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Education System of USA Vs UK

Many of us might have pondered about the abroad study choices. I have seen students willing to go US for higher studies rather than that of UK. Is it because of the difference in Education System or is it the cultural aspects of either country? Most of my colleagues opted out to go for US for their Under Graduation and Graduation studies.
Well, there might be innumerable no. of differences if we actually sit and point them out.

1. In America, teachers take their job seriously and they …

involve students for active participation and assessments while in case of UK, the students are allowed to research and learn themselves giving them enough time to complete their project. British teachers don’t give individual attention to the students and are generally good for the students who are willing to study themselves.

2. The Standards of English, standard American English (SAE) and standard British English (SBE) have their respective sociolectic values and may have various pronunciation differences, grammatical differences, usage in the media and communication etc.

3. The affecting factors to attract students also depend on the magnitude of publishing industry and technology influence, popularity of culture in terms of language, habit and life style etc.

Moreover, the research atmosphere of American universities is said to be characterized by a great deal of informal cooperation. People meet in laboratories and seminars, but also in common rooms and cafeterias. Despite fierce competition for academic tenure, for space in journals and in other media, and for advancement in general, people talk to each other as colleagues. This is what doctoral and postdoctoral students like when they go to American and, to a lesser extent, British – universities. According to what I have been told and heard in mere chit-chats, I have been able to extract these few factors. However, opinions about the education system of both the countries may differ according to the individuals.

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  1. Definately Nepali System is good in it’s own perspective considering the fact of the quality of education with the context of infrastructures and educational resources which are relatively insufficient as compared to the countries like US and UK.

  2. Now when I come to think about going abroad, it is not only the matter of studies. There are cases where students prefer a work-study life. Students going to US end up, working day n night to earn their living and studying part-time as well. So they prefer US rather than UK.

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