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Dhaan Ropai

227. Dhaan Ropai
Photo By: Shankar Sharma
Post Date: July 3rd 2008

Description: Month of Ashad is considered to be the most important month for Nepalese farmers since it is high time for rice plantation. Farmers grow rice seedlings (which we call biyu in nepali). Fields are ploughed and filled with water. Once they are ready, rice seedlings are planted with appropriate spacing. Ashad 15 is also celebrated as festival among Nepalese and on this day they eat dahi chiyura and do rice plantation. Farmers expect rainfall in this month. More the rain, better it is for “Dhaan Ropai”.

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-LIN Editor

118 thoughts on “Dhaan Ropai

  1. RED is hot. red means blood, the sign of virility, fertility, and ability to take in challenges in form of anything. Hindus take red TIkas in forhead for same purpose. Red Roses are sign of love and passion. Red blood is auspicious sign, so people fought since meidivieal ages.
    Blood breeds blood and Red is such a color used in traffic lights to stop, but womens wear red to invite good sign. Hindu Women put red vermillion in their foreheads to show they are married although time is changing. RED Wine is auspicious in Christianity. Buddhist Buddha wore nearly red brown roe to signify middle path. Red meat is super power saver.

  2. “Why always RED? why women from rural Nepal always wear cloths with the tint of RED?”
    I was asked this question by my sis. And this photograph reminds me of the same question again.

    Does this signify ‘a married woman with her husband alive’? or its just their liking? – question is still unanswered to me. But since then she asked this question, I have always noticed that her observations to be right al most all the time.

    Nice shot and interesting description. Yeah! this is how the rice, the only ingredient for Nepali’s ‘inescapable diet’ ‘Bhaat’, is planted. 😆

  3. Viewers often stay little longer viewing pictures that contain more colour green because colour green soothes human eyes. Green is the colour of nature. And this picture by Shankar is one of such picture even though it has not particular ‘focus attention’. Good ‘focus attention’ is must in making a ‘Beautiful Picture’. We photographers should ask ourselves, what I really want to show my viewers while we compose pictures. Catch phrase goes well with the picture and description is perfect.

  4. correct shamesh, it is nature, the earth, the creator and women are all destined to give birth to something new, so they tie up more than we do. Same Group..

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