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EU: Viewer’s Verdict 5


Try some riddle of photography and dare to drop your VERDICT on this snapshot. Your verdict could be one of ‘3 Best Verdicts’.

If you think you have some ‘Snapshot’ worth sharing then, do email at euvv@everestuncensored.org and get EU Viewer’s Verdict every month. All published snapshot in this series gets Shutterbug’s constructive comment to enhance your photography skill. Please attach only one picture in JPEG format per email and include your full name and write which type of camera, where and why you took that photo. Please maintain the size of your picture at good resolution for better viewing. And yes don’t forget to name your snapshot (caption).

    The Aim of this series:

  • To help viewers to view picture in a photographic perspective.
  • To help aspiring, hobbyist, or amateur photographer to have constructive feedback on their work.
  • To create an interactive platform for everyone who are fond of photography here in EU.
  • To motivate viewers to make constructive comment.

0 thoughts on “EU: Viewer’s Verdict 5

  1. Thank you all for your honest verdicts. Photo Fanatic, Suresh, Ram, Lenscape, Kishor, and Dhiraj Rai,, I appreciate your effort in sharing your views and opinions to encourage other photographers who then can learn photography and improve their craft.

    I enjoyed Lenscape’s creative elaboration out of this simple snapshot. I know he is very animated in writing and one very good commentator here in Everest Uncensored.

    Ok here are the 3 best verdicts. Click Here

  2. Not a good snapshot for sure because photographer seem lazy. Photographer could improve this snapshot going little wide view so that it has tell more story of this school boy who seem bit intimated. And white portion (sky) in this snapshot makes it a dull.

  3. I would like to say that this is just another picture.

    This picture does not have the “WOW factor”. I see a great amount of obtuse angle between the camera and the knee of the kid, which gives a pseudo-zoom look to the face of the kid. The photographer could have lessen the bluntness in angle for a better perspective.

    Also, the kid seems not in cheerful mood (one can see the dull gaze in his eyes) which added a bit of dampness in the picture. I do not find the feeling of school ambiance, as the background sign board tries to indicate. It seems that the photographer clicked this picture when there were no one in the vicinity except the kid. Some kids in the background (which we can expect to be in unmanaged school uniform – soiled pants, dangling tie, loose shoe laces, filthy shoes or naked chapped foot etc..) would have added some “rural and school” ambiance factor to the picture. In the nut shell it would have made the picture more real and closer to life. Had the background not been the school, I would not have commented for the background.

    Last but not the least, this picture tries to depict this from the point of view of the kid: “Mom!!, Take me Home, the school is over”.

  4. I won’t say this a bad picture, but seems something is missing. The sign-board and school building as a backdrop is making this picture informative, at the same time expression of the child is making this picture a bit dull. I would have taken this picture covering wider space of School building(giving a bit more space at the right side), making it a kind of environmental portrait, with proper placement of the boy, probably going a bit high (Eye level of the children).

  5. Not a ‘WOW’ snapshot. Samir Pradhananga should have put some effort to cheer this boy up before snapping. He looks bemused and intimidated. School signboard behind give more information of this boy and where he studies and from, to viewers so it’s a thoughtful to keep within the frame. Tight framing of the boy face and along with signboard would be better composition.

  6. Simply awesome. I like it. The background on the right side of the building could have been avoided. That is litte distracting.

  7. Nice Pose ….. What’s the boy is hiding in his left hand, is it the candy??
    Or, you asked the boy to give the object in his hand and the boy posed in this way (the expression says NO)….

    Vertical composition would have been great.

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