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Do they dare?

Recent resolution by the parliament to direct the government to take action against King has ignited political debates in the country. The interim Parliament on Wednesday unanimously passed a resolution and directed the government to take action for his democracy day message. On the message, the King had tried to justify his February 1st coup two years ago.

With the resolution the King has fallen in a deep trouble. Nepali Congress, the largest Party in the parliament, had so far been ignoring other parties’ demand that Nepal be declared a Republic state. However, this time, Nepali Congress also seems not satisfied with King’s recent remarks. The Nepali Congress itself tabled the resolution and nine other parties in the parliament supported it. It was later unanimously passed by all the parties in the interim parliament Wednesday. Some MPs even demanded that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala appear before the parliament to clarify his position over the King’s statement.

With these directives, debates focus on what action the government would take against the King. Many people still believe that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala is reluctant to opting Republican set up and speculate no actions will be taken. While, others guess it became too much this time and the PM will be forced to take some actions.
Nepal also witnessed street protests against King. The youth and student wings of all the parties have demanded immediate steps towards republican set up whereas civil society has also joined the row.
However, the million dollar question is ‘Do they dare?’

With the recent developments, Prime Minister Koirala seems more troubled than the King. Denying the pressure from other coalition partners and even the voices within the party, he has been upholding Monarchy so far. However now, he won’t have any excuses. There would be questions why on earth should he protect the monarchy?

To the next hand, in practical, taking action against the King is challenging. As usual, the Palace and other reactionary forces will continue to threat him.

And, left with no ground to support his denial to take action against the King and continued threat from the off the curtain forces will put Prime Minister Koirala into deep trouble. It is high time Prime Minister Koirala proved the allegations of pro-King false. However, observing his past, we can speculate that PM Koirala, this time as well, will deny action against King. The sounds in the parliament and streets will gush in the air.

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