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Do you want to start your own QC offshore business?

Essentially, QC plays one big part in software development cycle, from beginning to end. Once blue print of software architecture is prepared, use cases are drawn and from use case, test cases are prepared. Use cases are prepared to optimize the chances of capturing the possible bugs. And finally tester starts the test and blah blah… This sounds pretty straight huh. Not so straight. Why? A software company needs many software testers. A tester requires an overall technical knowledge. A poor …

…software …programmer can be good tester. Quality software needs very keen testers, so a mediocre developer will do the job. Large software companies can afford both cost of tester and time and there is a very good ROI for them. But for mediocre and small company (practically in United States and Europe) it is a big burden. And shipping bug prone software means you guys know what. So they certainly want some one to do QC for them and that too cheaply. Today’s world software testing market is estimated around $13 billion. An estimated $3 billion out of above figure is being out sourced annually. India occupy big chunk out of that. There are few dedicate software testing companies in India. For that India needs about 16000 to 18000 testers.

OK you know the technology, know the opportunity and market. You have good tester with you. You have some money and want to start QA business. But what is missing in the picture. Marketing. This is where most guys going to miss the trick of whole concept of offshore business. This is one thing Nepalese people are missing for years and continue to miss for coming more years. Know the marketing; the mantra of offshore business.

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  2. Nice article very interesting. Its very effective and useful information for me. Excellent post, Keep sharing more blog posts.

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  4. Hey pawan, you also have some idea? How you get it? You look like a good business man having business and entrepreneur talents. If you have some idea to start the business right now, you can invite Nepal’s top Quality Control involved companies and ask for investments so Nepal can grow. I will seek out the plan with my working team also and ask them to comment here. Independent Software Quality Assurance and Control Company for first time in Nepal. No other jobs: just get software in, test and Return eating Green $$$$$$$$$ which although is slackened now, will rise after Afhgan/Iraq/Iran war is over and the new President starts ruling the world as President of US is President of World and we can QC it.
    Face the reality. We may get Software out of India for testing and get IC which will grow by 2010 exceeding the Dollar value. I QCed and I am collecting IC now to earn after 3 years.

    True Man, true. We need marketing Nepal’s capacity and Nepalese devotion, outputs in technology. Nepalis ahve become poor in marketing and will look poorer in days to come unless we act now. Blog is such a place.

  5. Opening a software company costs less money that opening a QA testing company. That is why there are very few companies. I guess you know why.

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