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DWIT Admin Hike to Naghdhunga

Route Khanikhola-Mashine-Naghdhunga
Date 21 March 2021
Duration 4 hours
Coordinator Ruby Shakya
Participants Alisha Ganeju, Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, Hitesh Karki, Kuldeep Gupta, Milan Lamichhane, Niresh Dhakal, Nirmal Paudel, Nischal Rimal, Pravin Thapalia, Raghu Pathak, Ritu Raj Lamsal, Ruby Shakya, Rudra Raj Pandey, Samjhana Pokhrel, Samiksha Hada, Shekhar Karki, Tej Prasad Kafle, Ujjwal Poudel
Report By Ruby Shakya
Photos By Samiksha Hada, Hitesh Karki, Tej Prasad Kafle, Kuldeep Gupta
Creative Support Pradeepti Aryal

Ruby Shakya
Ruby Shakya

On a sunny morning at the beginning of springtime, thirteen Deerwalkers joined for a 4-hour-long hike from the Deerwalk complex, while the remaining were picked on the way. After all the seats were filled in, the van headed toward the destination, Khanikhola. Since there was no traffic congestion, the drive turned out to be smooth and enjoyable.

As the van sped up the snaking Prithivi Highway, we goofed and cracked jokes, only to stop at Nirweshwor eatery in Naubise to have our breakfast. The non-vegetarians walked into the eatery, while the vegetarians headed to the opposite side of the road. Rudra Dai joined us at our breakfast point, and we all had stimulated conversation about our jobs, lives, and everything in between. Later, we stopped by the Machindra Multiple College, for the inauguration of a computer lab. The program included introducing and training computer language to the students from that college—virtually by DWIT students.

After the program ended, we began our hike at exactly 10:30 am. The route from the initial plan was an uphill climb with a full-on adventure. The upward we climbed, the more difficult it became for us to overcome fatigue and exhaustion. The cumbersome path tried to pull us all down; however, we relented. Somewhere in the middle of this steep and bushy bridle path, a few of us opined that we should’ve started early as the sun was already up, burning our sweat-bedecked faces. 

Resting briefly in the middle of our hike, we savored some fresh cucumbers and continued our journey again, slowly heading toward the plains. In an hour, we reached the Spider Tower and had our lunch. Before lunch, we freshened up with drinks and fun workout competitions like push-up, planks, and squats. Many challengers took part and a healthy competition ensued; however, as fate would have it, nobody could beat Rudra Dai.

As our bodies got renewed energy with a full-stomached meal, we thought it’d be prudent to continue our journey. Since the construction work was underway, we were asked to take another road. And as we had already come a long way from the Spider Tower, going back wasn’t an option. Informing the Deerwalkers who were still behind to use another road, we took the off-road uphill route with steely courage and determination. The slow falling of the stones scared us but didn’t break our hopes. Slowly and steadily, we arrived at the leveled road, a few of us with minor scratches on our arms and legs.

With the completion of this hike at 5:40 pm, we felt a great sense of relief as well as accomplishment. Although the climb was steep and slippery, in the end, we made it. And, of course, it was indeed a much-needed and memorable break for all of us.

Thank you, everyone, for joining in this hike!