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Hiking from Dhulikhel to Changu Narayan

Title 2012 Feb – Deerwalk Hiking from Dhulikhel to Changu Narayan
Location Dhulikhel
Date 12 February, 2012
Total Time 9 AM – 4 PM
Coordinator Kapil Pandey
Participants John Cassella, Kapil Pandey, Manish Man Singh, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rupesh Karki, Aawart Adhikari, Santosh Shah, Narendra Maden, Arjun Adhikari, Lava Kafle, Jeevan Timilsina
Photos By Manish Man Singh, Aawart Adhikari
Report By John Cassella
Captions Manish Man Singh, Aawart Adhikari
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey

Lava KafleJohn’s Version
Sunday started out cloudy but by the time the team of highly motivated. Deerwalk hikers made it to the summit at the peak of the centuries old temple it had cleared. Lava took the crew on a side trip to Kathmandu University where they were treated to a nice breakfast of chapatis, parathas and eggs rolls at one of Lava’s old haunts. Although more than 12 years out of university the team heard tall tales of student misadventures and of early morning ascents of Lava through the jungle where cheetahs roamed around.

To work off the fine breakfast the hikers set off on their journey. The short climb had two very different approaches. For the fit and fearless there were seven sets of marble staircases which made for a very direct and steep climb. For “with age comes wisdom” part of the team the journey was made on a dirt road which weaved its way to the summit and except for the occasional school bus proved to be a very pleasant. It was clear so were able to enjoy the scenery.

Upon returning to the base we enjoyed a typical Nepali chicken lunch washed down with some typical Kentucky and German beverages. This feast was followed by a heavy metal song fest lead by our resident Metallica guitarist.

Lava Kafle Lava’s Version
One of the most wonderful moments shared by the team walking steep uphill and then coming back and having delicious meal and drinks. The highly passionate guys showed all their spirits and enjoyed taking great snaps shown here. There was a great dancing and singing and listening to best songs. The nature helped us by clearing just in time. Rupesh the great, Aawart the artist, Jeevan the life, Kapil the bud, Narendra the norm, Santosh the satisfying, Lava the love, Kanchan the pure, Manish the monkey, John the pope, Arjun the fighter made all moments lively full of enigma, charm, merry and special.

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  2. Namaste,
    I read EU with great pleasure and interest.
    It would be nice and perhaps helpful if one person of the participants of this hike could contact me.
    I´m a German, 70 years old and interested in Kathmandu Valley´s art and architecture.

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