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Definition of freedom

Lately in the media, I have heard the word freedom countless time. Nevertheless, what does this word mean to us people? People loosely use this word with out understanding the actual meaning of the word. Is it perhaps that people do not know what freedom means? Furthermore, I believe the media and press is miss using the word freedom. Freedom is rather important gift that we as human beings conceal in us but everyday the word freedom is loosely tossed around with no meaning at all.

The word freedom holds a great power; the word should not loosely toss around with out real intention of using the words wondrous power. Even with power, the definition of freedom is so abstract that it varies with everyone. According to Merriam-Webster freedom is “a political right, liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of independence.” This definition by Merriam-Webster makes no sense in my point of view because everyone has his or her own definition of freedom.

However if you do not recognize each other’s definition of freedom, then persons own definition of freedom is incorrect. I believe freedom is state of being free, unrestricted, but it still protects everyone’s basic right to ensure some equality amongst people and yet it does not restrict people’s individuality.

In the end, everyone should have their own definition of freedom rather then a political right and should recognize other people’s definition of freedom.

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  1. I am not saying media should have their own definition of freedom rather I am trying to say that the media should be able to conform everyone to its definition of freedom and it is not freedom at all, rather you are taking a step backwards from Freedom.

  2. well… if everyone should have their own freedom to define freedom then whats the issue if media defines freedom in their own way of freedom.

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