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374. Devotion
Photo By: tegis
Posted Date: 4th June 2009

Lamps made of cotton wick, stuck in ghee popularly known as ‘Diyo’ (in Nepali) and ‘Dewa’ (in Newari) is always lit by devotees while offering their prayers to gods in Nepal.

105 thoughts on “Devotion

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  5. Beautiful moment composed nicely by Sharad. One must have this pair of photographer’s eyes to capture this moment as a picture and push shutter at the right moment while this lady is deeply lost in prayer by offering ghee lamps. Lady’s peaceful and tender prayer is very contagious.

    One small suggestion: A lens flare seen just above her forehead should not be ignored. It is degrading the quality of your picture. Try to avoid such flare while on the spot and also do check what type of UV filter does your lens attached with. Sometime such filters are culprits in causing flare. Over all it’s an excellent work! My thumb up.

  6. Nice tone, great composition…..and i,m always attracted by night photography. Title and description really complement this pic.

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