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EU Blood Donation Camp 2010

Everest Uncensored recently organized a blood donation camp with the assistance from the Nepal Red Cross Society and D2HS on August 08, 2010. The event was held at the D2HawkeyeServices building premises, Hattisar. Calls for voluntary participation of the prospective blood donors were circulated among the employees of the D2HS and also among the friends and friends of friends. Despite the short notice for participation, a significant number of individuals joined up for this noble social cause. The proceedings of the event started at 9.30 AM and ran till 1.30 PM, during which 60 units of blood were collected. While most of the donors during the camp were employees of D2HS, some guest visitors also turned up generously for the camp. The blood donors were provided with fruits and juices for refreshment by the D2HS management.

EU Team expresses a big thanks to the generous souls – all the donors – who made the event successful, and became life saver of the needy ones.

1 NRCS04 1056 Nishchal Shrestha
2 NRCS04 1057 Lokesh Gupta
3 NRCS04 1058 Bishesh Manandhar
4 NRCS04 1059 Abhishek Shrestha
5 NRCS04 1060 Dinesh Ghimire
6 NRCS04 1061 Swapnil Ranjit
7 NRCS04 1062 Susan Shakya
8 NRCS04 1063 Sanjiv Upadhyaya
9 NRCS04 1064 Adesh Shrestha
10 NRCS04 1065 Praveen Manandhar
11 NRCS04 1066 Brijendra Joshi
12 NRCS04 1067 Ravi Sharma
13 NRCS04 1068 Rajendra Chaudhari
14 NRCS04 1069 Anup Sharma
15 NRCS04 1070 Gokarna Raj Giri
16 NRCS04 1071 Sunil Dhoj Tamang
17 NRCS04 1072 Milan Shrestha
18 NRCS04 1073 Prabhash Jha
19 NRCS04 1074 Denish Lamichhane
20 NRCS04 1075 Bikram Lal Shrestha
21 NRCS04 1076 Basu Dahal
22 NRCS04 1077 Pragya Ratna Bajracharya
23 NRCS04 1078 Anish Gopal Vaidya
24 NRCS04 1079 Bishwa Hang Rai
25 NRCS04 1080 Priya Dangol
26 NRCS04 1081 Jaya Ram Sedai
27 NRCS04 1082 Ram Chandra Pandey
28 NRCS04 1083 Akash Dutta Bhandari
29 NRCS04 1084 Santosh Pradhan
30 NRCS04 1085 Rajendra Subedi
31 NRCS04 1086 Bal Krishna Lakshimasyu
32 NRCS04 1087 Sashi Acharya
33 NRCS04 1088 Pramod Kumar Rai
34 NRCS04 1089 Shreeya Shakya
35 NRCS04 1090 Nimesh Raj Rijal
36 NRCS04 1091 Hitesh Karki
37 NRCS04 1092 Pawan Pokharel
38 NRCS04 1093 Pawan KC
39 NRCS04 1094 Mahesh Regmi
40 NRCS04 1095 Russell Man Singh Pradhan
41 NRCS04 1096 Sudeep Ghimire
42 NRCS04 1097 Avinash Singh Mahat
43 NRCS04 1098 Sanjeev KC
44 NRCS04 1099 Sukendra Gopal Gurubacharya
45 NRCS04 1100 Rajiv Nakarmi
46 NRCS04 1101 Ashim Subedi
47 NRCS04 1102 Siddhartha Shrestha
48 NRCS04 1103 Bipul Shrestha
49 NRCS04 1104 Tara Prasad Kasaju
50 NRCS04 1105 Rupendra Chulyadyo
51 NRCS04 1106 Sandeep Maharjan
52 NRCS04 1107 Aadar Bajracharya
53 NRCS04 1108 Mahesh Paudyal
54 NRCS04 1109 Chandra Kishor Gauro
55 NRCS04 1110 Subin Shrestha
56 NRCS04 1111 Sangharsha Bhattarai
57 NRCS04 1112 Babins Shrestha
58 NRCS04 1113 Adam Manandhar
59 NRCS04 1114 Ramesh Raj Baral
60 NRCS04 1115 Mani Ram Chaudhari

EU also thanks to the entire pool of volunteers who were present and who made it happen.

SN Volunteer
1 Bharat Satyal
2 Bikram Lal Shrestha
3 Bishwadeep KC
4 Dijup Tuladhar
5 Ganesh Thapa
6 Krishna Bhatt
7 Kundan Khanal
8 Mahesh Raj Regmee
9 Malika Dangol
10 Manik Madhikermi
11 Nishchal Shrestha
12 Pawan Pandey
13 Pragya Ratna Bajracharya
14 Prerana Pradhan
15 Rajendra Chaudhari
16 Ravi Sharma
17 Rina Maharjan
18 Sangharsha Bhattarai
19 Shankar Subedi
20 Vishnu Kshettri

Thanks to Red Cross and the collection team as well.
Thanks to Shamesh for coordinating the event so well, and the entire EU team for backing it up.

Recollections by Tara Kasaju – 35th Donation till date
I donate blood in every three months, and as soon as I donate, I eagerly wait for 3 months to donate blood next time. I feel a deep sense of self satisfaction whenever I donate blood, as I think that some person in need is being benefitted with my contribution.
It’s been almost a decade since I have started donating my blood and for the memoir, I have placed all the certificates and photos in my office wall in a series. This, I believe, will motivate my friends, visitors and clients to donate blood whenever they see them.
I think, if a single member of family in Kathmandu donates blood regularly, the blood scarcity will soon be a history. Thus I encourage every one to donate blood in the regular interval.
As soon as I saw the invite in Facebook, I instantly clicked the Attending option. I thank the members of EU for having me here. It was a nice experience to be within a group of such young and energetic people with smiling faces.

Tara Prasad Kasaju

It is our pleasure to share that we are planning to organize this kind of donation drive in every 6 months, which is a healthy & recommended frequency for blood donation, and we hope to receive your participation and cooperation in the future drives as well.

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  4. dear sangharsha ji,

    i really appreciate for ur marvellous job n ur youth team involvement in that blood donation programme.

    i m very grateful to u for keeping my opinions as report n i give u my word that i ll defineitly participate in ur next programme with my friends,relatives, my pupils…….

    i m really proud to have friend like u n ravi sharma too.

    last but not the least give my best wishes to organiser everst uncensord n supporter d2hawkeye services n most of all those heroes participating blood donation pro.

    thank u.
    best regards,
    tara pd. kasaju

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