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Designers Team Outing to Pokhara

Route Kathmandu- Pokhara
Date January 07, 2017 and January 08, 2017
Coordinator Avaya Pd. Pandey and Sunil Manandhar
Participants Avaya Pd. Pandey, Bidish Acharya, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Milan Lohani, Nimesh Deuja, Subash Aryal, Sunil Manandhar and Sushil Kapali
Report By Bidish Acharya
Photos By Kanchan Raj Pandey, Nimesh Deuja, Subash Aryal and Sunil Manandhar
Creative Support Barsha Dahal

Bidish Acharya Bidish Acharya

Waking up early at 5 am, I headed to the office. After few minutes of my arrival, Nimesh arrived and we headed to Pokhara, receiving our teammates at different places.

With light snacks at Naubise and lunch at Damauli, we were all boosted up to enjoy the exciting environment at Lakeside, Pokhara. Settling ourselves at a hotel, we headed for boating. I hadn’t experienced boating ever, and I was very excited for it. Sushil expressed his desire to drink on boat, and I couldn’t resist it. We bought beers and started the journey.

Sitting at the edge of a boat, with a beautiful sight of flowing water, and chilling with beer was the best moment for me.

Sitting at the edge of a boat, with a beautiful sight of flowing water, and chilling with beer was the best moment for me. We also had to paddle our way to the lake, and it was tiring yet fun. Taking photos, videos, and cracking jokes, we had no idea that 2 hours had already passed. It was so relaxing, I wanted to do it all day.

At 4.20, we started the sight-seeing of streets of Lakeside, Pokhara. The buzz, roadside cafes made the streets more lively to roam around. Seeing a kid perform stunts with skateboard, I couldn’t resist a chance to try it, luckily, universe wasn’t planning to injure me. Then, we had snacks, and headed to our hotel for team building games. Milan came up with very innovative games to entertain us further. The games were related to creating a story and it was very fun playing those games.
At 7, we headed to lakeside again to click some photographs. Kanchan and Sunil were excited to capture the night-view of city from lakeside. The beauty was very well captured by both of them. While they were busy clicking photographs, we had already started to drink some vodka.

It was 8; we had our dinner and headed to the hotel to rest. Milan and Sushil started performing some songs and we enjoyed it very well. After an entertaining session of live music and little bit of dance, everybody went to their rooms.
However, the party was not over for Milan, Sushil, and I. We enjoyed the night with drinks and decided to roam around lakeside at 12.30 am. We raced on the highway, performed push-ups and what not. We then went to the lake, sat on a nearby boat and enjoyed with the breath-taking view of the beautiful Phewa lake. 1 and half hours of epic night-life ended at 2, and we headed to our hotel. We slept at 3, being hopeful to wake up at 4 to see the sunrise.

Next morning, we woke up at 8.30, missing the plan to see the sunrise at Pumdikot. Rest of the team members had gone to tal barahi temple. We headed to World Peace Stupa at 9, and after having breakfast, headed back to Kathmandu.
It was a joyful weekend for all of us. This outing was very helpful to get the team members much closer.

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