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Do you live in present

Time and tide waits for no one. Time is flowing and never stopping phenomenon of the universe. It goes on and on and no one can ever stop it. If u try you’ll fail….. The only existence of time can be felt, can be imagined but it can never be predicted. It’s always passing by, flowing like a spring which never rise up. Time as such can only be captured looking at the past. It has no end point it is like infinity. If u ever try to capture time in its utter presence, the moment you feel you have captured time becomes the past.

Past; which has been done, which has passed away, which will never come back again, which existed sometime back but now it’s gone. NOW, the very now is going to be past in the course of time. Yes, what you call now, what you say present is not present at all. It is past. There can never be present in the course of time. Flow is the nature of time; each moment, each incident you call present becomes past in the flow of time, in the spring of time. So, where goes the present? Does present ever exist? Can we stop the flow of time to get the present? Can we live in present?

Time has created hurdle in the existence of present. And if you imagine there’s no present then how can you say that there is something like past. To define past you must be in present, if you can’t find the present, if u don’t imagine of present then you won’t be able to define past. To define past you must be in present, but are you really in present???

Now past is gone. So what comes next is future, which is sure to come but again it can never be predicted. Historians live in past, they go on pondering a lot of the past, they don’t care about the future their only concern is to go the past and capture the time in the past. Scientists, poet, musicians they all work for future, they care for future. Every moment these two people work as if they are really working in the present but they are unaware about its existence. Their every moment has become past, their every findings has become past. They still work on and on in the passage of time which never rise up which never stops and which can never be stopped.

If u can live in present you’ve achieved your life. Now there’s no question, all questions are answered. Now you’ve become the time. You are now enlightened, you have become the existence, the ultimate.
“Sit silently, do nothing”

Spring comes, and grasses grow itself”

23 thoughts on “Do you live in present

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  2. “Sit silently, do nothing”………..Am i doing the same or i’ve already done it or i’ll be doing the same……

  3. Hey ravi jee, when did u write this article ? Did u write this in past, present or future ? Ek patak thaha pauna paye hunthiyo .

  4. sabhai ko affno affno view huncha..if u think that way then its ur view…so no comments for this..

  5. i think he has written a really nic article which flows really nicely. full credid to him for writying the article which is so lively and put a lot of question on our head with little surprises…

    keep it brother

  6. zero is an element in mathematics, but who discovered zero ?? which is neither odd nor even, neither positive nor negative. Zero minus zero equals zero. Zero simply implies of nothiing.

    If u have entered zero for the questions like, How many sons do u have? how much money do u have? … it implies to say that u have none. U have no money…no son… What it implies is the absence of money and son……..

    “Don’t bite my finger look where im poiting to ……… “

  7. Zero is significant in mathematics but zero is not complete absence. It is an element in mathematics as any other number you know e.g. 1,2,3…And mathematician does not consider zero as ‘nothing’. Complete absence (sunyata) is voidness and mathematics has other way to represent this sunyata. Please check this fact before posting.

  8. Physics is the study of nature and its law.

    Meta physics; which is beyond physics. The term Meta is used here to explain something that cannot be explained by the fundamental laws and principles of physics. This is what i am up to.

    As i’ve said earlier above, time as such is always imaginary and which can only be felt and can never be predicted. Dreamsky, the misconception of time is created by time itself. We can’t ignore time and event happen in the course of time. Everything comes out of the imagination. As u have written, to imagine means to sit at a place and blow castles in the air and u are unaware that the very castle may turn out to be real. It all happens in the course of time.

    Yes, I agree with u all that the whole article is a kind of gibberish and i even agree that “We do live in our present but realize it in our past” here is what i want to stress at. “Realization” until and unless our realization becomes the present the so called present will always remain present. But it’s so hard that we realize at the past, when it’s done.

    Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of the mankind did not accept that nature is founded on such an extravagant design. This launched his 30-year voyage in search of the so-called unified field theory that he hoped would show that these two distinct forces—gravity and electromagnetism are really manifestations of one grand underlying principle…….one elegant theory which is now known as string theory.

    Question of present is just like the question of significance of zero in mathematics. Zero, which is regarded as nothing, ‘sunya’ complete absence, is the most significant number of all. Imagine if there’s no zero, how can we imagine of the positive numbers 1,2,3 .. and off course the negative numbers -1,-2,-3…. Zero, which is just an imaginary, the whole, and simply nothing is the base of all the numbers. Let’s compare it with time: all the negative numbers as past, all the positive numbers as future and the zero, sunya as present. We say it’s nothing but comparing it with present, everything happens in the present, but by the time we realize it, it becomes past. That’s the point where nothing can be something, but we are not sure when that nothing, the sunya became something….

    Living in present means to see what u are doing yourself, to do the thing at its total presence, to watch every step that u take, to absorb how ur body flows, how u take the deep breath, to become conscious all the time whether it’s the awakened time or at sleep. To become the absorber and yet not absorbed. To become the oracle, to become the one.

  9. Time is not absolute. Time is not a separate entity either. Space-Time forms a single entity. Clock rate depends upon where you place the clock. Put it in a very fast travelling rocket, time slows down (special relativity). Put it in a very strong gravitational field, the time slows down there as well (general relativity). If past, present, and future is time, then they too are not absolute, they are relative.

    When a clock approaches a Black Hole ‘time’ slows down, and when it meets ‘event horizon’, time completely stop. This is where something weird happens with ‘time’. You see when you walk on the Earth you travles some ‘meter and centimeter’. But when you travels on ‘Event Horizon’ you traval ‘minute and seconds’ there. That is what all about Time Travel. Since gravitational time dilation is a proven fact, the past, present, future is all relative not an absolute.

  10. “They still work on and on in the passage of time which never rise up which never stops and which can never be stopped.”

    ..which can never be stopped? Seems like author know a concrete definition of time and its parameters. Can you define it for fellow bloggers?

  11. Ravi
    you sound lot pessimistic. What about capturing time 😕 ? who on earth could ever do that? Chill brother.. Life is precious. Live it to the fullest. Have no time to cry over the past and die worrying about the future. And that is when you start living in present. And like “ali ali JPT” mentioned earlier, your article suggests contradicting views on the topc. 🙂

  12. We have a big misconception that time flows and events happen on the course of time. But the fact is time does not flow, it seems time flowing because event happens. Ravi, the answer to your question depends on how we view the ‘time’, as past/present/future are inherent part of it. If you can realize that ‘time’ is simply a CONCEPT based on the occurrence of the chain of events, believe me you have comprehended the basics of Einstein’s relativity theory that mystified many contemporary scientist of his time. When we realize this then only we can conceive the idea of contraction and relaxation of time.

    Imagine what if the universe decides to go into hibernation for millions of years halting its every event – milky-way stops expanding, earth stops its rotation, all electrons stop revolving around nucleus, photons of light stop traveling in its majestic speed…. Everything stops and when it resumes, the fact is we will have absolutely no way to find that universe went to hibernation for such a long time. What am I trying to say with this thought experiment is that time does not exist if evens don’t happen and every event lives with its present. Time is simply a consequence of event.

    I think ‘present’ is analogous to concept of zero in mathematics and your desire to reach the present can be explained by the language of calculus – the limits ! ;-).
    Alas, we are all ripples of a fast moving boat in a huge ocean. We know the boat – the event – the present – exists but ripple can never reach the boat.

    Every point in every corner of this universe lives in a perfect isolation at the point of present. If they want to talk to each other they need to plunge into their “past light cones”. Like u raised the question of existence of present, mathematicians had raised the question of significance of zero in numbering system – “How can nothing be something?”. Point of present is so infinitesimally small that it seems nothing – but something happens during nothing.

    We do live in our present but realize it in our past.

  13. i guess we need to build a dam of some kind 😉 just joking man.
    “present is imaginary” – agreed! I hate it when people tell me to “get back to reality”!

  14. Present is just an imaginary.. u have to imagine that present is here and now.
    Just like one can not define god.. if u ask a person “do u believe in god?” the answer may be yes or no. But the person cannot show u where really is god. God can never be a substance or a thing it is mere presence.. it is just imaginary.

    Present can never be expressed..

    Lets take an example

    —————————————————————————- This is Time line

    now imagine u stand in the middle of time which has no end point and its moving all the time.

    ———————-a—-b—-c———– This is a captured time line from the real time line

    consider b as present and “a” and “c” are past and future ..

    what did u get here … to define past and future u need ur imagination that u are in “b”..

    You really need to capture time (which is just an imaginary thing) See the time line above how can u capture that time line above which is just flowing and flowing never stopping ..

  15. Time is the most undefinable; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires. It’s true………

    I may be wrong but what I believe is that what our sense organs senses at a moment is present which we can’t express as present. So I think there is present between past and future and to define/measure/express that present we have to take reference from past.

    Though I am not a correct person to answer your question yet have tried in my own way.
    Where goes the present?
    It is ever changing like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires. can’t express

    Does present ever exist?
    Yes. Without present there is no question about past and future. 😆

    Can we stop the flow of time to get the present?
    No. if someone can then, one must be god. :mrgreen:

    Can we live in present?
    if someone can then please fill —————- 🙁

  16. “If u can live in present you’ve achieved your life.” I agree. Infact everyone would. But it completely contradicts with what your article is trying to depict. :confused: Or is it that you stressed more on the irony rather than on subject matter.

  17. you got my head spinning with this one man… at the present, ahh.. well its already past eh? 😉 .. well what i’m trying to say now … what i was trying to say then… what i’m saying now… 😕 :mrgreen:

    i got all confused with my “tenses” now eheh… nice one!

    “If u ever try to capture time in its utter presence, the moment you feel you have captured time becomes the past.” – this one struck me the most..

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