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Deerwalk Memory Leak Team Outing to Hong Xiang Hotel

Title Deerwalk Memory Leak Team Outing to Hong Xiang Hotel
Route Sifal >> Baneshwor >> Sifal
Date December 26, 2013
Coordinator Kirtika Sharma and Rabin Acharya
Participants Apurva Singh, Ashish Maharjan, Bikash Shrestha, Bikram Shrestha, Christina Karki, Kapil Pandey, Kiran Dangol, Krishna Aryal, Kritika Sharma, Mahendra Duwal, Minesh Maharjan, Naresh Maharjan, Prabhat Man Sainju, Rabin Acharya, Rajiv Neupane, Rashmi Pokharel, Roshan Ghale, Sampurna Chhantyal, Sanjeev Tuladhar, Sunil Joshi, Suraj Byanju, Suresh Maharjan, Sushant Pandey.
Photos By Ashish Maharjan, Sampurna Chhantyal
Video By Bikram Shrestha, Rajiv Neupane
Report By Apurva Singh, Kritika Sharma, Roshan Ghale, Sanjeev Tuladhar
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Sanjeev TuladharSanjeev Tuladhar

Thank you Suresh for inviting me to your team dinner program. It was an excellent opportunity for me to put faces together with the names that I had worked together with in the past. I was really delighted to see the camaraderie between the Yala and Everest teams.

The Chinese Restaurant that we went to was the first Karaoke bar that I had been to where they actually charged extra for using the Karaoke machine. Some of the team members negotiated for a quite length of time to get the price down to within our budget. But in the end we ended up not using it anyway because the only Karaoke songs they carried were all in Mandarin language.

Highlight of the night was the singing activity we did around a turntable. The way the game worked was we placed a bottle on one edge of the lazy susan and rotated it. When the turntable stopped, the person who was closest to the bottle had to sing at least one song. Then it was his/her turn to rotate the lazy susan. We did this until everybody got a turn to sing. But what I found really inspiring was that after the person whose turn it was to sing started singing first few lines by himself/herself, everybody else in the team would join in to finish the song. Just like the software products that we work with: someone starts off by writing a couple of lines of code and other team members add to the script to turn it into a complete Application.

Apurva SinghApurva Singh

Everyone was very excited when it was decided that we all would go to an Authentic Chinese Restaurant. Although we did know how Chinese dishes were but when the term Authentic was used, it sounded more awesome. So we made a reservation at the Hong Xiang Hotel located at Bijuli Bazar. We moved from the office at around 5 pm after having Lava Kafle’s birthday cake, and reached there in half an hour after fighting through the daily traffic of Kathmandu.

After reaching, we started to explore the place and took pictures of ourselves and the place. Although it wasn’t quite a big place, the restaurant staff did manage to accommodate 25 of us just fine by joining four of their big tables. Everyone got comfortable with the chair and the staff came with menu and some complementary ginger tea. Then we stared to order our meal from the menu given to us, where most of the dishes where completely unknown. So we order according to what the dishes contained. After that came the turn to select our drinks, which again was completely uncharted territory looking at the menu. With the help of the restaurant’s Chinese staff we finally ordered two Chinese drinks, which came quickly for sample testing. The first one tested like mouth wash and second one tested like Cloves oil. The drinks where really disappointing but we waited for the dishes to arrive and change our mind about the place. Finally after anxiously waiting for couple of minutes the dishes started to roll out one by one. The first batch of dishes to come out were vegetarian dishes and it did taste good, then came the most awaited meaty dishes; but to our great surprise and disappointment the vegetarian dishes were much better than the non vegetarian ones. We continued on chatting, cracking jokes all the while munching through the different cuisines that kept on coming. This continued till 8 pm when all the orders where completed. After that we ordered our dinner and went for karaoke which was the most enjoyable part of the outing. There everyone got a chance to show their talent of singing which was really fun. This continued for an hour and we went for dinner.

All in all, I had a great time with my colleagues and although the food and drinks were not up to the mark, the feeling of having fun with friends was overwhelming.

Kritika SharmaKritika Sharma

The first outing for team building at Deerwalk was simply amazing. All of our team members planned for the outing on 29th December. We were 23 of us and were all very excited as we approached our vehicle, at around 4.30 pm. After having been caught up in the traffic for some time we finally reached our destination, the Chinese hotel, Hong Xiang at around 6pm. The atmosphere of the hotel was wonderful and all of us started by taking photographs.

After that we sat down for some refreshment. We ordered some delicious Chinese dishes and all of us enjoyed using chop-sticks, which was a new and complicated thing for us. At around 7.30pm we headed for a game which resembled the one called ‘truth and dare’ except for some minor changes. The victim was supposed to sing a song and we all agreed upon it. Very soon, our director, Mr. Kapil Pandey also joined our group and he too sang a beautiful song for every one of us. Nobody was spared in the game and every one of us sang at least one song. After that we headed for our dinner, the Chinese food once again. The food was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Finally, the time had come to wave goodbye to each other, and we moved from the hotel to our respective houses at around 10pm.We all had a great time and look forward to the next team building programme since it is a very effective way to know each other and also to improve the co-ordination between the team members.

Roshan GhaleRoshan Ghale

There is a saying-“The small things in life always mean the most.” Well, in fact it is true and for most of us, we do take the small things for granted. If there is one thing my grandfather always valued, it was never wish your life away and always eat dinner with your family at the table. Although my teams were not my biological family, they were in fact the most beloved persons whom I consider as my own.

The day we planned for dinner was 29th December. We left Deerwalk Complex at 4:45 PM. our chief guest was Data Engineering Manager Mr. Sanjeev Tuladhar. The Traffic congestion was very irritating. We arrived at our Destination place, Hotel Hong Xiang at 5:45 PM. It was my first outing dinner from Deerwalk. When we reached the Hotel, photo session started. Everybody was giving their new looks, with their different poses. Then we sat together for the snacks. Lots of Chinese Dishes were ordered. A moment later, Mr. Kiran Dangol also joined us for the snacks. Everybody congratulated him for his “Happy Married Life”, and we also were very thankful to him for making some time to join the team’s dinner from his busy schedule.

After having snacks, we sat together for a game around the round rotating table. The game was quite similar to Truth and Dare. Only the difference was that, the victim had to sing wonderful song and dedication was optional. We started playing the game and the first victim was our Project Manager, Mr. Prabhat Man Sainju. He sang a wonderful nepali song and all the team members also supported him. Everyone was having a really good time. Kritika Sharma “The voice of Everest” also sang one Asamese song . Although we didn’t understand the lyrics, but song’s tone and rhythm touched our heart. Our Engineering Manager, Mr. Suresh Maharjan, also sang a good romantic song dedicating it to his wife. Then our Production Manager, Mr. Kapil Pandey, after his busy schedule at the office also managed to join our dinner party. Everybody was excited to see him. He shared his jokes among us. All of them sang a song one by one. Finally we had our Dinner. Lots of delicious items were ordered. We had our Dinner and shared our funniest moments and memories. Finally we departed to our homes with sweet memories at around 10 PM.

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