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Rajendra Keshari Pandey


Does Agreement or Disagreement have any meaning?

On many occasions I feel like not to listen, read or gossip about news. But sometimes even by mistake I am bound to do so, I need to read. When I read news or news article then and there I find funny news frequently. Not the news writer’s fault, they say as they hear, what they hear that they report. Few Journalists are sometimes of dubious nature, but 99 percent journalists try to present, report or mention correctly. They are honest. 

My eyes fell upon a news item of Nepalnews.com dated 01st December 2007 and I felt uneasy. The news is as under:

Don’t ask for leadership change ahead of polls: NC

A day after the major four communist parties agreed on reshuffling the current cabinet including replacing the government leadership, Nepali Congress has asked not to raise any other issues ahead of the constituent assembly polls.

The party has asked the communists groups to concentrate on holding polls at the earliest to achieve the mandate given by Jana Andolan II.

During an informal meeting of the party leaders held on Saturday morning, NC leaders criticised the Maoists and the UML for raising issue of leadership change that would put the agenda of constituent assembly polls under shadow.

The Congress leaders held the meeting ahead of the seven party meeting to discuss the political impasse. The top leaders of the ruling alliance and the Maoists are scheduled to meet this afternoon to make another round of effort to end the deadlock.

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, who attended the meeting briefly, expressed hope of solving the impasse after the meeting of the top leaders.

On Friday, the Maoists had proposed change of government leadership clamping accusation on the Nepali Congress that it acted singly in running the coalition government. The UML has supported the Maoist proposal. nepalnews.com ia Dec 01 07

As the news starts “A day after the major four communist parties agreed on reshuffling the current cabinet including replacing the government leadership, Nepali Congress has asked not to raise any other issues ahead of the constituent assembly polls.” Unquote

To agree or disagree is a normal process. It is OK, it is very fine, this is part of the life, but once you agree on certain points, principal or subject matter in-front of so many people earlier, when it becomes a gentleman’s agreement then how can you disagree the same thing privately the next day saying this is the disagreement of our informal meeting. This definitely does not give good message to the people. I remember once GPK saying I am the leader of the seven parties. Yes looks like he is chief of the party. But once defeated a player must realise his/her defeat. Out of seven parties when four major parties agreed the remaining count becomes three. In the number of Seven, Four means majority. Formal yesterday, the same point and subject matter can be informal the next day? This is a paradox here. Agreeing yesterday and disagree today has no meaning. It does not sound relevant.

Another news of 2nd December 2007 is also very interesting. Please see below Nepalnews.com story.

House session adjourned till Wednesday

The winter session of the parliament has been adjourned for three days after a brief debate Sunday.

During today’s sitting, lawmakers of different parties engaged in a blame game in pretty much the same fashion as before.

While Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Anandi Devi) lawmaker Hridayesh Tripathi criticised chairman Prachanda for his latest remarks on integration between the Maoist PLA and the Nepal Army, NC lawmaker N.P Saud said the crisis in the country is deepening further owing to the Maoists.

Similarly, Maoist lawmaker Khimlal Devkota stressed the need to implement the House directive on declaring the country a republic and adopting PR electoral system.

The next session of the parliament will convene at 11:00 am Wednesday. nepalnews.com ag Dec 02 07

May be with various vested reasons or interest House adjournment happens regularly. This habit of postponement, adjournment is harmful especially to them. What this habit is doing is simply wasting the taxpayer’s money on such adjournment, prolonging important issues and delay dallying. This immediately gives again a wrong message to people. Something which stands at the face value of people’s power / force, and mandate must always be responsible. Parliament is accountable and responsible. People must question the real reason why there is always such postponement or repetitive activities. Right to information is denied here somehow somewhere.

A responsible party, person or institution never does such act. This is a big Joke I suppose. How long they can sustain or manipulate the whole situation, system and scenario like this? Instead of having full capacity to deal in table talk, waffling around does not help. How long they can fool people. This looks like they are inviting another revolution from and by the people again. To reach consensus is still at a limbo, the symptom of stability does not seem positive to a Nepali at present. Everybody is using the same old technique to fish in the troubled water. This ongoing process of tactics, cleverness and mathematical adjustment of opportunist nature should be stopped, realised and apologise with Nepali. “Does Agreement or Disagreement” have any meaning in this country?

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