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Route Sifal-Sundarijal-Mulkharka-Chisapani-Sifal
Date February 28, 2021 (Sunday)
Duration One day
Coordinator Sarak Dangol, Nirmal Kumar Paudel and Sagina Maharjan, Sandarva Subedi, Pratik Kharel
Participants Binayak Kumar Mahato, Samrat Nakarmi, Apurba Adhikari, Anukrama Paudyal, Niharika Shrestha, Rakshit Dahal, Adhit Upadhyay, Ishan Raj Upadhyay, Subham Regmi, Ashwot Acharya, Simon Sangat, Arya Khatri, Ishu Shiwakoti, Prasun Regmi, Safal Gautam, Parikshit Maharjan, Kabin Rijal, Binaya Rijal, Manisha Gurung, Jubin Maharjan, Swornim KC, Aditya Majhi, Diya Shrestha, Arya Tharu
Report By Binayak Kumar Mahato, Ishu Shiwakoti
Photos By Prasun Regmi
Creative Support Prince Raj Panday
Binayak Kumar Mahato

Binayak Kumar Mahato

This year’s grade XI hike took place on Sunday, 28th February. The route began from Sundarijal to Chisapani. We left college premises at 8:30 on a school bus. We were very excited to start the hike. There was no limit to our excitement. In total there were 30 of us: 24 students from grade XI, 2 students from grade XII including President of Hiking club and assistant President, and 3 teachers-Sagina ma’am, Nirmal sir, and Sarak sir. 

We were supposed to leave the college premises by 7:30 but because of various delays, we set out an hour late. After we started our journey in bus from College to Sundarijal bus stop, we didn’t face much traffic but on the way there was construction going on so we were delayed 4-5 minutes there. We played music and had a lot of fun. We danced and sang on the bus. It took an hour to reach sundarijal and we started our hike from there at 9:30. We started walking from there in a group with all of our friends and teachers. 

We started our hike with great excitement. Mulkharkha was the place where we decided to take a bit of rest and have some dry food . My friend Ishu,due to some health problem, was unable to walk so we waited for her and later Sarak sir carried her on his back and he walked through the steep hill with Ishu on his back. It was really tough as the hike trail was 16-18 km and there were steep hills. We walked in groups of three. The group with nirmal sir was leading and in the middle there was another group with sagina ma’am and at last there was sarak sir and I was also in that group. After we reached mulkharka, we three groups met there and we had some dry food there. Nirmal sir had brought different kinds of breakfast items prepared by his wife. Nirmal sir took out the mushroom, chana and other dry foods. The food was really delicious. We all enjoyed the food and told Nirmal sir to thank his wife for this delicious food. 

After that we again started walking from mulkharka and we reached the entry gate of chisapani. Army personnel were standing and they asked us from where we came  from. We had to wait there for a few minutes and finally he asked us to maintain silence while walking and after that we moved forward with all of our friends. We expected a big waterfall near Chisapani however, we didn’t encounter any sort of waterfall through our hike trail. Finally we reached near Nayabazar and we stopped for a while and we were asked about the dinner that we were going to have while returning; and among us we chose veg and non-veg. We then called our bus and we got on the bus and we were supposed to travel so silently in the national park area so we maintained silence. We returned by bus from there and we headed to Naxal to have Jimbu Thakali. We danced and enjoyed while returning to Jimbu Thakali.  We had dinner there and then at 8 pm we returned to our college. In this way our hike was completed.

I would like to thank the president of Hike club as he planned the hike. For me, the hike to chisapani was new so I enjoyed it a lot and had a lot of memorable moments. The best thing I felt about the hike is that we explored  a lot of  natural beauty. I think it was the first hike for everyone of our group after the lockdown and as we spent the lockdown nearly 8-9 months; I think it was also a necessary trip for us so that we could know the current situation and explore the beauty of Nepal. Overall, it was a joyous and satisfying experience.

Ishu Shiwakoti 1

Ishu Shiwakoti

On March 1st (Sunday), the Hiking Club organized a hike trail from Sundarijal to Chisapani. We all gathered at Deerwalk complex sharp at 7:30 a.m. and departed at 8:00 a.m with 24 students and 3 teachers. All of us were really excited to visit that beautiful place because- except a few of them, no one had really  been there before. All of us danced and enjoyed a lot on the bus. After 35-40 minutes, we reached our destination and began our hike. We started walking uphill. After half an hour, we were already tired. We started talking about our journey and moved ahead. Rakshit was capturing all the videos and taking pictures, so we also asked him to take some snaps of us. We also took some group photos and started walking again. It was such a mesmerizing view. We went to a small temple and worshipped there. There was a small pond where we washed our face to be fresh again. Almost after 3 hours of walking, we rested for a while. We decided to have some lunch, but all of us were busy snatching each other’s tiffin because we all were pretty hungry. We decided to take a small nap as everyone was tired but things didn’t go as planned. So, we started the trip again.

 As we were moving, we slipped in the road and we were not able to walk as before. Some foreigners were coming towards us and we asked them about our Nepal. They said that Nepal is a beautiful country and there are many beautiful tourism areas. They also said that they were very happy visiting our country. After listening to them, we were so proud of our country. We talked with them for a while and wished them a great and safe journey in the upcoming days. “2km for Chisapani” the hooding board showed. After seeing that board, I could see a smile on all the faces. And now the roads went downhill. Now all of them woke up from their dreams and started buckling up. After walking about 1 hour, we reached a small hotel where we took a small break. Some of the girls were playing with dogs, but I didn’t go there because I am pretty afraid of dogs. When we walked for about 5 minutes, we saw our college bus. We were so happy that we all ran towards it. We couldn’t play music and dance as it was a conservation area. When we crossed that area, we played music and danced, forgetting all our pain and fatigue. We were happy seeing our teachers dancing with us. At 7, we reached Jimbu hotel and ate delicious food there. And at 8 o’clock, we returned home.

Sundarijal to Chisapani follows a scenic route and the unstoppable stone stairs that lead us to Chisapani. It is an amazing place with jungles around. It was very hard for me to walk through because I have never walked such long distances- not even 5 km, and that day I walked 18 km! I was very happy at that time. My first hike from college went very good and it was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget throughout my life.