrator:
    NOTE: Voting is logged by Cookie and IP.
    We intend to continue the Everest 100: Top IT Companies in Nepal series every year. Please let us know if you want us to add any company we may have missed. (Next year, addition of any companies to the list will result in removal of companies with the lowest number of votes this year.)
    UPDATE: We admit that our selection procedure this year has been basically ‘word-of-mouth’ and ‘simple search’. We plan to make our selection process more rigorous and ‘fair’ from next year. When recommending any company you do not see in the list, please provide us the Company Name, Company Address, and Company Website. Thank you for raising your concerns.

  128. Glad to know it , but it must be top 100 companies in Kathmandu not in Nepal. I was also very unknown about it. We also run a IT company in BIratnagar and apart from us there are are more companies in Biratnagar which are not listed.

    Apart from it I saw only one company in Pokahara which is very hard to believe that there is only one company in Pokahara.

    Hope the best name will be Everest -100- Top 10 IT companies in Nepal.

    I would like to express my deep plea to change the title for it or for nomination must be all companies should be selected.

    Prakash Upreti
    Biratnagar, Nepal

  129. Dear Admin, Collection is Nice, But there are many companies not listed on this list. Not only 100 companies are stable in nepal for software development or any other that is related to growing IT in nepal. So, it is collection good but not better.

    Here Some missing companies, Like
    Immume , Eval technologies, Nexcoders , Emultitechsolution, Swastik IT, Curves n Colors pvt, Namastec.com, Sprout technology, Janaki Technology Pvt, Auxfin, NeoLinx Pvt. Ltd, IT offshore, Rigo Technologies, Zurelsoft, WORXpro, ITNepal, ACM Infotech Nepal, Access Keys, Photo Net, Everest Soft Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Mercantile Communication, KRB Software Pvt. Ltd., BitsCrafters, Unique Offshore Pvt. Ltd., Axil Creations Pvt. Ltd. and many more . This is the example.

  130. Great start and inclusion of all the running company in the list to vote will be an added plus point to the credibility of this ranking system. Great going . We can all help by naming a few to include in this list.

  131. Thanks for the links and the list, it nice to see 100 nepalese IT compnay’s list in a place.
    But voting, does that makes any sense..

    High votes – high workless employees
    high votes = high numbers of happy employees
    high votes= ??????????

    Just doesn’t make sense to me.

  132. where is nexcoders pvt ltd.i think that there should be list of all IT companies of Nepal, then only there should be voting

  133. Nice collection out there! But picking up of these companies seem random. For example, http://dass.com.np/ this one, the site is down, says bandwidth limit exceeded. Now, how can I believe this one is among the top 100 companies in Nepal ?

    Also, man some Companies offering web design services, their website looks Crap! Looks like they need professional web design services instead!

  134. Great ! Namai nasuneko company haru tanna raichha ta. Thanks for selecting our company. kahile kahi D2 ma chineko saathi haru le job gareko pani kaam nai lagchha. Source force ta ho nepal.

  135. How are these 100 companies selected? Does this mean that there are only 100 companies in Nepal or these are the top 100 IT companies in Nepal? I think, first you should get the list of all the IT companies registered in Nepal and start this voting. Else many companies will be missing for sure.

  136. Since this is hosted by Deerwalk and former D2 people, we should probably ignore those two company’s rankings, right?

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