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Early Morning at the Lake

247. Early Morning at the Lake
Photo By: Araleya
Posted Date: 4th August

It’s just daily life that could be seen everywhere in Nepal I guess. I really like to watch women at work this way.. It looks simple and small job but I feel something beautiful.

Every morning of my 4 days in Pokhara I woke up in the morning, and walked around the lake everyday.. It’s nice to breathe fresh morning air and fog and view this beautiful dailiy life..

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-LIN Editor

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  1. Beauty inside ugliness: Of course your work (photograph) is really breathtaking but that also represents the story of ugliness of this lake. Fewa is the 2nd largest lake of Nepal which is being polluted from the human activities day by day. Laundering is one of the major factors of pollution in this lake. Water hyacinth, incorporated drainages, sedimentation are the major factors that have been squeezing this lake

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