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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



Sad to say the current scenario of this country in electing a Prime Minister continues. Recently one of the loosing candidates, after six rounds of defeat, proudly said to the journalist, that this was not his defeat but the defeat and failure of the Constituent Assembly (CA). He further said, if I am a looser then who is the winner? In my opinion this is called logical cheating. The statement is irresponsible and shameful but still logical. Existing clauses in the faulty Interim Constitution of Nepal support such irresponsible behaviour and pave the way for the seventh round of elections. Where are the integrity, moral responsibility and accountability of these people who are defeated but still trying to confuse and blame others? Normally in Nepal successful people do not join politics. They prefer other professions. Excluding a few reputable people who rarely reach the helm, the Nepali political sector has been a profitable ground for convicts, criminals, hooligans (goondas), and corrupt unsuccessful people.

In a forum last week another defeated candidate expressed his view that the parliamentary system is wrong. What kind of logic is this that they are willing to participate in the system and yet still blame that system for their failure? Instead of making way for another candidate, which is the normal democratic practice globally, these two think this is their ancestral property and right? The whole attitude is wrong.

Another serious thing will happen soon, due to the budget not being approved in time, the teachers, health workers, and police personnel will face dire difficulties in getting their salary. Nepal’s big festivals Dashain and Tihar are nearing. What will happen to their families when salaries are not paid on time? This is like not paying westerners during Christmas. The motive behind this act is to create chaos in this country so that they can achieve their ultimate goals.

With this kind of attitude and activities they may get away with their logical cheating and miscellaneous deeds for the moment. However, the impact of this kind of activities falls directly on the country and its people. In due course with a little awareness the people will punish the persons responsible for destabilizing the system and country. Global practise is: the politicians first look to their country, then the party and lastly themselves. Here the case is reverse. First themselves, then their party, and last and least the country. What can one expect from such kind of politicians who are mean and selfishly holding their own country to ransom? The game of double Hat-Trick and logical cheating is still on and will go for the seventh round. In this context I would like to quote our great singer Narayan Gopal’s hit song: Malai Nasodha Kahan Dukcha Ghaau.
It is hurting everyone everywhere at the moment.

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