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Aabhushan Mainali


Empty inside

I see it, grab it,
Oh! so beautiful.
I love the cover, the waste.
But I dunno whats the inside.

Open it up! Open it up!

The curiosity and confusion ,
Desire to tear it off, to rip it off ,
I wonder what it is.

I judged and now I am here.
Wondering whats the inside.
Dreaming what I am gonna get.

My mind wants the good, the better.
Don’t wanna live without knowing the truth.
I freak out thinking what it is.

Open it up! Open it up!

Lets throw the cover,
Now I see the truth,
It’s shocking to see the empty inside,

Broken I lay in the bed,
Waiting for another to come,
Another one to judge from the outside,
Never realizing the core.

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