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Deerwalk joins local entrepreneurs to launch an Institute of Technology in Nepal


In order to strengthen the growth of technological resources in Nepal, Deerwalk has created a venture with local entrepreneurs in Nepal to launch an institute of technology. Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) has been established to prepare and diversify domestic software engineers for the growing global software industry. For an outsourcing company like Deerwalk, capable and proficient engineers are essential pillars of its business. Therefore, an investment in DWIT is also an investment in Deerwalk’s future. In time, DWIT plans to be a globally and domestically recognized learning institute that combines theory and practice in the fields of technology, science, economics, and management.

To establish DWIT, Deerwalk brought together many local entrepreneurs with varying backgrounds in academia, banking, medicine, information technology, and several disciplines in engineering. With the common goal of improving the quality of technical education in Nepal, DWIT is in the process of obtaining a Letter of Intent from the Ministry of Education. Initially, DWIT will offer four bachelor degree programs: computer engineering, electronics engineering, civil engineering, and computer science and information technology.

33 thoughts on “Deerwalk joins local entrepreneurs to launch an Institute of Technology in Nepal

  1. Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this information. Today bloggers publish just about gossip and internet stuff and this is actually irritating. A good web site with exciting content, this is what I need. Thanks for making this web-site, and I will be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  2. Hey there. I found your blog by way of Google at the same time as looking for a similar topic, your website came up. It appears to be good. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to visit then.

  3. Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this info. Today bloggers publish only about gossip and net stuff and this is actually frustrating. A good web site with interesting content, that is what I need. Thanks for making this web site, and I will be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  4. Thank you all for -ve, +ve and neutral comments. All rumors. DWIT will be a small organization to start with and it will work closely with local communities to make higher education affordable to all and tuition will be very competitive and many students will get research assistantship to support their living and education. We will try to make this a model school imparting applied education to students. We expect our graduates to be the best in the country when it comes to having real world experience prior to graduation. It is a process and we are willing to learn. Please be positive and do not discourage us. Everything starts small.

    Rudra Pandey
    Lexington, Mass

  5. but study in nepal ok student , u will earn more if u pay more , more risk more profit, u cana lso be share holder as well, not only student, thats huge amount

  6. ttrue, dd2 sshould hhire thhem the deerwalk products as dw deerwalk cannot handle them, no income

  7. I second that. It’s harder doing than saying. D2 should hire their engineers then. They are doing for resources.

  8. DWIT mentors are not optimistic about DWIT being good place to work, no software to develop in derrwalk so teach in DWIT to kill time

  9. Deerwalk Inc is going to move to this new campus effective March 1st. IT is now getting closer to the Lord Shiva’s temple. DWIT students will be mentored and trained by the deerwalk devils. Watch out, these graduates will rock the IT landscape.

  10. I have invested into this venture. I have no idea about the institute charging 16 lakhs. Where did you get this information?

  11. Great news! DWIT got a formal LOI letter from MOE. Keep on fighting anti-Pandey guys. This thing will rock. Just wait.

  12. Great idea Mustang, let us have Rudra comment on blogs all the time so that his business goes out of business. Definitely, if the CEO goes on blogging parade, company will certainly get tanked. And are you a psychic reader Mustang? How do you know who is behind these fake names?

  13. hahahah rudra pandey ko arko chartikala!! aafnai blog maa aafaile naam change gari gari aafailai congrats n best of luck vandai comment handai baseko chha!
    u must b ashamed mr. pandey!! using EU as a cheap platform for ur personal profit is very shameful!! i heard it will take around 16 lakhs to complete engineering in DWIT! wat a joke!! it is not an institute…but rather a business house which will produce dumb engineers wid no core knowledge of anything!

    ani ohh san shrestha vanne mahasaya….aru lai khub arti didai basya chhau…..himmat vaye aafno real name and email lekhera dekhau……m pretty sure u r either rudra pandey himself or one of his partners in this ill fated institute!

  14. Duh — what does this mean? what is the meaning of your name. leader always expose their names and followers do hide and seek game. you will never be a leader because you are not confident and not even proud of your own identity. Deerwalk being an American company cannot have a name like “sagarmatha” or ‘annapurna,” it needs to have an american sounding name. at least better for the marketing. if DWIT is pioneered by Deerwalk, why would it have another name? also you all here are this negative, you can’t appreciate what others do. timiharuko jindagi arkako khutta tanda tandai jane bhayo.

    also, name does not matter. see D2hawkeye; what a weird name! still it is the best software company of Nepal. if the name mattered that much the company down the road in putali sadak area with the name “Sagarmatha Software limited” would be the number one choice. you duh probably work for D2 too. Ok Duh enough for today. I hope you got the message. please send your brothers and sisters to DWIT; they will do very well. they will graduate as one of best software engineers of Nepal.

  15. @San Shrestha remember smtimes a voice or an opinion is better expressed anonymously. thats why we invented voting booths

    anonymity is a privilege that i simply love to enjoy.

  16. Featured post used to cover hiking post, but it seems that EU has decided to consider other articles also as a featured. If this is a public blog make sure that this blog remain public and should not confuse viewer with privatized articles. Earlier, it used to be D2 stuff all around this blog and now DeerWalk, and more like a advertisement site rather than a blog. It will be better for EU to stay away from these stuff and make viewer feel that this is really a informative blog site rather than a place for web based altercation.

    Chiranjivi, you have provided a good suggestion, I like it, but your view seems biased, distorted and not convincing. This is not good. All that matters is the view of the viewer whether the views are encouraging or discouraging, satisfying or dissatisfying,no matter who he has posted it, helps EU to grow, improve with time and learn from mistakes.

    I am very hopeful that members in EU are intellectual enough to imply the views of the blog they maintain.

  17. I agree article is not oriented with the branding of EU but getting nerves on it and taking your dissatisfaction out with fake names is even more disgusting…I am a EU reader and neither do I work in D2 nor in DW…all I do is enjoy the pictures and good blogs…but when I see the comments it takes all the charm away…Grow up guys…D2 guys don\\\’t get insecure…its not your blog and neither is it DW\\\’s…its for everyone to share…if it was anyone\\\’s personal blog then why would EU admin let visitors to create account and share their blogs????Stop this filthy comment war…if you guys are really up for it then speak up with real names and confront…So comment with your real names…at least DW guys do so in most of the cases to reply back the crap comments from insecure D2 guys from what I\\\’ve seen…And yes this blog should not have been a featured blog though…And yes I don;t care about name as well, what matters is how DWIT will give quality education???Lets see if they meet or set any kind of expectations…Final suggestions..stop polluting EU comment section…

  18. Wow! this needs to be covered in life in Nepal as well. Shots are great and must be photo of the month and individual article on each shot and must be considered in featured. Great job!

  19. @San Shrestha – hahaha San ray yo ne kunai nam ho! timro nam ne.

    “आफ्नो आंगको भैसी नादेखने अरुको आंग को जुम्रा देखने”

  20. these buildings are not grand, not special, no meaning, they do not have their signboard too, they also will be ruined like US financial crisis due to investment in Real estate,

  21. where are you guys planting the new building? provide more details about it and better not post this into featured.

  22. There used to be a hiking post in the featured area. Why is this post here? Is this a public blog or a advertisement medium for d2 and deerwalk.

  23. Dear Author,

    Is this really a public site?

    Previously, it used to be D2hawkeye all over and now Deerwalk, If you guys really want to keep this site out of this shit please work on it.

    EU reader

  24. I think its a good step, but the name is the funniest ever. I am wondering why did they choose this name.
    Its like many other funny names like- CHELSEA. MANCHESTER, BOSTON CELTICS BULLS COLLEGE AMONG OTHER institute with funny names. I hope it will bring a good changes to the community. Please if you can- think of changing the name to something Nepali and unique. The plan is to built a world class institute but with a very funny name.Happy New Year EUviewers.

  25. Watch out RP – this is a whole different game. This is not like getting work from US and having done in Nepal. You will have to face intense local competition. It won’t be a fair competition – it involves everything – politics to police. Hope you are getting good advice.

  26. if you think Deerwalk is funny name, how about your own name “duh?” what is this Duh? Don’t you have a better name? Do not make comment if you can’t even disclose your name. What were your parents thinking before giving you this name, Duh? Go get a bath!

  27. @Author/EU: How come this is a featured article? We used to get a totally different series of posts in featured.
    totally agreed to duh, “why shud this crude and incomplete news be a featured post here?”

  28. why shud this crude and incomplete news be a featured post here? which university it is going to be affiliated to? name of the institute sounds so funny .. does not carry Nepalese identity at all. Is it under foreign investment?

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