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EU Felicitation program – May 2008

Ever since its inception in January 2006 as a regular news portal, EverestUncensored.org has come a long way to the current phase of EU New Design, with lots of restructuring, enhancements and enrichments. EU has always had a strong belief in creativity, innovation and the liberal exchange of diverse views and opinions. Following the same belief, EU has added many remarkable features to its domain within a few months of its commencement, namely Life in Nepal, EU Photo Blog, EU Polls and so on.

EU has been fortunate to have many talented and dedicated contributors from different walks of life. The EU team felt it worthwhile to pay them back with something for their continuous and untiring contributions.

After more than a week of brainstorming, we came up with three categories, namely EU Photo of the Month, Top Blogger, and Most Active Contributor.

The award was distributed among the winners for the month of May on Monday amid a special function. Mohana Lohani, Executive Office Director of D2HawkeyeServices, handed EU T-shirts to all the recognized contributors. A framed version of the winning-picture was awarded to the winner of “EU Photo of the Month” Abhisesh Joshi. The other recognized contributors were Aashish Dutta Koirala as the “Top Blogger”, and Lava Kafle as the “Most active contributor”.

We would like to thank all the photographers, bloggers, commenters, reporters and visitors who have provided continuous support to the EverestUncensored with their creations and compositions in one way or another.

The token of appreciation
01 The token of appreciation
The token of appreciation[print version]
02 The token of appreciation[print version]
03 Guests
The Photographer of the EU Photo of the month Abishesh Joshi
04 The Photographer of the EU Photo of the month Abishesh Joshi
The most active contributor   Lava Kafle
05 The most active contributor Lava Kafle
The Top blogger   Aashish Dutta Koirala
06 The Top blogger Aashish Dutta Koirala
Contributors and the EU team
07 Contributors and the EU team
EU T-Shirt (front)
08 EU T-Shirt (front)
EU T-shirt (back)
09 EU T-shirt (back)

12 thoughts on “EU Felicitation program – May 2008

  1. People with high stress levels they are unable to cope with are vulnerable to abusing drugs, tobacco and alcohol, and usually lack the discipline or are too depressed to exercise or eat a healthy, nutritious diet.

  2. Thank you Dhilung Kirat for admiring my work. The ‘Respect’ you do and ‘Comments’ which my posting receive here in EU make me feel home and welcomed. I really do appreciate it. Thanks to EU as well where I can interact with likeminded people like you. My participation will be more active in coming days for sure.

    By the way, what makes you say ‘Cartoonist’ in your comment? Which I am not.

  3. Congratulations, Abishesh !!!
    I hope that this award will bring more well-earned attention to you and to your art. 😆

  4. Hello Shutterbug,
    I have been a big fan of your photography work. Personally, I have always felt a deep sense of respect especially for creative journalists – photojournalists and cartoonists. The way you have been blending creativity and journalism in your works is adorable. I enjoy not just your photographs but your write-ups as well and of course your COMMENTS 🙂

    Congratulations!! for the new born blog ‘Shutterbug from Everest Uncensored’. I was amazed to see the vivid display of your all photographs in a single page.

    Hope to see/read more from you in the coming days.

  5. Hello Lava Kafle ji,
    Happy to hear from you and thank you for responding over my comment. Congratulation for being an active contributor of EU. You deserve it. Well I agree I have surpassed my ‘Identity’ but not my aspirations, motivations, creativity, and logic. Please don’t seed any mischievous doubt on my ‘Anonymity’. Being a Shutterbug, I am vivid in expressing things (inner life) through pictures and I will also try to do so through my write-ups in coming days.

    Here I would like to announce my personal blog: Shutterbug from Everest Uncensored:(click Shutterbug above) a compilation of all posting that I did here in EU. I took this liberty to use EU’s original logo to make banner of my blog and seek for EU Admin consent.

    Good day!!

  6. Shutterbug,as you said,we should felicitate aspirations, motivations,creativity, and logic. you have surpassed all. A lot of thanks for joining us. Please post some about your inner life too.

  7. Let me grab this opportunity to congratulate EU Team for marking up its journey well so far with full of energy and enthusiasm. CONTRATULATION! You creative people out there. My best wishes for days-a-head. It’s good to see, Everest Uncensored felicitated its prominent contributors. This is no doubt a good gesture of EU Admin to show respect and value its contributions. I missed being there to click some pictures and share a cup of coffee nibbling yummy cookies.

    Well I always count myself a good Blogger, besides my profession as photojournalist. That’s why I love to blog anywhere I could to bring some good vibes. This is one good reason why I am here in EU commenting pictures. My first posting ‘Cycle Culture’ on March 12th, 2008 was merely a post I did to fulfill a request from a friend who still works in D2Hawakeyes, and today I care to manage few minutes everyday to surf it and jot comments on pictures. I feel good to see this EU getting flourish into a wonderful Blog sphere. Nevertheless TREND of posting still holds plain intention to carter interest of D2Hawkeyes Employees. EU must stress on publishing quality content to enrich its readership in a larger perspective. Thus, needs to be choosy in giving space for every contributor to post whatever they want or whatever they emailed. I think it’s not quantity, but quality that matters the most. And trend of posting Features should be not identical but different. EU Admin and LIN Editor should respond any issues in its authority timely from contributors, commentators and authors. Indeed EU has miles to go and I strongly believe it will.

    And yes you people should have clicked some pictures wearing such a lovely EU T’shirt instead of just standing blunt in lawn with smile. Need to borrow some spirit like in Hike feature ‘Rejuvenating the spirit’.

    EU Team! Keep up the good work!

  8. EU team,
    Great going . just keep the spirit high! Give us more and more informative, entertaining articles…
    😀 😀

  9. Great! Missed it! Wish I were there to clap clap clap! Anyways, EU T-shirt proudly roaming around in Gurgaon.

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