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Route Kakani -Tarkeswor
Date 15th May 2022 (Sunday)
Duration One day
Coordinator Hama Rajbhandari

Bijay Shrestha, Ujjwol Paudel, Samikshya Hada, Hama Rajbhandari, Chanda Pandey, Manisha Adhikari, Kushal Maharjan, Sarina Maharjan, Rabina Maharjan

Report By Rabina Maharjan 
Photos By Hama Rajbhandari
Creative Support Prayatna Mishra
Rabina Maan Modified
Rabina Maharjan

On May 15th(Sunday), the DSS Elementary School Team organised a one-day hike from Kakani to Tarkeswor. It’s a precious time for the new and old teachers to bond and get to know each other well. We gathered at Deerwalk complex by 7:30 a.m. and departed at 7:32 a.m. with 7 Teachers and two of them joined us on the way, so altogether 9 in the Deerwalk transport. 

All of us wanted to reach our destination as soon as possible. Some wanted to reach fast because they were sick and some wanted to see what’s really in the hike. We stopped at Kakani bus park by 9:00 am to have breakfast as all of us were pretty hungry. A local restaurant served us fried chickpeas, eggs, and a cup of tea in the tuborg and whisky glass. They took longer to serve us even though we waited and enjoyed the food. Then we buy some fruits and refreshments along the way. 

We started our hike by 10:15 am during the time it started to rain so everyone started to look for the raincoat and umbrella. Some of them buy raincoats in one of the local shops. After that started our hike and on the way Bijay sir asked “ ko hunu hunxa vitra” to ask person the way to tarkeshwar she answered from inside the house “maanche” and another interesting part was Bijay sir again asked the way to tarkeshwar one of the old lady standing in front of the shop “harauna ta haraudaina hola jungle ma?” She answered “baagh ani bhalu le khayo vane chahi harauxa” After these interesting communications we entered the Kakani national park. On the way we encountered many leeches and some of us got on our shoes and friends helped to throw them away. In the green pasture we clicked group photos. On the way some of our colleagues picked raspberries and small red berries. We enjoyed a beautiful view like a waterfall. After a long walk we passed by Kakani Post and again we asked the way to Tarkeshwar from those Armies. After a long walk again we paid for the tickets in the checkpost to enter Tarkeshwar during the time we sat and had some fruits like apples and bananas. When we reached near to Tarkeshwar we sat and had some snacks like noodles, kurkure and titaura.When we reached Tarkeshwar temple it stopped raining and everybody visited the temple by passing through the longer stairs at the top. There everybody put some tika and clicked the group photo again. Then we head towards the teenpiple by walking downwards. We reached the Tarkeshwar viewpoint during our journey to teenpiple. But we waited for our transport in Paachmane by 3:30pm. We had a group photo click again with the Deerwalk logo. We travelled from paanchmane to jeetpur fedi and Dharmasthali to machhapokhari and we stopped

there for early dinner by 3:45 pm at one of the Thakali restaurants. We started with some snacks like peanuts sadeko, and aloo sadeko with soft drinks. After some snacks we had thakali set “rice with melted ghee, mutton, daal, gundruk, bitter gourd, spinach and so on. After the early dinner started to discuss essential skills to focus on in the month of Jestha, talked about transportation like adding small micros, and discussed the addition of sections next year. Finally discussed Newari culture and its impact on our society and life. 

After our early dinner we departed to our destination full of tiredness and experiences.