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Deerwalk Mutant Engineers Outing to Nagarkot

Title Deerwalk Mutant Engineers Outing to Nagarkot
Route Kathmandu >> Nagarkot >> Kathmandu
Date December 21- December 22, 2013
Coordinator Sachin Kushwaha
Participants Abhinayak Swar, Aman Adhikari, Anwesh Tuladhar, Ashin KC, Ashish Vaidya, Biplav Raj Osti, Biswas Lohani, Dinesh Amatya, Dipen Krishna Shrestha, Ganesh Regmi, Gautam Acharya, Hikmat Singh Dhamee, Kabindra Shrestha, Kapil Raj Pandey, Narayan Kandel, Nimesh Deuja, Nitish Maharjan, Parmeshwor Thapa, Prabin Poudel, Prakash Bhatt, Prasanna Pandey, Pratik Kayastha, Prayag Upadhyay, Rajendra Manandhar, Ramesh Parajuli, Resha Sedhain, Rikesh Shrestha, Roshan Shrestha, Sabanam Lakhey, Sachin Kushwaha, Sajana Shakya, Sanshila Gurung, Sanu Raja Maharjan, Saroj Neupane, Simron Thapa, Somnath Kafle, Surendra Lama, Surendra Maharjan, Sushil Dahal, Swoyambhu Shrestha.
Photos By Prayag Upadhyay
Video By Hikmat Dhamee
Report By Anwesh Tuladhar, Gautam Acharya, Simron Thapa, Surendra Lama
Captions By Roshan Shrestha
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Anwesh TuladharAnwesh Tuladhar

Nagarkot Delights!

So it’s early in the morning and I am about to write a blog for the very first time about our trip to Nagarkot. As the trip was last Saturday, my memory of it is already a bit hazy. But I am sure for most people who have been on an outing with their fellow colleagues from Deerwalk, saying ‘we went on an outing’ is pretty self-explanatory. But of course, being the new guy here and having only been on one of such a trip, I have drawn this conclusion only from the fun loving fellas from Benecore, Hedis and Makalu; and hence readers from other sections of the office might not find it ‘self-explanatory’. So, I’ll try and cover the very gist of it as I continue.

The purpose of this outing was team building. Team building games which encourage interaction among the group was supposed to be the star of the day. With no candy to entice the populous, the team building games couldn’t quite fulfill its purpose. Although, three teams did continue further and Swoyambhu became the proud winner of the Grand prize. A bottle of Fruity!

After this, although the allotted time for team-building was over, the process continued with a juice bar stocked with fruity, sprite and fanta. A small casino table hosted poker and other card games while the air filled with the appealing smell of barbecued mutton and chicken (and as there is no discrimination at Deerwalk, barbecued paneer with capsicum was also on the menu). With the number of people far exceeding the amount of meat on the barbecue, people turned into scavengers, eating any piece of meat they could get their hands on. Thankfully I was well positioned next to Gautam, who along with Saroj was probably only two people serving up well cooked barbeque; no offence intended to other skewer holders. Then as the night rolled on, Ashish brought along a guitar and everyone gathered around the warmth of the camp fire to enjoy a long list of songs with the guitar being passed around from one willing entertainer to the next. This was probably the highlight of the night with everyone from listener to performer enjoying to the fullest.

So, as time flew by and the fire started to die, I headed to bed, a bit early than most (Biswas and Aman might have something to say on this ;). The fun though didn’t end there from what I hear. As the crowd began to shift indoors, gambling took over and few profited from the ‘sleepiness’ of others while the others rued their luck (Rikesh and Sushil come to mind). Apparently much ‘appreciation’ was shown to Ashish by Prabin and Prakash around dinner time. Thumbs Up to them for sharing their feelings so well! With all the fun and games, tiredness finally took its toll and people headed to bed. I would like to add a special mention of the stunning black tea we had in the morning. One can only wonder how the people at the hotel could make water taste bad while attempting to make tea.

Gautam AcharyaGautam Acharya

It was my first outing experience since I joined Deerwalk, and I must admit I had a great time.

We started the journey from Deerwalk premise and continued towards our destination while picking staff members on the way. The excitement of the bus ride began when two bottles of vodka were emptied within the short distance of Koteshwor and Sallaghari. Some were enjoying the tipsy feeling that the vodka gave them, some were enjoying the mixed hindi and nepali lok geet collection being played and some were just having fun with the twist and turns of the road.
The first thing that touched us when we stepped at the hotel premise was the over chilled weather of Nagarkot. After having some snacks, the fun part “Team Building Games” started. Had we known that the main motive of the seniors was to loot the prize chocolates rather than the game itself, we would have hidden the chocolates out of sight. But unfortunately, winners didn’t get the chocolate prize they deserved. Swoyambhu and Biswas were the main villain this time, who mugged the chocolates from the organizers. And I must say as the supervisor of the group, Biswas is the most “chattu” of the gang. 😛

So, after finishing the so called “Team Building Game”,a bonfire was started at a corner of the ground. We group of four, Anwesh, Rikesh, Simron and I prepared the most cooked Sekuwa around, so we heard a lot of “Gautam Pakyo??”
In no time, we started playing the guitar. Ashish, Anwesh and bunch of other guys including myself started playing bits and pieces of songs and started having fun. Later Kapil joined us with his one and only famous Narayan Gopal song. Abinayak played lots of interesting songs too.

Another interesting thing to watch was the epic flush (card game) battle between Rikesh and Kapil. Rikesh had a really good start, but in the end the experienced Kapil was able to grab a handsome amount of cash.

The next morning, most of us woke up with a hangover. After having a good breakfast and plenty of time in the warm sun, we headed back home with good memories of the trip. All in all, it was an outing to remember.

Simron ThapaSimron Thapa

Personally, the whole working experience was new for me… Finding the friendly and encouraging environment made me overwhelmed and more confident. On top of everything, team outing was a whole new experience where I got a chance to interact with all the members of my team as well as members from the other teams. Organizing team building games made me more responsible. Watching my seniors enjoying to their fullest, who during other days sat calmly on their chair coding programs, was funny. I enjoyed each and every moment and looking forward for more such revitalizing trips soon!

Surendra LamaSurendra Lama

The two days outing was one of “the” moments of my life when I remember being completely free. The journey in the bus, the view that the location had and the team building games made us more rejoiced. But the most importantly, I had an opportunity to have interaction with our team members outside the office get to know each other more closely. We sang, we cheered and played hard which made our team bond even stronger. We bounced back with pumped up energy and dedication to do even better in the coming days ahead. I appreciate the organization, professionalism and the experience of the fun filled outing. Lastly, I would like to say Deerwalkers proved that they work hard but they party even harder.

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