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Memories in Monochrome

        World is Colorful. We see the color. Sky seems Blue, red rose seems beautiful and color of heart is always Red…:) What would the world look like without  colors.? Can we ever imagine a faded and colorless  world.? Perhaps not.

       But in Photography Monochrome images has a unique role. Many Photographers want to look the world without color. Monochrome images also play an important role in fine art Photography.At the beginning there were no alternatives. But even after the development of Color Photography many  still like to see the world without colors.

Wikipedia describes Monochrome as following – Monochrome comes from the Greek μονόχρωμος (monochromos), meaning “of one color”, which is a combination of μόνος (monos), meaning “alone” or “solitary”, and χρώμα (chroma), meaning “color”.Monochromatic light is light of a single wavelength, though in practice it can refer to light of a narrow wavelength range. A monochromatic object or image is one whose range of colors consists of shades of a single color or hue; monochrome images in neutral colors are also known as grayscale or black-and-white.

Well I’ve also tried to look some of my favorite places in the valley which I’m missing a lot now in Mono.

Comments would be appreciated.


Jahan chan Buddha ka Aankha

1. Jahan Chan Buddha ka Aankha.

Bouddhanath Stupa.

2. My favorite hangout.

Bashantapur Durbar Square

3. Here I want to be.

Kumari Chowk

4. Kumari Chowk.

55 window palace of Bhaktapur.

5. 55 wimdow palace.

Pashupatinath Temple.

6. Pashupatinath Temple.

The Big-bell of Patan.

7. The Big Bell.

12 thoughts on “Memories in Monochrome

  1. Thanx for the appreciation.. Ya I also later realised the watermarks quite distracting.. You can also see these picture in my flickr a/c without Watermarks :mrgreen: … link is in my writeup… 😀

  2. Simply beautiful. First two pictures (‘1. Jahan Chan Buddha ka Aankha’ & ‘ 2. My favorite hangout.’) are pretty creative and prize winning shots for sure. I agree Monochrome pictures has a unique role and when it comes to depicts human emotion, no color picture can match the feeling monochrome picture evokes to the viewers.

    Like ah commented earlier, pictures watermark is very distracting. Hope to see more Photo blogs from you.

  3. lucida ji,
    ahile alikati samaya pugena tapaile diyeko link herna lai…

    bholi-parsi tira bhetaula hai ta

  4. lucida ji,

    don’t worry,
    monochrome = black and white.
    black and white = monochrome.

    its just like

    KI KASO?

  5. Thanx yogi Ji.. These are actually Monochrome images. Ppl also call it Black and White and text I copied from Wikipedia also suggest that but it’s not exact Black and White.

  6. Seriese of nostalgia flows in these shots!

    Monochrome truly has a unique taste.

    btw, loved reading your writeup. Really made me wonder.. what rainbow would mean if there was no color?

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