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Don’t Let Me Be Alone

Don’t Let Me Be Alone

475. Don’t let me be alone
Photo By: xsrave
Posted Date: 22nd October, 2010
Location: Sankhamul


Don’t let me be alone

Often times we tend to ignore so many things that come across in our life; those hands that guided us through the darkness of life, those rides on the shoulders and those shelters from the hails of distress and sorrow.

Every picture holds a story of its kind; you never know when you get the perfect frame where a good story could sprout elucidating the whole scenario of the moment.
I’m just an amateur photo enthusiast and took this shot at Sankhamul Ghat.

Rest the picture speaks for itself.

Camera specification: Canon EOS DIGITAL Rebel XS
Shutter speed: 1/250
Aperture: f10
ISO: 200

0 thoughts on “Don’t Let Me Be Alone

  1. What is more exciting about this post is not the photo but the photo description where xsrave take us to plunge into a philosophical world. BTW, why this cold caption ‘Don’t let be alone’? May be because these two characters man and woman within the frame were parting from one another or may be xsrave got different reason.

    I think this single picture is not sufficient to justify the thought provoked by the photo description and regarding the perfect frame: I believe honing this art of photography can help us to get it and the story behind when moments come. So, it is better if we know ‘THE MOMENT’ rather than we wait for the moment and let a story get sprout within the frame.

  2. dai, dis is my fav amongst all ur picture! the expression of the old woman is very haunting and chilling! as ashish said, it makes us think abt her life for a moment!

  3. @asim:- thanks

    @Sushmita:- and i’m thankful for having fulfilled u’re expectation. Thanks for loving the story.

    @aggressivekid:- Everyone has different perspective of seeing and perceiving things. Our vision will definitely contradict with others. M glad that you stop for moment looking at the pic. You saw grief and pain while other might seek for technicality, color, sharpness and all. “The picture speaks itself” ..

    @Suresh:- The reason i choose a bit higher f-stops is to make every objects in the frame to be clear breaking the rule of (shallow DOF) .

    @ Sanu:- Thank you

  4. Nice capture xsrave….. and yes main object, her facial expression, her getup and her background speaks a lot…thanks for sharing…:)

  5. Loved the composition… great pic through some rules were broken..and there are many things in the pics to hold the viewers attention for long time…keep clicking.

  6. I just love how you capture expression in her face. As you said every picture holds a story, I totally agree. When I looked carefully into her face I can see suffering, grief and what not. I am always intrigued with this kind of picture. At least for a minute it made me think about her life!

  7. I have always loved your pics and this time too your pic fulfilled my expectation. Even beautiful is the story. Good job xsrave.

    Happy to be the first one to post comment :D.

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