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Doctor Saheb and the Patient

Doctor Saheb, “I’ve got a problem, my head’s getting harder; give me some ……! And what about the stomach? It’s getting less hard, gotta’ make it harder enough.”

I was listening their conversation sitting at the corner of the clinic. There was neither a doctor nor the person had an exact problem he was explaining about. After a few minutes, I came to know everything. Actually there were some codes which were used as a secret way of making communication. The Doctor Saheb (here the person who sells medicines) a respectable word, that is used only to impress the seller. Doctor (Seller) looked for some medicines regarding head (that was getting harder) and some other types of medicines for the stomach (that had to be harder). Doctor Saheb packed some files of medicines named “Proxyvon”. It’s a very effective medicine for the stomach, that needed to be harder, they believe. But only the doctor Saheb and extraordinary patient believe and know about it. And another code name was heard. It was regarding the head that was getting harder and had to be less hard. A new bottle appeared from the showcase. It was “Tassive-D”. He asked about “Corex”. That was banned as reply. Doctor Saheb packed it too.

There used to be some old and genuine type of medicines like Corex, Cyclopal, Phecodyne etc. They are banned and other new medicines appeared. After all Doctor Saheb and the extraordinary patient will have no problem in their dealing unless the whole system is banned.

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