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Ekta Shrestha’s US Visit

Travelling to US became one of the lifetime experiences. I already had magnificent experience travelling 14 plus countries in Asia and Europe. I was overjoyed when I got opportunity for US visit (It was like discovering a new country: something I am fond of). I always wanted to visit the countries and cities I have never been to and people I have never met. I had to make sure that this trip goes to my travel diary.

On May 8th, I landed at Boston Airport where Abanish Dai and Sagar picked me to Abanish Dai’s home at Burlington where I was to stay during my visit. There were Richa Bhauju, sweet Ameeya and Anita waiting for me. We all sat together and had a wonderful dinner. There was lots of thing going on my mind thinking how will I adjust to the family and all other things. But their love and warmth made me feel like I was one the family member not just a guest. The very next day after I reached Boston, I was at the Deerwalk Inc. premises. A bit anxious and nervous, I entered the Lexington Office on May 9th with Abanish Dai. But a little later after meeting up all the US team members, I felt so comfortable working in the friendly environment from the very first day. I got to know how the US office works. The meetings, discussions, trainings and client calls were beneficial to me. I attended lots of client calls where I learned communicating with clients, their expectation, the importance of project delivery and the consequences when we were not able to complete the tasks on time. It was pleasure meeting Dave Hansen and other team members of whom I had only heard of but never met in person.

I flew to New York City to meet my little sister after 9 years. I was overwhelmed with joy and tears when I saw her in person. We shared all our ups and downs and were gossiping all night. As my parents were also in US, it was like a family reunion. The first and second weekend was dedicated to my sister. Unlike Boston, New York was lively and happening place. Manhattan city tour, Empire state building, World Trade Centre, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park Museum, Statue of Liberty, Skyline view and many more was breathtaking. Another fun part was shopping in New York.

I didn’t want to miss the surprise graduation party for Erica on May 27th, at The Langham Boston, so that weekend I went to discover Boston where we covered places as Harvard Square, MIT, Charles River and Google.  The beautiful New Hampshire was great place for shopping.

As planned, I set out to South to visit my long lost friends and one of my best colleagues Pawan (former Deerwalker). It felt really good to reunite. We made a plan reunite again sooner. Driving more than 2100 miles covering states like Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and their famous cities like New Orleans, Jacksonville, Orlando, Atlanta, Birmingham, St. Augustine, Hattiesburg, and back to New Orleans was the most reminiscing trip. There were no signs of tiredness instead I wanted to explore more and more. The Orlando Universal Studio tour, Daytona Beach, Georgia Aquarium, Helicopter ride of King and Queen Tower in Atlanta, Biloxi Beach, Jackson Square, the very famous Bourbon Street, and many other places made the trip more exciting and memorable.  Like all travelers, I have seen more than I remember. I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list. Travelling leaves you speechless but turns you into a storyteller.

My heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Deerwalk Management team for the visit. I was able to learn how our company works onshore and what I can do more to help the company growth. Apart from that, meeting up with my sister, my best friends, attending Erica’s graduation party, Rebika’s house warming function, Ameeya’s Katak show, discovering so many places in short span and eating different cuisines (Mexican, African, American, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Seafood) will be a lifetime memory. Shopping has always been my passion and relaxation. I really enjoyed shopping at different state.

Lastly, I want to thank all Deerwalk team members in US, especially Rudra Dai, Muna Bhauju, Abanish Dai, Richa Bhauju, sweet Ameeya, Sagar, Anita, Manish, Pawan and my sister and friends for all the support and love making the visit so special.

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