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EU: Viewers’ Verdict 4


We want your opinion on this snapshot by Sarun Tuladhar.
Good or bad. Like it or loathe it. Applaud it or curse it. Praise it or critique it. Debate it or ditch it. Do comment below as your ‘Verdict’. Your verdicts (comment) could be one of ‘3 Best Verdicts’ and it will be publish in next month’s EU Viewer’s Verdict series. Every snapshot in this new series of Everest Uncensored will get Shutterbug’s constructive comment to enhance photography skill.

If you think you have some best ‘Snapshot’ do email at euvv@everestuncensored.org and get EU Viewer’s Verdict every month. Please attach only one picture in JPEG format per email and include your full name and write which type of camera, where and why you took that photo. Please maintain the size of your picture at good resolution for better viewing. And yes don’t forget to name your snapshot (caption).

    The Aim of this series:

  • To help viewers to view picture in a photographic perspective.
  • To help aspiring, hobbyist, or amateur photographer to have constructive feedback on their work.
  • To create an interactive platform for everyone who are fond of photography here in EU.
  • To motivate viewers to make constructive comment.

0 thoughts on “EU: Viewers’ Verdict 4

  1. Looks like it was taken right from a fairytale…
    And those icicles seem like a witch’s claws waiting to pounce on the beautiful village…
    Indeed, a breath-taking beauty…

  2. Beautiful snapshot! And no doubt it’s taken from window. I can see reflection of ice streaks on the window glass. It’s a landscape shot and I think some human being in the scene would make it more animated. Overall it’s a nice pictures.

  3. Beautiful shot and I don’t think it is just a snapshot. Photographer must have had this idea of how he is going to framed it. Brillent idea to keep freezed ice columns to farme the shot, which give this feeling some far away village. I think the rising sun or setting sun whatever it would give a perfect heartbeat to this shot if he could include it. I like the shot.

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