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Deusi Program 2066

“Deusi Re Vana  … deusi re… Deusi Re Vana… deusi re… “

Deushi Re, the most appreciated and reminiscing song to celebrate Tihar. Festival of Lights celebrated in no moon day (“Aunshi”, Amavashya”) lighting up all the houses. A team of 12 went for celebrating the eve with 4 guitars, 1 Zimbe, 1 madal, and 2 tambourines with vocal cord that would not mind to stop though in the cold dark nights. Zhing Zhing… Tung tung… chin chin …


Cultural Show was a week ahead; there was so much charm in everybody’s eye. All the team members were filled with enthusiasm and zeal. To celebrate the fest, team started to play, sing and dance. With 2 hours of songs selection at office and 1 hour of frenzied practice we left office and we started at 6:45 pm on Saturday. If starter is delicious then the whole meal becomes satisfying, and we made a good choice to put Pradipna’s place as our starter. For one hour everyone in the team were performing their best, and of course dancing, drinking, and jumping. Even Prad’s family couldn’t resist and joined on the jumping and dancing and singing, and inventing ad-hoc songs.

Getting a bit tipsy the team left for Anup Basnet’s place where we were welcomed by Anup and family along with a vicious looking 50-60 lbs dog. Shots of vodka and what not started to rain. We remember that the vicious dog was not looking as vicious as before after it rained for a while.

The team then headed to Mohana Didi’s place, and that’s where everyone surprised everybody else with their dancing skills. Mohana didi and family joined to make it even more interesting and fun. The songs never seemed to stop and no one wanted to leave, but we had plans for the rest of the night so we did leave after an hour or so.

Playing deusi on the day of Laxmi Puja was really fantabulous, with the more energy, we moved to Hitesh Dai’s place. We deusi re team reached (लड्दै र पड्दै) at  Hitesh Dai’s (here after HK) home. Started our desui song (देउसी रे भन देउसी रे) and lot of other songs for about an hour.
भन भन भाइ हो QC  रे
राम्ररी  भन देउसी रे
The best part in HK’s home was, having Prasad from his mom. It was great time having Red Tika on forehead from Hitesh Dai’s mom and deusi re…..deusi re… Thought it won’t take long time but we had relaxed, sung, danced and had a great long time with chilled beer. Unfortunately the guy (name not motioned) missed Hitesh Dai’s place.

Then the deusire team marched towards Kundan’s (kubu…kubu) place. Hitesh Dai also joined with the deusi team. Kubu’s family joined us in singing and dancing. We all had a great time there. However Ritesh K had a great time in van. “Tara ritthe le….. Phasaayo…..

Deusi at Sajan was too exciting. His family was busy attending two deusi group at same time. We all enjoy including Sajan. Ritthe energies the team with his songs, dance and scream.

Finally, at Santosh’s place where all of us had decided to crash after the tiring night, the party seemed to start fresh yet once again. It was around 2 when we got there and all of us wanted to play for a while and sleep like logs, that’s before we reached Santosh’s place. We even joined other deusi groups helping them in Zimbe, guitars and even songs when they got stuck. We’re sure all of us wished the night never ended.


Next day we had a special lunch at Santosh Dai’s place and also had planned to start earlier and finish the day early. We planned to start at 5, but we would be living in a perfect world if all of our plans worked as planned. It shocked and frustrated everyone when we found out that the van from our office which we had reserved the day before is not coming. We later knew the reason behind it but to be true, it only made us laugh. Anyways, it was not a big deal; we have to face situations like this now and then. Just at the right moment Pravinda rolled up his sleeve to display his Plan B. He had managed to hire another micro for the night. Plan B was a real presence of mind, though it wasn’t as attractive – an old micro showed up that seemed to cough on pulling us 12.

The start of the second day matched that of the first day. Starting off at Surendra Dai’s place, the guys started dancing and singing to the songs which they had almost perfected by the end of the first day. And what would deusi be without Surendra Dai’s dance. He joined in to dance with the guys, or rather lead the team to dance making the 45 minutes spent there as memorable as ever.

After a drive we reached Kumar Dai’s place. We were welcome with Cellroti and Bara. Kumar dai had just finished his Maah Puja and he also join the team and start dancing with us. After half an  hour of entertainment we move forward as we have to visit lots of places.

After Kumar Dai’s place we were planning to reach Rajesh Pyakurel’s home, but unfortunately we lost the phone number of Rajesh Dai and no one knew the location. Frustration arose and we were planning to cancel the trip but, surprisingly Rajesh Dai himself called us to know when we are coming. So nice of him that we didn’t miss his place and the excitement we had there. We were excited to see all family welcoming us with fireworks and great smiles, specially the children. Rajesh Dai and his family joined in the celebration by dancing and having fun along with us. And nobody has still forgotten the taste of the “Laddoo” we ate there.

Then we move on to Dipin’s Place. As we had already informed him about our hunger, He manages to prepare some snacks for us in short notice. It was nice experience playing deusi at roof top. All the families member enjoy with us. We stay there and planned for our next destination and we all move on to Bhaskar dai place.

It was a warm welcome at Bhaskar Dai’s home. It was almost 11 pm when we reach there. Bhaskar dai’s family were all very happy to see us. When Bhaskar dai told us that his 82 years old grandmother was so much eager to hear us singing and playing deushi had we reach the place on the time, we feel very bad for a moment not to be in time. All the family members were awake that day waiting for us. We started to sing from our very own song “Deushi Re Vana” some good old folk songs… Bhaskar dai began to jump and dance before us, he joined our team to dance even more. After an hour of singing and dancing we had a delicious MOMO made at his home. Bhaskar dai wanted us to play cards, some guys joined him and later all the team gambled for an open Flush. I hope the most shocking thing about playing cards was “Blind Pack”. With the mouth watering MOMO, cards and hospitality we headed towards Nischal dai.

Deusi night at Nischal’s house was good desert to end our whole deusi fest.  All enthusiastic team member played, sang and danced at their full swing for an hour or more. Beautiful Fishpond at Nischal’s house was subjects of curiosity for the team; and can’t miss the famous ‘Gold fish’ joke of Ravi and what a good way to end the night with well prepared delicious meal, hot tea and good chat to recall whole experience.

First deusi program with enthusiastic team of 12 was a great success; this was the time, to share happiness among each other, exchange of love, blessings from elders. We are happy that we gave continuity to such great culture we had. With this experience we are sure that next Deusi will be a BLAST. And finally thanks to all the people, who welcomed us with such warm hospitality and made our small effort to celebrate the festival of Tihar such a huge success.

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  1. Two of my favorite tnighs in one delicious dish! What a treat this is. I would like to see the show you are talking about – I get tired of watching the American chefs and would like to see shows I can learn about new foods from.

  2. D2 ko itihaash ma sunaulo akchyar le lekhiyo yo duesi… sarai ramailo bho. Kapil, now its my turn to say… “Bessssssssssssssssssssssssst Deusi…”

  3. really had a great time on deusi.. participated in deusi after a long time.. stuffs and instruments used were perfectly managed.

  4. khoi ta. tetro mehnat garera photo ma number haleko.. yaha ta jpt order ma cha ta.. order ni milaunu paryo..

  5. I enjoyed a lot playing guitar ..
    a request to Godzilla — please maintain a standard font and its size as well …

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