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DSS Facility and Transportation Team Hike to Lama Gaun

Date5th November 2022, Saturday
Hiking Duration4 hours
CoordinatorSita Khadka
ParticipantsAmrita Kumari Rai, Anisha Sapkota, Basanta Bista, Binda Kumari Karki, Bir Bahadur Gubaju, Bisnu Lamichane, Dhanraj Shrestha, Dirga Maya Thapa Durga Bahadur Karki, Laxman Devkota, Maiya Khatri, Man Bahadur Tamang, Nirmal kumar Paudel, Niroj Karki, Pramod Lamichane, Sanjay Sunar Santa Bahadur Tamang, Sita Khadka, Smreeti Thapaliya Dhungana, Sudip Giri, Sujan B.K, Sumitra Bhattrai, Tulasa Karki, Yashoda Sapkota  
Report By Sita Khadka
Photos BySita Khadka, Nirmal Poudel
Creative SupportAdhit Upadhyay
Sita Khadka
Sita Khadka

On Saturday, 19th of Kartik, we went for a hike with our team which consisted of canteen staff and support staff. The hike was around 3 to 4 hours long.

At 7:25 in the morning we arrived at Deerwalk campus to head towards our destination. This is the first time that we as a team were going on a hike together. Since some of us haven’t participated in the previous hikes, we chose the short hiking route, if not the shortest. We also kept in our mind that the hike should be fun and convenient. All twenty two members who signed up for this event were there to make the hiking memorable. Also, we made sure that everybody was on time and we could start our hike as early as possible. One of the biggest responsibilities I had was to make sure everybody reached the destination safely while enjoying their way there. Big thanks to our Nirmal sir for his support, the hike was not only successful but also fun-filled in every step towards the destination.

We bought a few bottles of water along with the fruits from Kalimati vegetable market on our way. Surprisingly enough, fruits were cheaper than the outside market and we had a lot to choose from.

We reached Dakshinkali at around 8:45 AM and had a light meal before starting the hike. We wanted to fill ourselves up as we came to know that there are not any dining facilities on our way. Our hike actually started at 9:55 AM. We encountered many wild flowers blooming, and birds chirping in the bushes and on the trees. Everybody felt good about being so close to nature. The hiking path was easy too. There were a lot of stairs on the way. We reached Dakshin Manakamana temple and gazed at marigold flowers over the field. We took photos and also made some TikTok videos on the hill over the east side after a minute walk from Dakshin Manakamana temple. The path was narrow and steep. We continued our walk and after a while we reached the middle of the hill. Our two sisters, Sumitra Bhattrai and Binda Kumari Karki, felt tired and suggested that we should get some rest. We sat there for a while and had our fruits that we brought all the way from the vegetable market. We were then ready to resume our hike.

Needless to say, everyone was excited to get onboard for this hike. One of our team members, Anisha Sapkota, was also among the others who had her first hiking experience. It was an adventurous and ecstatic moment for all of us. We soon reached Humane, the border of Kathmandu and Makwanpur districts where we saw chilies and pumpkins growing all over the roadside. We managed to climb another hill which we consider high. There were some vehicles on the road as well, so we left the road and started walking towards the forest. We were walking through the forest and there was no separate path that we could follow. We got a lot of scratches on our clothes. It was almost half past two when we reached Lama Gau, the final destination of our journey.

Our school bus was there to pick us and we went to Jimbu Thakali at Naxal for our lunch. It was already 3:18 PM. We headed back to the Deerwalk campus with lots of fun memories and excitement to join such events in the future.