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Rajendra Keshari Pandey


Diamond Cuts Diamond

I am an ardent reader and a deep believer in the truth of our proverbs (Ukhaan), tukka (parables) and ancient sayings. I myself use, practice and implement these evergreen saying into my daily life. I often tell my friends that just pondering a little upon these golden key words and trying to apply them in our daily lives can bring about a difference. For example “Diamond cuts diamond, and iron cuts iron “or” something which can be done by a needle, cannot be achieved by a sword”. I also …

remember a beautiful song by a young successful singer Ram Krisna Dhakal. He sings: “Hira katne hira- mai rakhera”. This is beautiful and absolutely true.

Let us come back to the title. Diamond cuts diamond. Some weeks ago an emerging leader of our country stated a plain fact. He mentioned: “we started this Bandh Culture effectively, now we will have to end it and only we can do it”. This person has eventually realised that a Bandh Culture, which has hindered the development process of Nepal, must be stopped. He is correct. If I do something wrong, only I can correct my wrong doings. If someone else corrects my wrong doings, they may seem corrected for a while but it would not be effective permanently. The problem still remains with me, as it always was.

Recently in the popular news site http://www.nepalnews.com there was the following article.

Transport entrepreneurs impose bandh in Terai :
“Even as the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) has taken a three-day Holi break and postponed its transport strike in Terai region, the nine different transport entrepreneur associations have imposed their own indefinite bandh demanding an end to all kind of strike in the transport sector.
Owing to the strike by the transport entrepreneurs, people of Terai – particularly those living in the regions east of Janakpur – have had no respite despite MJF’s three-day break beginning Saturday.”

Another Bandh to protest a Bandh!! Initially I felt this does not make sense, but later I had to admit that in this situation it does tally. I came to the conclusion that it was not absurd, irrelevant, or inappropriate. Of-course this move was not wrong. To be heard loud and clear, transport entrepreneurs were compelled to organise another Bandh.

I am not a supporter of this Bandh Culture, but I can very well see the reason for a Bandh in such situations. The root cause of our problems is simple. So-called “leaders” of this nation who occupy the top seats rarely hear other people’s voices. They assure people without any commitment and generate false hopes and promises, which they can never fulfil. Sometimes their assurances are so beautiful and farfetched that we can only realise them in our dreams. Our leaders even sometimes promise the impossible. I remember a while ago even a rumour that one of our veteran politicians nearly exported hydro-electricity power via satellite. If that was the case, then this leader would have probably won a prize for such great innovation.

A Bandh to prevent Band? Sounds odd, but this has nicely justified the proverb “Diamond cuts diamond.” Strikes, Bandhs, Chakka Jams can be prevented by the same formula of Bandhs. Back to square one. “Hira katne hira mai rakhera.” When peoples’ voices are neither heard, nor promised actions implemented, this kind of activity may simply occur. But for how long? We have so many problems, sometimes it seems even Great Lord Shiva would be unable to handle our present plight, let alone our leaders.

Our Nation has become the victim of such a mess due to various kinds of disturbances and wrong doings. A dedicated leader having the will to develop a nation, a person like Li Quan Yu of Singapore, is needed here. NOT autocratic, but a dedicated, true democratic person’s presence is an utmost necessity. Our search must continue. My greatest wish is that such a person exists. The Transport Entrepreneurs association’s call for a Terai Bandh was simply depicting their sufferings and the plight of our nation. They were forced to apply such crude methods that I am sure they did not want. They have implemented the same old formula by carrying out another Bandh. My personal feelings ultimately found it reasonable. Diamond cuts diamond. Iron cuts iron.

2 thoughts on “Diamond Cuts Diamond

  1. Dear Rajendra,

    A little late, but I finally took the time to check out your blog. (Do you remember we met at La Dolce Vita?)

    ‘Diamonds cut diamonds’ is true. The same as ‘Good attracts good’ & ‘Evil attracts evil’. As I love Nepal, I really hope that this country will find peace with itself. Therefore I hope people will stop being violent (especially towards people who happen to have other opinions about how this country should be ruled), and will fully respect oneanother. If peace and a loveable society is what the majority of the people want, then that’s how they should act, and then they’ll get it.

    I have faith this will happen in time. Most individual Nepali people I met, are wonderful and positive people. Like yourself.

    It was very nice meeting you. I wish you luck!

    Judith (Netherlands)

  2. In my opinion, the government and our so-called “leaders” are not taking seriously about these matters. Until they could not realize their responsibility towards the nation, Bandas will continue.

    “A Bandh to prevent Band” is not a valid reason, whatever the Band called; the ultimate loss is of the nation and the people as well. As a layman thinking, all types of Band should be Band for ever.

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