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Deerwalk DIV Builders Outing to Lapsiphedi

Title Deerwalk DIV Builders Outing to Lapsiphedi
Route Kathmandu >> Sankhu >> Lapsiphedi >> Kathmandu
Date October 26- October 27, 2013
Coordinator Kanchan Raj Pandey, Milan Lamichhane
Participants Aawart Adhikari, Chiranjib Kumar Karn, Jigme Lama, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Krishna Prasad Panthi, Milan Lamichhane, Milan Lohani, Pawan Adhikari, Pratik Kayastha, Pratik Shrestha, Sanjaya Dahal, Saurav Chaugai, Shukra Shrestha, Subash Aryal, Sunil Joshi, Sunil Manandhar, Surendra Adhikari, Sushil Kapali.
Photos By Aawart Adhikari, Kanchan Raj Pandey, Pawan Adhikari, Milan Lamichhane
Video By Kanchan Raj Pandey, Milan Lohani, Subash Aryal, Sushil Kapali
Report By Pawan Adhikari, Pratik Shrestha, Saurav Chaugai
Captions By Aawart Adhikari
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Deerwalk DIV Builders Outing to Lapsiphedi

Pratik ShresthaPratik Shrestha

We were the last of the groups and probably with the least number of people to go outing. And I am not quite sure if despite that or due to that, the so called official outing was way more fun than I ever thought it would be. The outing started with a fine afternoon at Deerwalk premises where everyone was at their wits but the degree of fun and awesomeness of the trip escalated as soon as the 18 of us got on the office bus.

Around 2 hrs of ride to Lapsiphedi , our destination, was nonstop pranks and jokes thrown at each other with no mercy whatsoever. Even the traffic jams seemed fun with a group so carefree. Once we got to the National Mount View & Green Peace Resort at Lapsiphedi where we were to spend the night, I could not help but feel mesmerized by the great view the location allowed. From where I was standing I could see the wide clear sky above, great valley mountains straight and steep and lush greenery below. A splendid view and that was from a point in the corridor!

The team building games were great. The first game was called “zombie” and the second one was “tiger, lady and the hunter”. Both the games were equally fun and exciting.

The team building games were great. The first game was called “zombie” and the second one was “tiger, lady and the hunter”. Both the games were equally fun and exciting.

The first game was kind of like tag game where the person playing the zombie touches another converting him into a zombie and the last man standing wins. The other game was more like a rock paper scissors game where we split into two groups, Group1 and Group2, with each group taking turns. Group2 came out to be the winner in this game. I myself was in Group1 but no regrets because we managed to win the complimentary round of that game.

Next we had drinks and shared jokes laughing our brains out which I personally think was the most fun moment of the entire outing. Surendra initiated the joke telling and others followed his que.

Quite surprisingly, I fell asleep after the drinks while my friends danced and played cards for the rest of the night. The next morning we all went for a walk to a nearby tea garden. Unfortunately it wasn’t so near and got us returning from midway. Anyways, all of us had a journey of our own to share. We had some lunch and headed back to Deerwalk. It was the end of the outing with memories of great time spent with my fellow coworkers and one of the most fun filled events I have had as a Deerwalker.

Pawan AdhikariPawan Adhikari

October 26, we started from the Deerwalk complex at around 1:45 PM. Start of the journey to Lapsiphedi was slowed by the traffic due to the procession that was taking place at Chabahil-Jorpati road. It got the pace little slower, but we passed it at around 2:30 pm. The soft drinks session started, the wheels took us all to the outskirts of Kathmandu.
On the way, at around 3:15 PM we reached Sankhu, were we stopped to get packs of Cards, after all, Tihar fever was around. So, having had the pack of cards, with the spirit of celebration we again headed to Lapsiphedi. We climbed up steep hills, crossed the Lapsiphedi settlements on the way, proceeding 3 kms more upward to the National Mount View & Green Peace Resort.

Reaching the resort at around 4 PM, we checked in. Having the wonderful view of terrain, though dusky/hazy, it worked for us and we started the games. Firstly, we played the “Escape from Zombie”, in a closed circuit. The basic rule was to avoid touching the Zombie, and I got lucky being the last Survivor. Secondly, the game called “ Tiger VS Hunter VS Girl”, which was more fun. The rules were simple- Hunter > Tiger, Tiger > Girl, Girl > Hunter, with this rules set, teams had to act alike versus the other team. The Hunters won against the Tigers in the end.

After the completion of games, we headed to the Swing which was always there in the view from the terrace. A bit of downhill walk started taking 30 minutes to reach the spot. Along the way were few magnificent views of terrains with the orange effect of the sun setting down. Having had a wonderful photo event there at the Swing Place, with the falling of darkness we headed back to the Hotel. It took us all 30-45 minutes to complete the uphill climb.

Around 7 PM, on the terrace, the socializing started, well served with snacks. Having a time constraint of dinner and with the chill in the air, team members went to the bar. Some of the dance lovers then started to shake with the Dj’s selection of music (with the lights and all). After that, dinner was served. After having a wonderful dinner, folks were set for a game of cards. The gambling went until around midnight, as per the winnings, Sushil was ranked top.

October 27, 6 AM, guys were set with the cams. Even though it was cloudy, the shots were taken. 7.30 AM, breakfast was good, post to completion, team headed for the most talked about spot aka Tea Garden. Few of us started to walk towards it. On the way, the expected distance came to be off previous perception of 20 minutes of walk. Still we tried to maintain the pursuit but at the end the destination seemed just too far. Therefore, leaving the pursuit of garden, we enjoyed the off trail walk to the Eagle-Eye viewing spot from where we could view Bhote Chour, a small settlement yet again in Lapsiphedi, and the hills far away. We all took pictures of it, and headed back to the Resort.

11 AM, Lunch time. Yet again, nice and tasty lunch. It did not take much time to finish it off. Then came Umesh, he was served with lunch on arrival. 11.45 AM, final team photos were taken. Having completed the events there, we headed back.

Just five days of joining Deerwalk and the team building outing was set, which turned out to be a great opportunity to know my colleagues from Valence Health + IT + Design. All in all, the experience was fantastic.

Saurav ChaugaiSaurav Chaugai

I was very excited to go on the outing as it was my first outing from Deerwalk. I reached the office premises around 1:15pm. All of the outing participants arrived there before 1:30 pm and we left for Lapsiphedi at 1:30pm. The traffic jam was destroying our mood but it didn’t take long before we were on our way. We enjoyed cold drinks and chewed gum in the bus throughout the journey and reached the National Mount View & Green Peace Resort around 3pm.

We selected our room, and then all the people gathered in the dining area where we took a light breakfast. After finishing the breakfast, we enjoyed couple of games. The winner of the first game “Zombie” was Pawan Adhikari and second game “Baagh,Shikari & Keti” was won by second team in which I was also one of the members.

After finishing the game, we left for site seeing. We watched the dairy farming and goat farming in that area. Although Lapsiphedi lies in Kathmandu district it is still very much undeveloped. May be the two heavyweight politicians fighting from this area will do something for this region. We enjoyed football with local kids there and had photo shoot. We reached the resort around 6pm.

We gathered on the terrace and the round of drinking started. The jokes cracked by Milan, Surendra and designer team members were hilarious. The snacks consisting of “bhutan, bhatmaas saadheko, badaam saadheko, finger chips” were really delicious. After finishing the drinks we reached the dance floor where we rocked till 8:30pm on Hindi and Nepali beats. By 9pm we had finished our dinner. After the dinner some people enjoyed playing cards and some went to sleep.

I woke up around 6:30pm and it took me 10 minutes to be refreshed. We took heavy breakfast around 8am, and went for site seeing. Although we were not able to go to the tea garden, we enjoyed the potato field in Bhote Chour. The view was really magnificent. We reached our resort by 10pm and finished our lunch by 11pm.We check out from our room before12pm and travelled all the way back to Kathmandu. We reached the office premises around 1:45pm. Although this outing was great one, the one thing that I missed was the local food.

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