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Delay in constitution Making of Nepal

0 thoughts on “Delay in constitution Making of Nepal

  1. mandale haru ko hun ra kasari auchhan bhaneko ta sabai chhetri bahuns(hinubadi) haru po raja ko pachhi lageko raichhanta….

  2. pahile ta “khambu” ho “khumbu” hoina… ani khumbu ko baje!!! timi hindu badi le hindu ko barema matra sochera hundaina.. adhikansa nepali haru non-hindu chhan.. sayou barsa dekhi bhairakheko ek pakchhya daman bata niskanako lagi prayanta bhayekole Secuar state ayeko ho..afno dharma sanskriti pani hindu jatikai respected hos bhanne socheko hunchha… hindu desh bhayinjel hamro parampara ra sanskritiko khoi utthan bhayeko??? ani pheri US christianity ko matra desh hoina.. tyako president islam bhayo bhane kuran mai haat rakhera sapat khanchha.. timi baje bhaye pani sochai chai nikai sano raichha…

  3. ya one can fight for hindu or muslim or christian nation, one can have their own philosophy or political view, and carry the indignation. Its a free world and free nation.

  4. Khambu Jr., please wake up. where are you? why can’t Gynendra open his own party? why not a sole hindu country in the world? what is wrong about that? you all are mad, not me.

  5. sachai yo buda ta baulayechan, aba gyaney sangai Rachi laney bela bhayecha. Raja ko party kholney harey, Hindu Rastra banauney harey. Secular state namanney.
    rajawadi mandaley po chirecha hau EU bhitra. yo SpyWare rat lai hatai halnu paryo, chado bhanda chado.

  6. yo budha ko kura nasuna hai nani ho. je paye tehi bolchha, raja ko party kholne kura po garcha. hetteri pataki budha. dadu pani umalera dubulki mara baru.

  7. I heard Prachanda is talking to ex-Royals and ex-Panchas for guidance because they know how to play dirty games. Prachanda and his comrades are not being creative. We see them doing the same old dirty things that all politicians have been doign in Nepal for the last 60 years. Other day, I was listening to Baburam’s speech at one of the Nepal Bank Ltd gatherings, he was so boring and non-creative. There was no energy.

    What is the alternative then?

    I think Gyanendra should create a new political party called “New Nepal” and be the chairman of the party and take part int he next election. That new party will win for two reasons: 1. there are still a lot fo royalists in Nepal; 2. people want to see a party which advocate for Hinduism and national unity. None of these party advocate for single Nepal, they want to break this tiny country into 25 different states. What is wrong about having Hindu nation as America still champion for Christianity? American president take oath holding the Bible. Why can’t we mandate our president take oath holding Geeta?

  8. no offense to Mr PM, but i do feel what @ both idiots feel, in the case, he really looks like a clown in the Suit.
    Lets wait and see how far this alliance will work,with litany of problems ahead.
    If Only the parties form consensus for Writing constitution within the tenure, or else,its sad but the doomsday’s not far.

  9. these idiots have no respect for Nepal as they don’t even courage face us with Nepali dress. they boast being the representatives of poorest people in the nation and decorate themsleves with costly western dress. Prachanda looks cartoon in suit and tie.

  10. this nepalese maoist government alliance with UML and Forum so thay get big stomach, fat bank balances, and enough money for them and their comrades

  11. I am not sure this governmet is to lead nepal or to make constution. I think they have lost there main aim.

  12. Jr. bhai is essentailly 100 % correct. those two maoists are leading nepal to hell. This Nepali maoist government mixed of UML /Forum hooligans must be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will destroy whole Nepali culture, essence, and existence.

  13. haha, good cynic. It’s really late. The party is only interested in saving and running its government. Whereas, we have recently heard public opinion of Prachanda claiming Parliamentary System as the blockade for Development process. IDK, where these two chaps gonna lead.

  14. Yes, it has been too late to draft a new constituion. But they already have it packaged via foreign agencies, so need to hurry. Foreign countries like India, Europe, China and others have it ready in pocket. One can simply Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in Nepali languiage so easy task. Thanks to Author for opening such a public topic and hot issue.

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