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EU Viewer’s Verdict 3



We want your opinion on this snapshot by Prerana Marasini. Good or bad. Like it or loathe it. Applaud it or curse it. Praise it or critique it. Debate it or ditch it. Do comment below as your ‘Verdict’. Your verdicts (comment) could be one of ‘3 Best Verdicts’ and it will be publish in next month’s EU Viewer’s Verdict series. Every snapshot in this new series of Everest Uncensored will get Shutterbug’s constructive comment to enhance photography skill.

If you think you have some best ‘Snapshot’ do email at euvv@everestuncensored.org and get EU Viewer’s Verdict every month. Please attach only one picture in JPEG format per email and include your full name and write which type of camera, where and why you took that photo. Please maintain the size of your picture at good resolution for better viewing. And yes don’t forget to name your snapshot (caption).

    The Aim of this series:

  • To help viewers to view picture in a photographic perspective.
  • To help aspiring, hobbyist, or amateur photographer to have constructive feedback on their work.
  • To create an interactive platform for everyone who are fond of photography here in EU.
  • To motivate viewers to make constructive comment.

0 thoughts on “EU Viewer’s Verdict 3

  1. Dear Lenscape,
    Thank you for your good words. I believe together we can make many good things happen here in EU. I know you can do lots of great verdicts in EUVV, I guess even better than this Shutterbug. Your comments are very good and encouraging. I do read all your comments with interest and it makes me feel that you too must be a good photographer. Keep continue your good comments. I have lots of ideas to explore here in EU to promote photography and help other photographers to learn more. Please share us your good support.

  2. Shutterbug, your effort here is commendable. One verdict from me was less, because the day I planned to write, EU was down..Better luck for me next time.. 🙂

  3. A short description could have make the picture understandable. Btw I found the expression on the faces very strange. As Snapshot Fanatic said earlier it’s quite difficult to be more judgmental in these sorts of Pictures. But like to say keep clicking and be clear about what you want to show through your picture.

  4. Nice one snapped in good time! But I would have preferred to use flash to make faces of sister and bother over expressive. Vertical composition could add more information to this snapshot but I rather not be more judgmental since it’s SNAPSHOT and one can’t think of all these aspect of photography when taking snapshot.

  5. This makes me wonder what is in their head? What are they asking from the god? Even at this age when I am in a temple, I can’t make decision what to ask for? I end up asking “please help me become rich and successful.” When I was in school, always asked for good grades. With that said, what we ask from the god chnages by our age and circumstances. Kids are innocent and we can usually predict what is in their head.

    Geeta the Geeta Lover

  6. Expression well caught. Innocence of children is always a wonderful moment to freeze in pictures. Besides they grow really fast and each year of the childhood is worth preserving. Nice snapshot.

  7. like it. I like the way the boy is copying the elder girl (sister?). that’s why younger kids learn culture from elders in the house.

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