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Deerwalk Product And Genomics Teams Outing to Nagarkot

Title Deerwalk Product And Genomics Teams Outing to Nagarkot
Route Kathmandu >> Nagarkot>> Kathmandu
Date Dec 29, 2012 – Dec 30, 2012
Coordinator Naresh Maharjan, Ramesh Parajuli, Sawan Vaidya
Participants Abhinayak Swar, Aman Adhikari, Apurba Singh, Ashin KC, Ashish Maharjan, Ashish Vaidya, Bhesh Raj Sejwal, Biswas Lohani, Dinesh Amatya, Kapil Pandey, Minesh Maharjan, Narendra Maden, Naresh Maharjan, Niraj Pokhrel, Nitish Maharjan, Nischal Sharma, Pawan Sharma, Prabin Poudel, Pramod Bhandari, Prakash Bhatt, Pratik Kayastha, Prativa Dahal, Prasanna Pandey, Ramesh Parajuli, Resha Sedhai, Ritzy Sedhai, Sabnam Lakhe, Sailendra Pradhananga, Sailesh Dhungana, Sajana Shakya, Sawan Vaidya, Suraj Byanju, Suresh Maharjan & Swoyambhu Shrestha.
Photos By Pramod Bhandari, Sabnam Lakhe, Suresh Maharjan,
Report By Nischal Sharma, Pawan Sharma, Ritzy Sedhai, Sabnam Lakhe, Sailesh Dhungana, Sailendra Pradhanang and Sajana Shakya
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Pawan SharmaPawan Sharma

On Saturday, Dec 29, 2012, thirty four of the Deerwalk employees that make up the Product and Genomics Teams went to Nagarkot for a team outing. Some of the guys were on their bikes. Sawan, our coordinator for the outing, had made reservation at a resort there. We were supposed to leave Deerwalk office at 11:30 am but due to some late comers we ended up leaving at 12:00 pm. I was so excited because that was my first trip since having joined the company.

The next morning the sunlight in the mountain made people feels like they were in heaven.

Some of the guy had prepared their own collection of songs for the journey, and we crossed Nagarkot while playing and singing them.

We reached Nagarkot at around 3:00 pm. Everyone woke up to explore the beauty of the place. We made a circle and played a game in which one of the guys does something and everyone follows him. After that we played the “musical chair” before heading to our rooms which were unclean and messy. The manager assured us that they would clean it up before nightfall. We laid our bags down and waited eagerly for the snacks. When the food was served, the gang attacked it without inhibition. In the mean time rum punch was being prepared for the night.

A campfire was set with chairs around. Chicken barbecue was on song and along with the rum punch it became a mean combination. While the fire dance ensued, some of the guys have had enough of the drinks and it showed as they lay there “knocked out”.Finally dinner was ready. Some went to have it while the others were full after all the barbecue.

The next morning the sunlight in the mountain made people feels like they were in heaven. Around 9 am, we gathered back to our hotel for breakfast. After breakfast we decided to play the last round of cards before departure. We had lunch at around 1:00 pm before leaving Nagarkot for Kathmandu. We reached the capital at around 3pm.It was a nice trip away from our tight schedule. Nagarkot refreshed and recharged us all.

Nischal SharmaNischal Sharma

The team building trip was a real head start for the new year. Despite the trip being first of its kind for me at Deerwalk, I had all the fun while getting to know other team members and their deep hidden secrets. Really this team building achieved its goal.

Tug of war was more like Thug of war.

After reaching the destination and enjoying the mystical views of the mountains and enriching our general knowledge with their names, we kick started the team building with “Funny Walk”. Sawan, I personally would like to declare u the winner of the game. Then came the musical chair where we all played like we were kids again. Tug of war was more like Thug of war as all the powerful and energetic people were teamed up with Kapil, and others stood no chance. We were having so much fun that the rules of the games were lost amidst the laughters and excitement.

With all those drinks and drinks and drinks and……. oh yeah BBQ and music on top of that, the party was awesome. It lasted till 3 am for some of us. All in all, it was a great night and we should organize these events a hell lot more times.

Ritzy SedhaiRitzy Sedhai

Deerwalkers Rock!

It was my first trip with the Deerwalkers, and perhaps the most interesting trip I have ever been on. Amidst all the recognizable faces, I had many naive preconceptions on what the trip would be like; as I was a new comer and a non employee. Fortunately I was proven wrong. With the Products and Genomics team of Deerwalk, I did not feel out of place even when being an outsider.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to accompany such wonderful individuals.

All of the Deerwalkers were very kind to me. We all partied hard with BBQ, dance, drinks; and the accommodation was fantastic.

The destination was very rewarding and stimulating. The real fun began after we reached the hotel and played some games. When the music started, all of us danced in a group. I would like to thank Sailendra Pradhananga for his wonderful dance moves (tried to follow it but could not).

I am glad that I had the opportunity to accompany such wonderful individuals. I appreciate it a lot. If given a chance I would definitely like to do it again. I commend each of them for being so nice to me and making me comfortable throughout the trip. Hope you will remember me when you embark on your next exciting adventure!!!

Sabnam Lakhe & Sajana Shakya

It was the day of Product and Genomics teams outing, the very first team outing after I joined Deerwalk. Day was sunny and bright, with the same enthusiasm and excitement in our hearts as we reached Deerwalk at 11.30 am. The fun started with cards in the office premises and didn’t cease until we reached our destination. “Pandeyji”( Kapil dai’s favorite), n “Teri Meri” (Naresh dai’s favorite) songs were top of the list in our van. The beautiful sceneries, cool’ n refreshing breeze of Nagarkot was pouring extra fuel to our excitement. Romance was in the air while teasing couples shouted at the top of their lungs “Nagarkot !!Nagarkot!!Nagarkot!! Nagarkot!!!”.

Nagarkot Hillside Village Resort was our destination, from where we could get the terrific view of Langtang and Ganesh mountain ranges.

Those rocking moves of everyone were “Masha Allah”.

The real party started after the Hitler speech: “ Be College students. Party Hard !!! Drink as u much as u can n get wasted”. Well one can only imagine how wild one can be after hearing such a speech. Team building activities started with “Funny walk” followed by tug of war and the Musical chair – Pratik and Baba played their hearts out but sorry no trophy for the winners, lolz.

Everyone’s support for the team building was mind blowing. Late night campfire and BBQ with shot were the best. With loud and rocking music we partied hard. Those rocking moves of everyone were “Masha Allah”. Team building gives us the platform where we can open up to others. Memories were made and will be cherished for some time to come. I thank all of the people involved for making this trip full of fun. Thanks to the organizers. This sort of activities should be organized more often. Genomics and Product teams rock!!!

Sailesh Dhungana

Our team outing was full of great moments that would be remembered for quite some time. Some of the great moments were:

• Watching the view of the majestic Himalayas from our own window was a treat for all of us. (Kapil dai excluded)
• Playing musical chair and running after seats made us feel like Nepalese politicians. Some even cheated like Nepalese politicians.
• Tug of war was fun. It would have been better if the organizers had not teamed me up with people who seemed to be suffering from malnutrition.
• Despite the lack of poker chips, we played poker with coins. People were playing other card games like Flush and Marriage. Although I lost in every game, I am mentioning this because someone must have won and made a profit out of the trip.
• As usual, I started dancing alone. Dancing was exciting. Everyone joined and we had a great time.
• As a foodie, I have to mention the barbeque. Barbecued chicken was so tasty that my mouth is watering as I type this thinking of it.
• Drinking and partying, however, led to the best moments which will be described later.

Although I already mentioned great moments, there were some which stand as the best. These moments will be remembered by everyone involved for quite some time. However, these are inside jokes and only those who went to Nagarkot will understand them fully. I will try to list them without revealing too much details because “what happens at Nagarkot should remain at Nagarkot”. They are:

• “Do I look like a gay boy, man? We all know that homosexuality is not a crime” moment
• Although we were out for “our” team building, some ventured out and got involved in “other” team buildings. Some of those outside teams involved kids.
• Moment of two addresses – one for the wife, one for the husband.
• “Some could not stop talking about the Rana dynasty” moment.
• “Who do you think she likes the most, me or him, man?” moment
• “Some fall once, some fall twice” moment
• “Some lost 4 hours of their life and then tortured everyone else for 1 hour about the loss of those 4” moment.
• “Lajimpat …. lasasdklf asdklfjal asdklfj asfkldj … Lajimpat” moment.

Sailendra Pradhanang

With the Hilter (Kapil Pandey) proclamation in the start, the team outing was officially kicked off. Kapil and the card crew started early with the poker rounds while others were rejoicing the pristine locale of the resort. Shortly after, battle of supremacy started off between The Avengers, The Justice league, The Fantastic 7, The Ninja Turtles and Seven Soldiers of Victory in the team building games. I and The justice league heroes battled hard in tug of war, but all in vain as the avengers physically maimed on the battle ground. Musical chair was an enthralling contest with Narendra outwitting all the other opponents to be the last man standing.

As the dusk arrived everyone was feeling the chill in the air. No wonders everyone resorted to few shots of drinks to keep warm. The dance session started off with Sailesh performing a sensational solo number. Soon after, the movers and shakers followed him to the dance floor shaking to the beats of the makeshift DJ, Pramod. I too joined the dance floor and in particular would like to thank the guest (Ritzy Sedai) for accompanying me. I was really dumbfounded by her dancing skills. The feeling of hunger struck everyone, and rightly the dinner was served at around 8:30 pm while the dance session continued with more fun.

The best moment was when Nitish manhandled Kapil and was dancing with Kapil in his shoulders. Poor Kapil must have had his heart in his mouth. Although the night was freezing, the deerwalkers were partying hard with full gusto and swing. The occasional rum punch and beers kept the spirit alive till midnight. Some nocturnals were still having good time till 3 am with the warmth of the bonfire and grilled chicken.

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  2. ‘always late’ has been my trade mark (since ages ??)
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  3. Thank you all, the organizers for organizing such a great trip and the participants for making everything much fun.

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